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New Plants & Plant Stand! Artwork, Sale & Free GIFT!

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The Plant Stand with Drawer is back! Now as a chipboard kit! Still with 3 trays of graduated depth (the bottom with a drawer).

Note that the drawer (and the face plate) now have a hole in the front (shown at left with a Mini Brass Cabinet Pull & Tiny Wooden Drawer Knob as options). BONUS: I added both of those options to the FIRST of today’s sales!

There’s fabulous artwork by Design Team Member Shannon Cooper using that plant stand. I’ve put everything in Shannon’s supply list on sale!

The second sale is on ALL Paper Flowers & Leaves (lots of color options for a plant stand — and includes 2 new papers roses shown below).

Mini Peculiar Plants by Shannon Cooper

Oh my… those eyeballs! I love that eyeball plant Shannon made (and lucky for us, she includes a mini tutorial on making your own stalks of eyeballs in her blog post)! The eyes are just polymer clay slices, surrounded by newly-made clay eyelids; all on wire stems stabbed into a mini house plant.

The rest of the display ain’t shabby either! So many cute mini containers and plants, restyled to a Halloween theme by a label here or a skull bead there…

Here’s a bit of intro from Shannon’s blog post:

Yesterday, right in the middle of doing eleventy thousand things, I had this brilliant idea to drop everything, ignore people, sit down, and make something. You know, as one does when one’s To Do is two pages long.

It started with this fabulous Plant Stand with Drawer from Alpha Stamps. This thing’s been untouched for a little while now, mostly because I had so many different plans for it. Would it be a display shelf for a bakery, loaded with bread? Storage shelves for mini art supplies? A kitchen shelf for cookbooks and pots and pans? It eventually turned into what it’s meant to be: a plant stand. With a bit of spooky sprinkled here and there. 😀

The first thing I did was give the plant stand a nice wash of diluted black acrylic paint, then a dry brushing of some metallic silver, eggshell, and dark brown paints in various spots. The same thing was done to all of the pots, baskets, and chipboard pieces. I used alcohol ink to cover the miniature planter with foliage (on the bottom shelf behind the skull plant). It’s such a cute plant as is, but I ended up plucking the pink flowers it came with and replaced them with orange fall foliage.

Nice work, Shannon! Learn more about the project in Shannon’s post and see all the goodies she used in her Supply List (and remember all those items are on sale — see the bottom of this post for more info and another photo).

1.5 Inch Tall Etched Ravens

Added to the sale collection as a substitute for the sold-out raven (perched at the top).

Eyeballs Polymer Clay Halloween Slices


A Witch’s Grimoire Collage Sheet

New or Back in Stock Miniatures

Beside the Plant Stand with Drawer already mentioned, that Mini Garden Tool Set (shown at right) is also in Shannon’s artwork! (So on sale!)

Oh, so happy that the Tiny 3D Round Cap Mushrooms are back in stock! And just look at those Half Scale Antiqued Leafy Urns! (So tiny and cute… and nicely antiqued.)

The TWO new papers roses below are also in today’s sale! See below for the coupon info.

FREE Gift with Orders

A Spiky Plant Gift Kit is FREE with all orders placed today through Wednesday (ends at midnight March 1, 2023)!

The set includes one each of:
Tiny Spiky Plants (in Shannon’s artwork)
Tiny Grass Tufts (in Shannon’s artwork, too)
The Garden Of Books Potted Plants Chipboard Set
Miniature Barrel Planter
Two different sets are shown at right (as the color options are random). Note: I added the Miniature Barrel Planter to the sale collection (all the other items are already included in 1 of the 2 sales), so see that coupon below, if you want to buy more!

Mini Peculiar Plants SALE

I’ve already highlighted a few items from Shannon’s project in this collection (but I picked out a few more, shown below).

Use coupon PLANTS-SALE when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection! That’s 20% off beyond current sale prices! Over 30 items!

And don’t forget the separate Paper Flowers & Leaves section is also on sale (the two items shown at right are from that group — use the same coupon for both collections)! Over 50 more sale items! (And a big bunch of odd items are in there beside paper flowers, like the daffodils at right and some die-cut leaves!)

The sale ends WEDNESDAY NIGHT, March 1st at midnight PST.

See the artwork supplies sale collection here!

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