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New Dollhouse Ornament Kit!

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Dollhouse Ornament Kit

Lots of new goodies today (like TWO Quarter Scale Dollhouses)! I hope you’re ready for some tiny Christmas gift-making!

There are TEN different items in this kit! Let’s start with the QS Dollhouse Ornament. (QS is Quarter Scale, aka 1:48 scale.) Oh so cute! This version has 2 small holes on either side in case you want to hang it as an ornament… just remember to finalize your hanging hardware before you glue the roof in place.

This set also includes the facade with windows cut (that doubles as the “door”) and the tiny door frame trim.

Also shown above with one of the 1 Inch Victorian Christmas Trees w Candles, sitting atop one of the 3/8 Inch Round Wooden Stands (both of those are in the kit, too)!

Next up, I’ll pick the QS Dollhouse Furniture Half Sheet:
Wow! Tons of tiny things on a small sheet! Beside bunches of tiny furniture, there are 4 wallpaper strips sized for the QS Dollhouse Ornament. Note that wallpaper in the lower right corner: it fits inside the dollhouse as wallpaper plus ceiling and flooring (also in the main pic above).

Tiny Flat Furniture Shapes:
Tiny little furniture shapes (or parts to make furniture) in quarter scale. See the photo at right for a couple ideas (using 3/8″ wooden blocks and one of the 1/4 Inch Round Wooden Stands as a table base). Yep those are in the kit, too.

I’ll finish this tour with 3 shiny things:
Mixed Gold & Cream Acrylic Pearls – 2mm-5mm
7mm Resin Clock Cabochon
Mini Gold Resin Rectangular Frame

Go see the new kit for more info and photos on all the kit items.

More New & Back-in-Stock Supplies!

A short list but very sweet! Beside the long-awaited return of Mini LED Tulip Sconce, there is the new 2-story dollhouse and another new quarter scale collage sheet!

Posted by Leslie, October 30th, 2022

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