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Mini Wooden Printer’s Type Tray Shadowbox Artwork & Sale!

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A totally unexpected project for this time of year, but I love it! Design Team Member Shannon Cooper’s Voodoo Shadowbox is so creepy cool! AND I’ve created a whole “Voodoo Collection Sale” around the items in Shannon’s supply list (plus I added more potion labels and bottles to bring the sale up to 40 items, then added everything with “SKULL” in the title, too)!

But before we delve into the sale, back to this fab project! Here’s some text from Shannon’s blog post:

I’ve had this awesome Mini Wooden Printer’s Type Tray Shadowbox on my craft table for some time, just waiting for a me to fill it with lots of little notions. (Note: the type trays are finally back in stock!) Next to the tray lay a handful of doodads, and while on hold with the USPS during the holidays, I rifled through the stuff and eventually began gluing things together while patiently waiting my turn. By the time a real-live person answered the call, I had several bottles filled with herbs and feathers, tiny jars, some rhinestones glued into a skull’s eye sockets, and quite a few Tarot cards snipped from the Tiny Divination Cards Collage Sheet (also in pic below). We won’t mention the wait time. :/

The printer’s tray was brown to begin with, and I had painted it a darker brown, only to discover that was not the answer for what I was going for. So all of its cubbies got a paint job and the front was covered with bronze metallic paint and then dry brushed with black. That’ll do.

I didn’t fret over what went where or making things just so. It was more of an “I’m going to glue this right here and all will be fine, moving on” kind of project. A few images from various collage sheets, like the Little Potions one, were glued to the backs of a few cubbies, and then the bottles, candles (psst, they are mostly real candles, minus the red one on the skull which is beeswax and embroidery floss!) were added, followed by some Spring Green Lichen Mix and other natural elements. All of the roses were cut from tissue paper and glued around a wire stem.

[Aside: I added the White Mini Rose Buds to the supply list so they’re part of the sale, too. They look the right size for that little white rose to the left of large-ish skull with the red candle — see close-up below. Oh, and that tall amber resin bottle to the right of the same skull is in the pic at right.]

Read more (and see more photos in Shannon’s blog post! Below are a few of the items from Shannon’s supply list (all on sale!)… and keep reading as there’s that related Voodoo Collection Sale, and a FREE Gift based on this Voodoo Shadowbox!

FREE Gift with Orders

A Voodoo Charms Gift Kit is FREE with all orders placed today through Tuesday (ends at midnight January 17, 2023)!

That Silver Pentagram Charm is similar to the bronze one in Shannon’s artwork, plus the Bronze Perfume Bottle and Eyeball Cabs in Settings – Silver are just bonus items I picked out (and all 3 are also in the sale collection)!

Lots of Miniatures are Back in Stock

Beside the Mini Wooden Printer’s Type Tray Shadowbox that started off this whole newsletter, all of the items below have finally made their way through customs.

NEW: Voodoo Collection SALE

This is a special sale! It started with the supply list from Shannon’s Voodoo Shadowbox. Then it grew to include extra potion labels and bottles… BONUS: The sale also includes ALL ITEMS with SKULL in the title!

The items I’m highlighting in the pics below are things not in Shannon’s supply list (they are all examples of the extras I added to the sale, but goodies in her supply list are also on sale)!

Use coupon VOODOO when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection! That’s 20% off beyond current sale prices! Over 60 items!

The sale ends TUESDAY NIGHT, January 17th at midnight PST.

See the entire sale collection here!

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