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Alchemist Art & Glass Bottles One-Day Sale! New Mark-Downs 50% off!

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Holiday Closure & After-Christmas Sale

It’s Day THREE of this week of While the Cat’s Away Sales & Giveaways! (Can you believe it? This is the 16th Annual Cat’s Away Sale!)

Remember, the shipping staff are on vacation till January 3rd, but for sale prices and/or freebies, I think you’ll be able to wait. Shipping will BEGIN on January 3rd, so you’ll need to be patient if you’re ordering during this sale. More info on the sale and holiday schedule.

On to today’s goodies: TWO Sales and a Giveaway!

ONE: EVERYTHING on Clearance is now on Sale at 50% off!

This is HUGE (over 300 items from all themes) plus new items added daily during the sale!

The extra mark-downs end MONDAY night, January 1st, 2024 or until sold out! I will merge orders (to save shipping) if you order multiple times during the sale.

Highlights from NEW Clearance Items with an Alchemy Theme!

Over 20 items just added, so just a few highlights shown below. See all the new alchemy-themed mark-downs on Sale at 50% off.

The Alchemist’s Oracle by Lora Mahaffey

Wow! This is so beautiful! And so much thought and time went into all the little details. I’ll let Lora start off this intro (and scroll down a bit to see the wide photo showing more angles):

Oooh, this piece is kind of mysterious. In my mind the alchemist is using the oracle for calculating his transformational formulas. The planetary dials moving in sync with each other creating whispering harmonies, stopping at certain curvatures and creating patterns for the alchemist to study.

Or maybe… The mouse is the oracle. Sitting on his stool, interpreting the rotations like a fortune teller or a Tarot reader. [Aside: I subbed that grey mouse for the one Lora used.]

I drilled a hole in the back of the shadowbox (after gluing my chosen papers on the sides and back) to allow for the tea light flame to stick through.

Right after I did that I realized that the doors would not fit properly, so I decided not to use them. Too bad, because I had a fun thing I was going to do. Ah, well. Save it for next time!

After the final fussing was done in the interior and on the outside, the facade was glued on.

The runes are just completely made up. If they say anything it was an accident! (Or maybe I was channeling the mouse!)

Good work, Lora!! I particularly like the bent piece of filigree on top of the front as a holder for the (back in stock) Round Glass Dome. Note: I added the filigree grab bags to the sale collection as the remaining stock of the filigree Lora used are now in those grab bags.

Oh, one more thing: happy accident that those half scale bookcases fit on the sides to hold all of the bottles and whatnot!

Go visit Lora’s blog post for more photos and tips! Just don’t forget to come back for the sale!

Use coupon GLASS-2023 when checking out to get an additional 20% off beyond current sale prices on everything in Lora’s Supply List! That includes a double discount on anything on clearance, too!

BONUS: I added 3 extra NEW items AND the remainder of the Glass Bottles section to this sale collection!
Glass Mini Beaker Bottle with Cork New!

Mini Glass Test Tubes, Stand & 2 Flasks New!
Mini Books with Blank Covers New!

The sale ends TONIGHT, December 28th at midnight PST.

Highlights from the Alchemist Art & Glass Bottles Sale!

Hooray for the Alchemy Shrine Giveaway!

I picked out SEVEN items from Lora’s supplies for today’s Giveaway:
Simple Shrine
Stairstep Shrine Base Small – No Feet
6 Tiny Glass Bottles
Amber Even Tinier Bottles
AND three more items listed below that close-up showing all those bottles & potions on the side!

Little Potions Collage Sheet
Secret Spell Book Labels Collage Sheet
15mm Round Glass Globe Dome

Don’t forget to use coupon GLASS-2023 when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection!

To enter the Alchemy Shrine Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post TODAY ONLY (the deadline is 11:59 pm PST, Thursday Night, December 28, 2023).

Don’t forget to leave your (hello!) correct email address, too, so I can contact the winner; your email address does not need to be made public. Note: I’m offering free shipping, too, but only within the USA. International shipping will still apply.

The winner will be announced TOMORROW in the DAY FOUR Cat’s Away Newsletter (with a New Sale)!

Oooo! Who won yesterday’s Garden Shed Giveaway? That would be Ginger Benedict! Check your email (early next week) for more info.

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  1. Denise Bryant says:

    Very cool items and an awesome project!

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    I spy some very interesting new glass bottles.

  3. Jen R says:

    Love love LOVE this project

  4. Donna says:

    Love this….it can be used in some many ways.

  5. Ina Good says:

    I love the set plus those tiny glass bottles would give me a great start on a Halloween project for 2024

  6. nadine says:

    Thanks for all the great ideas.

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    the tiny cloches are a great idea

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    Love this so much!

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    wow very interesting and cool stuff

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    Really hitting it out of the park this week on projects – bringing back all my faves!

  11. Nancy S says:

    So intricate. Would be a great project to tackle.

  12. Stephanie Dolbeare says:

    I can’t wait to create a spooky scene using items from this sale! Good luck, everyone!

  13. Rhonda Sihocky says:

    I always wanted to do like Game of Thrones Masters workroom. This would help

  14. Laura says:

    I really enjoy all these little books, bottles and other fun things. Someday I will manage to make the witches workroom I dream of.

  15. Beka says:

    I love this set so much! Especially all the jars and bottles.

  16. Marilyn says:

    Cool stuff. I needed a project to start the new year.

  17. Karen says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! love all the bottles and great shrine kit!

  18. Lana says:

    Oh how I miss your give-aways, they are so much fun.

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    So many goodie’s so little time😄