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A Spring Escape Garden & Bunches of New Mini Blooms

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Ah… so really and truly spring! I started thinking of Shannon Cooper’s A Spring Escape Garden (and a couple items from that lovely project are back in stock). But that clever Shannon made most of the posies in her garden. (!)

Instead I found a lovely group of 5 pre-made floral arrangements (at a nice price too, for hand-made miniature flowers).

Shannon used a wire flower cart in her garden. That mini cart is no longer available so I designed a similar (tiny!) one! See a preview at right (and that’s with a Tiny Wooden Flower Pot and a Medium Metal Flower Pot with Saucer in the wheelbarrow, and all 3 sizes of metal flower pots sitting nearby).

Finally… with all these new garden goodies, I added ALL new and ALL back in stock items to Shannon’s supply list, for a BIG spring minis sale!


A Spring Escape Garden

This winter was terribly disappointing. We had two, TWO! cold days where I had to wear a long sleeved shirt under a hoodie and that was it. No need for mittens or toques or scarves. Sigh. I know a lot of people that have had the opposite kind of weather and are ready to trade in their snow shovels for some sun and blooming flowers. I’m in no rush (azaleas have been in bloom since January.

My little garden started with a half-scale Chipboard Arbor, Trellis Panels and a micro mini book. I wanted to create a cozy little reading spot that was nestled among a few flowers. What began as a small project blossomed into an entire flower garden. It was easy to keep making miniature flowers and leaves with mini paper punches, so I kept on until I ran out of room on the 6 x 7 x 2 inch platform. Then the sides got loaded down with moss and flowers, too, because sometimes I don’t know when to stop.

I got to cheat a little and used a sheet of Mini Landscape Turf Grass. So easy. No mowing necessary. Doesn’t the hedgehog know he’s supposed to be in the hedges?

I made the tree with 18 gauge floral wire that was wrapped in brown florist tape. I separated the two lengths of greenery from some fern garland and wrapped the ferny part around the tree and then glued on some roses. The other bit of greenery had the leaves cut off and I attached little blue flowers made from a Hydrangea Mini Punch to the climbing vine.

Isn’t this the cutest rusted metal tub? I still managed to cram a ton of flowers in there. The ivy leaves were punched from an Ivy Mini Punch.

Here’s Shannon’s A Spring Escape Garden Supply List — and all included in today’s sale! (See below for the coupon info.)

More New or Back-in-Stock Spring Garden Minis

Over 20 items so check here to see them all. Note: I’ve added all these items to today’s sale! See below for the coupon info.

FREE Gift with Orders

A Make a Tree Gift Kit is FREE with all orders placed today through Wednesday (ends at midnight March 29, 2023)!

You don’t exactly have to make a tree (as one of these is already green and leafy… and the other is fun as a bare tree for Halloween or winter scenes) but you could use some of the new Coarse Turf to add mini foliage or some color variation.

The set includes:
– One of the Mini 3D Bare Trees and
– A 3.5 Inch Tall Tree
Note: I added both items to the sale collection, so see that coupon below, if you want to buy more!

Spring Garden SALE

I’ve already highlighted a few items from Shannon’s art project above (but I picked out a few more, shown below).

Use coupon ESCAPE when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection! That’s 20% off beyond current sale prices! Over 20 items! And remember all those new goodies shown above are in the sale, too!

The sale ends WEDNESDAY NIGHT, March 29th at midnight PST.

See the sale collection here!

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