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Let’s Bake Miniature Scene! New Minis, Sale & Free GIFT!

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Let’s Bake! by Design Team Member Shannon Cooper

This is such a cute kitchen mini project! Shannon started with the sunny wallpaper and all the resin buttons in the Tiny Retro Bakery Box Kit, plus a couple pieces of 1:12 furniture (and a ton of tiny things!) to make a scene with a very mid-century feel!

(We’re taking a brief break from all the spring gardening projects from recent weeks… even though (most of us) are all recovering today from that evil Daylight Saving Time change, so I know the official start of spring is right around the corner.)

Back to today’s artwork: here’s an intro from Shannon’s blog post:

The Tiny Retro Bakery Box Kit started me on this path, with its delightful kitchen themed buttons, collage sheets, a tiny mixing bowl…ack! It is too much! So, naturally, I took that stuff along with some other bits and bobs and crammed it in a 7×7 Corner Room Box. Yay!

Lots of items in Shannon’s project are back in stock (including the wooden table and hutch). Note: I’ve put everything in Shannon’s BIG supply list on sale! More info below… after more photos from this fun project.

There’s a work table in the center that holds pots, pans, and bowls on the bottom self, plus all of the baking accoutrements on the top: a blue measuring cup (technically a coffee cup in a gorgeous retro color but a few swipes with a Sharpie turned it into a measuring cup), a milk bottle, muffin pan, rolling pin, cookie cutter, spatula, items from the kit (metal bowl and green oven mitt), a cookbook, and a smattering of jars.

A bit of paint has been added to the cutting board before being hung on the wall. I think it adds a nice touch, plus I really like that button. The shank was snipped off the back so it lays flat. The same was done to all of the buttons used, but I have a second set to sew onto something later. 🙂

The hutch in the back has tons of things on its shelves and inside the opening doors on the bottom, like a grater (another button!), honey jar with a label from a collage sheet, little lemon cakes, red canisters, more jars and containers (like the Mini Candy Jar w Red Candies), a rooster, a couple more cookbooks, and a tiny picnic basket (omitting the handle).

Great job, Shannon!! You can see more photos on Shannon’s blog post. And here’s her supply list. (Plus see below for more info on the sale including all those supplies plus a bunch of bonus items!)

New and Updated Miniatures

Beside those cute cakes at right (and check out the photo of one in a Mini Square Bakery Box Set at left), see the 3 cast metal items below! They’re back in stock but now from raw cast metal (much cheaper plus you can paint the handles if you want to approximate the older versions).

More Back in Stock Minis

Wow, it has been months since I could get those tiny glass jars (and apples)!

FREE Gift with Orders

A Baking Minis Gift Kit is FREE with all orders placed today through Wednesday (ends at midnight March 15, 2023)!

The set includes one each of these 2 items used in Shannon’s artwork:
Baked With Love Cutting Board Button (on the wall to right of hutch)
Silver Grater Button (bottom shelf of hutch)
AND one each of 3 more tiny kitchen treats: Silver Wire Whisk Charm, Spatula Button, Kitchen Mixer Button
Note: all those extras have been added to the sale collection, so see that coupon below, if you want to buy more!

Let’s Bake SALE!

I’ve already highlighted quite a few items from Shannon’s project in this collection (but I picked out a few more, shown below).

BUT FIRST: There are lots of bonus items added to the sale collection! These are items added as substitutes for items in Shannon’s artwork that have sold out
Brass Button Covers or Mini Tins (for the metal tin she colored with a red Sharpie… next to the rooster)
Tall Milk Bottle with Red Label (for the milk bottle on the table)
Cup of Tea (for the cup of cocoa on the table)
Set of Fancy Silverware (for the set of spoons on wall)

THESE are bonus collage sheets with a retro kitchen theme:
Recipe Babes Collage Sheet
Tiny ’50s Baking Props Half Sheet
In the Kitchen Collage Sheet

Use coupon BAKE when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection! That’s 20% off beyond current sale prices! Over 50 items (including the items in that FREE gift set, too)!

The sale ends WEDNESDAY NIGHT, March 15th at midnight PST.

See the artwork supplies sale collection here!

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