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New Tiny Little Room Box, Art Ideas and a Related SALE

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Aw… look how cute and tiny the new Quarter Scale Window Room Box is!

I love this little room box! Even smaller than the Half Scale Window Room Box it was based on (shown below in the next section).

See one of the photos at right for sample quarter scale furniture and showing how you can use the extra depth of the apron to extend the room.

I picked out 3 projects to inspire (in a mix of quarter scale and half scale). In addition to the new room box, I added ALL 3 supply lists from the art projects to the new sale (including some suggestions for substitutes for each project).

Don’t forget to read to the bottom for the DISCOUNT code on the new sale collection!

Artwork using the Half Scale Window Room Box

Kimberly Ayers made a sweet Cinderella’s Room with the “larger” Half Scale Window Room Box. The “room” inside this room box is 4-3/4″ tall (perfect for the images from the Small Cinderella Paper Dolls Collage Sheet (the paper dolls are a maximum of 2-1/4″ tall).

Beside the chipboard bed I am suggesting (for the bed Kimberly made — see photo/link below) I also added a newer tea set and a variety of paper roses.

Here’s Kimberly’s Supply List (included in the sale collection, in addition to my substitutes).

1:24 Round Table & 2 Chairs

Small Cinderella Paper Dolls Collage Sheet

1:24 Bed Standard
(suggestion for the bed Kimberly made… and added to the sale)

Artwork using the Half Scale Bay Window

Shannon Cooper used the bay window (that fits the Half Scale Window Room Box shown above) as the starting point for this cute (!) tiki bar scene (that bay window is just 5″ tall).

Shannon converted the bay window into a little bar by cutting off the front two supports and replacing them with bamboo poles. The bar top is a piece of heavyweight card cut to extend past the window. Holes were made to accommodate the bamboo poles, and the edges got covered with trimmed reeds.

I do need to point out a few of my favorite things:
– the direction sign that includes “inebriety”
– did I mention this whole scene is TINY? it’s built in a Corner Room Box (which means the entire depth is 4″)!
– Cute cocktails! The straw in the tumbler is masking tape rolled around a sewing needle. (Clever girl!)

Read more in Shannon’s blog post and see her Supply List.

Artwork using (more) Quarter Scale Furniture

Yes, that’s the same 1/4 Scale Furniture that I mocked up in the new room box at the top of this page (but artfully painted by Teri Calia… and made into The White Rabbit’s Hutch inside a Miniature China Cabinet!


Teri always takes such care in choosing components for her projects… like the teaspoons as handles on the doors — and that tiny little cup of tea on top of the hutch!

Teri designed two collage sheets with teeny, tiny papers and trims for making your own 1/4 scale dollhouse inside the Miniature China Cabinet (with an Alice in Wonderland/White Rabbit theme)!

Ok… so what’s up with the tiny photos at left and right? The one at left is showing the Metal Alice in Wonderland Figurine and Large Antique Silver White Rabbit Charm I’m suggesting as substitutes for the (sold out) Alice figure on top of the hutch. The bronze version of the rabbit is still available, too.

The photo at right is showing that the 8x10mm Gold Hinges will fit as substitute hinges (that’s the flat pieces of the side of the china cabinet plus one of the top window doors and one of the cabinet doors).

Here’s the full Supply List for Teri’s artwork (and remember that extras I added (plus the supply list) are also added to today’s sale).

FREE Gift with Orders

A Tiny Bronze Charms Gift Kit is FREE with all orders placed today through Wednesday (ends at midnight January 31, 2024)!

This set includes 1 each of 6 items:
Bronze Watering Can Charm
17mm Bronze Diary Keys
Medium Bronze White Rabbit Charm
Antique Bronze 3D Crown Charms
Tiny Bronze Cauldron Charms (also in Teri’s artwork… on the right side of the middle/bedroom floor)
And in case you want to buy more, all these items have been added to the sale collection! Some are on clearance already, so the discount coupon will give you an extra 20% off beyond the current sale price.

Tiny Little Room Boxes SALE

What’s this? I was playing with the smaller-than-1:12-scale items and put together this little scene (and it is tiny: the Wheelbarrow is only 2-1/2″ long — with the handles).

The SIX items shown at left are linked in the 2 rows of pics below and ALL are also added to the sale! Since the Half Scale Metal Garden Tools and the Mini Flower Borders are pages with multiple items (I used coral flowers and the short spade) ALL of the items on those pages are included in the sale, too!

Use coupon TINY-RB when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection! That’s 20% off beyond current sale prices! Over 50 items! Remember it includes the 3 supply lists from above and the new Quarter Scale Window Room Box, the items in the Gift Kit, and any suggested substitutes for the supplies!

The sale ends WEDNESDAY NIGHT, January 31st at midnight PST.

See the sale collection here!

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