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New Mark-Downs to the Moving Sale!

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Countdown to the move! I’d rather these goodies get used than pulped (at least for the MANY papers)! So in addition to the Last-Chance SALE Coupon, buy any item with BOGO in the title and you’ll receive TWO! (Two of the same item… plus note that if you buy the last one of a BOGO item (Buy-One-Get-One), I will substitute a similar product as the second/free item). Just add 1 to your cart and you’ll automatically get 2 (buy 2 and get 4, etc.)… no coupon required!

Reminder: We are getting ready to move so have put tons of items (TONS… reallyover 1,000 items) on Sale at 25% off! That’s 25% discount above whatever sale price is currently shown in this collection! Use discount code MOVING when checking out for the additional savings.

The sale ends (and the site goes into digital-only mode) on SUNDAY night, May 21st, 2023. More info at the bottom of this newsletter.

Buy One, Get One FREE Highlights

Wow! There were over 200 items before I added ALL of the Scrapbook Papers! A few highlights are below and at right (and more are shown farther below in theme sections); you can view them all here.

Note that all these BOGO items are also in the Last-Chance SALE collection, so you’ll get the discount and the FREE item if you use coupon MOVING when checking out!

Last-Chance Sale Highlights: Christmas

Bonus: all the Christmas items shown at right and below are also in the BOGO sale!

Here are links to Christmas sections in the sale
“Generic” Christmas (ribbons, chipboard, glitter, buttons, misc items not covered in the other links below)
Christmas Paper
Christmas Stamps
Christmas Charms
Christmas Kits
Christmas Miniatures

Last-Chance Sale Highlights: Paper

Well, that’s a pretty broad topic! As I already mentioned a few Christmas papers, I’ve picked out some other holidays/styles. Again: all the items shown at right and below are also in the BOGO sale!

Here are links to Paper sections in the sale
Single Sheets (that includes Rice Paper and Vellum)
Paper Sets
Paper Flowers
Misc Paper (from die-cut cardstock to sheets with perforated labels)

In addition to those “types of paper” links, here are links resorting by theme (omitting Christmas):
Alice in Wonderland
Beachy (including whitewashed wood)
Halloween single sheets and paper sets

Last-Chance Sale Highlights: Charms & Metal Items

Yikes! Lots in this group but I’ll restrain myself. Again: all the items shown at right and below are also in the BOGO sale!

Here are links to some of the metal/charm sections in the sale
Functional (like hinges, drawer pulls…)
Charm Sets (including grab bags)
Pendants (charms large enough to be pendants)
Alice in Wonderland
Celestial & Sacred

Notes on the Sale

Some items in the sale are almost sold out, others have more stock available — but NONE will be available after the move.

Please be patient… we will ship orders ASAP.

Remember the last day of the sale is Sunday, May 21st. Digital images (including pdfs of the collage sheets) will still be available to purchase after the 21st.

We’ll be back this summer — sign up for the newsletter (if you’re not already) to get info about the reopening. You can also find the sign-up link in the sidebar of the blog.

Reminder: use coupon MOVING when checking out to get an additional 25% off on EVERYTHING in this collection!

Posted by Leslie, May 14th, 2023

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