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4 Little Niche Shrines (Halloween, Alice & Christmas) & Related SALE

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FOUR art projects, each using a different Little Niche Shrine! (There are TWO with a Halloween theme, plus Alice in Wonderland and Christmas themes, so lots of inspiration!)

A quick note: beside putting everything in ALL the supply lists on sale, I added a few possible substitutes to the sale, too! AND everything NEW mentioned in this newsletter has also been added to the sale collection! (More info below.)

Witch’s Potion Niche Shrine by Design Team Member Shannon Cooper

So much Halloween goodness is packed into this tiny shrine!

Anyone else ready for summer to be over? Two months ago? I’m eagerly anticipating the slightly “cooler” weather, the departure of mosquitoes, and…Hallowe’en!!! The heat and annoying bloodsuckers will be lingering long after October, but at least I have something to look forward to that isn’t too far off. And being holed up in the house gives me time to make all the spooky things (or at least three).

My latest Hallowe’en project was another small one, but I really love Alpha Stamps niche shrines. Like, really, really. I’ve made quite a few things from them already, however, I recently realized each one could be Hallowe’en themed and together would be a nice mantle display. Pretty versatile things, those niche shrines.

What a fun mini Halloween project! More info is in Shannon’s blog post and/or see the supply list (on sale, too… see below for info on the discount code).

NEW Halloween or Christmas Goodies and in today’s sale, too!

Taking a wee break before shrine #2… and most all of these new things are sized small enough to fit in a Niche Shrine!

I’ve added ALL of these new items to the sale collection! See below for more info on the COUPON sale!

A Tea Party INSIDE a Teapot
by Guest Designer Connie Littell!

Starting with a bit of intro from Connie’s blog post:

I am happy to share something special today. I was invited to be a guest designer for Alpha Stamps and made a little Alice In Wonderland tea party shrine using a Little Niche Shrine – Teapot. Whenever I make a miniature scene I like to add as many tiny things as will fit. The niche is 2 by 3 inches. Challenge accepted!

The tree that holds the Cheshire Cat (cut from the Tin-Sized Alice Collage Sheet) is a 5 inch Creepy Tree with just a little branch cut away to assure the niche opening isn’t completely covered. I painted both sides of the tree with burnt umber acrylic paint.

The tree needs leaves and I wasn’t excited about cutting a ton of them out by hand. Laser-Cut Miniature Ivy worked perfectly and was a lot of fun to play with. After figuring out how many sections I wanted to use, I painted both sides with acrylic paint. Once dry, they were glued in place on the tree.

Beautiful work, Connie! Read more (and see more photos and tips) in Connie’s blog post and here’s her Alice Teapot Tea Party Supply List!

Pocket Christmas Shrines by Shannon Cooper

Ah… another project by Shannon, this time with a Christmas theme!


The inside of the niche is pretty narrow (about 2″), only 1/2″ deep, but I managed to trim some pieces of basswood to create a toy shelf and a slanted cookie display counter for my two bitty Christmas shops.

I used some Miniature Red Tinsel Garland to hang cookie cutters inside the Sweet Shop.

Beautiful project, Shannon! I love all the details, like the Miniature Porcelain Kitchen Jar (decorated with a tiny sticker and holding candy canes). AND those red striped borders are straws! How clever!

Read more & see more photos on Shannon’s blog and here’s a link to her supply list.

Note that I added a few substitutes to the supply list (hence sale)
Retro Santa & Penguin Tiny Christmas Stickers
Tiny Resin Christmas Embellishments Mix
Tiny Polymer Clay Candy Canes
Christmas Cookies Large Polymer Clay Slice Mix

FREE Gift with Orders

A Halloween Bits & Bobs Gift Kit is FREE with all orders placed today through Wednesday (ends at midnight October 11, 2023)!

Two are directly related to the shape of Niche Shrines, and one just cuz it’s ALMOST HALLOWEEN! All of these are briefly back-in-stock in limited quantities (in case you’d like more of any/all). Plus they’re on clearance AND included in the sale collection! (So double savings when you use the COUPON.)

Mini Potion Bottles (chipboard set of 5 shapes!)
Coffin Lid Polymer Clay Slices
Single Gravestone – Laser Cut Wood

Little Niche Shrines SALE (and Little Coffin Hutch by Shannon Cooper!)

Wow! Really. The coffin shrine is fairly simple: A niche shrine, with a solid back that could also be hinged as a cover. But Shannon turned it into a piece of 1:12 scale furniture! And she has a tutorial on her blog post with all kinds of info (making the shelves, wrapping the edges of the coffin…).

Eeek, Halloween crafting is in full swing! My entire craft area is covered in bats, skulls, spooky paper, black cats, glitter… I think all of the Halloween stuff I own is scattered across two tables (save for a teensy workspace where the cat sometimes sits).

I covered the sides of the shrine and added two shelves to make a miniature hutch to use in a future project. There’s a faux drawer with a “real” handle… and spindly feet, too.

Like I said: wow! Here’s a link to Shannon’s supply list and (a very few) more items from it are shown below.

AND finally: the last group of additions to the sale (from coffin shapes to tiny tea props — whew!):
Large Chunky Coffin w Bat Shape Set – Set of 3
Small Chunky Coffin w Bat Shape Set – Set of 3
Ouija Board 3 Inch Coffins – Set of 2
Set of Etched Wooden Planchettes
Large Chipboard Tombstone Set
Tombstone Accordion Book
Pumpkin Orange Ultrafine Glitter
Drink Me Bottle Polymer Clay Slices
Eat Me Cookies Polymer Clay Slices
Tiny Green Round Ceramic Teapot

Use coupon NICHE when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection! That’s 20% off beyond current sale prices! Over 80 items!

The sale ends WEDNESDAY NIGHT, October 11th at midnight PST.

See the sale collection here!

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