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Half Scale Book Nook Preview & Sale!

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Wow! Something a bit different today… some fabulous work-in-progress photos by Design Team Member Shannon Cooper of a future Book Nook project. Plus some new windows designed for that project.

Note that Shannon works on large foamcore panels, precut to fit into the book nook (shown side by side in the wide photo below). I love all the hand-etched bricks on those panels.

I put all the new items (and everything shown in Shannon’s photos) into a new sale collection (and added extra 1:24 scale items, too)! Don’t forget to read to the bottom for the DISCOUNT code on the sale collection!


Nice! That photo at left shows the left wall with the panel inserted.

Those curved windows are made with the new Half Scale Warehouse Windows (Shannon used 4 of them, cropping the top windows to use less panes and to give her room for some fancy chipboard trim… I can’t wait to find out how she made those top sections.)

The new windows are sets of windowpane windows on thin chipboard (with score marks in both the center column and next to the side tabs). Though they are sized for using on the wall of the Book Nook Box Extra Large as curved store windows, there’s also a photo on the window page showing they will fit on that book nook wall witout bending the windows if you trim off the tabs. 

Thank you Shannon for including that photo of the back of the curved-window unit (shown at right). You can just see that she added some black half circles of chipboard to hold the curves in place and to be the floors of the displays in the windows. (Bonus: I asked and she curved those windows over a Tacky glue bottle!)

A bit hidden from the angle above/left but you can see from the flat panels pic above that there’s a door and stairs in the center of the 2 curved columns of windows (on the ground floor). And there’s one of the new Warehouse Center Windows in the center on the second floor.

Finally (for this photo), there’s a preview of the back wall (the wall is at an angle and I am not sure what Shannon’s planning for the space behind the angled side). But I can ID the door and 2 windows.

Moving on to the right wall! I love all the depth Shannon added (with lots of balsa wood… pretty sure she uses disposable scalpels).

The starting point for that fancy window is the new Half Scale Storefront Window with Arched Top. Heavy chipboard with lots of windowpanes and a center space for a door.

Shannon’s version has depth for showing products in the store windows (and probably lights).

Her door is one from the Half Scale Doors – Set of 2 that she cut a window into. The steps have an extra rectangle of chipboard on each step that overhangs the front edge a bit (a nice detail).

The 2 windows above the storefront windows are from the Dollhouse Windows with Shutters 1:24.

Bonus/preview of the new Half Scale Signs and Sign Hangers (shown below in the next section): the little photo at left shows using one of those signs with the Half Scale Storefront Window with Arched Top (if you don’t use steps, that same door will have ample clearance with the sign above it.)

More New Items or Doors/Windows in Shannon’s Photos

Starting with that cute new set of Half Scale Signs and Sign Hangers! (At right and below.) A set of medium-weight chipboard signs and hangers (2 hangers, 2 styles of signs each with an inset overlay for each side of the sign). Also shown with the new jump rings, also below.

Half Scale Book Nook SALE

Whew! Beside all the new half-scale windows & trims (and not-new windows/door/etc in Shannon’s photos), ALL Half-Scale Miniatures are on sale! This new sale collection even includes some half-scale collage sheets!

Use coupon WIP when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection! That’s 20% off beyond current sale prices! Over 100 items!

The sale ends WEDNESDAY NIGHT, January 17th at midnight PST.

See the sale collection here!

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