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New Victorian Writing Room Book Nook, Sale & Free GIFT!

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Update! A newer post about Rhonda’s artwork is here.

My Victorian Feminine Writing Room by Rhonda Thomas

Oh, what a way to start a new year! I love this book nook (from the pretty wallpaper — and many, many portraits — to the pretty (new!) swirly motif ceiling inserts and desk). And the inspired use of a vintage “Cray-Pas” oil pastels case to create a roof!

Here’s a bit of text from Rhonda’s blog post to get us started:

Welcome to my my little place to create and collect. Not only do I have this wonderful nook of a room on the top floor of my old home, I also have the attic space to store things and to use as a cozy reading area. You know what else I have? A sweet ghost who likes to make their presence known. 

Lucky for me, I’ve had a lot of experience with ghosts, so it just makes my little nook that much more welcoming. I feel like I have someone watching out for me. Maybe it is visiting, maybe it belongs to one of my antiques, or maybe they used to live here. 

All of the life-sized supplies featured came from my mom’s desk and my grandmother’s. My grandmother always used a fountain pen, and there are some of my mom’s powdered pigments and items from her “Suzuri Bako” Japanese brush set. 

More info and pics of some of the many items Rhonda mentions are below.

I’ve put ALL of Rhonda’s supply list in a new collection and created a discount code for 20% off those supplies! More info on the sale is below!

In the wide photos below, I’ve zoomed way in (to the painting on the easel and the new shallow stairs (2 sets of them) that are in the back of the book nook.

Those stairs were designed for this book nook. Just enough depth (1″) for a plant or a small stack of books… the idea of the edge of a stairway.

Next up in this little tour: the desk and all the pretties on the top of the desk.

Beside the 3 items shown in the row below the wide photo, I spy scissors and a magnifying glass (and a coffee label on the metal paint can makes a perfect spot for pens & brushes). That Jane Austen cover is from the Miniature Antique Book Covers Collage Sheet.

See Rhonda’s blog post for tons more photos and tips (like how to hide LED lights, and how to make a working lamp and lamp shade).

FREE Gift with Orders

A Small Painted Metal Rocking Horse is FREE with all orders placed today through Tuesday (ends at midnight January 10, 2023)!

It’s a bit smaller than the horse in Rhonda’s attic but similarly hand-painted cast metal (and darned cute)!

While we’re talkin’ attic, here’s a few more items in that photo:
– See that chest of drawers behind the rocking horse? It’s actually part of a 1:24 Gothic Dresser (and the mirror from that dresser is also in the attic, as a mirror)
– There are a couple flat images of dolls mixed in with Rhonda’s 3D doll heads (from the Creepy Dolls Collage Sheet)

NEW: Victorian Writing Room SALE

This is a coupon sale that includes all the supplies from Rhonda’s fab project above — over 50 items!

Bonus items added to the sale:
– The TWO new toys in the first row below! That black train engine is pretty close to the one in Rhonda’s attic.
Mini Train Locomotive (more toys!)
Small Painted Metal Rocking Horse (the one in the FREE Gift!)

Use coupon SWIRLY when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection! That’s 20% off beyond current sale prices!

The sale ends TUESDAY NIGHT, January 10th at midnight PST.

See the entire sale collection here!

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