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New Apothecary Bottles Kit

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Apothecary Bottles Kit

This is a tiny kit but filled with tons of miniature treasures!

There are FIFTEEN items in this kit! One each of:
– Tiny White Turquoise Skull Beads
– Small White Turquoise Skull Beads
– Amber Resin Potions Bottle
– Small Amber Resin Potions Bottle
– Pickle Jar with Lid
– 12x8mm Glass Rectangular Beads (1 each in amber, clear & green)
– Set of Miniature Books (just one book)
– A baggie of Wool Roving (for whispy cobwebs — only available in the kit)
– A full set of 10 of the new Tiny Metallic Spider & Web Mix
– A baggie of Green Poly Fiber

And THREE each of:
– Jet Black 4mm Smooth Rondelles (perfect for faux stoppers on the glass beads)
– Pumpkin Pods

Finally, a new collage sheet with tons of tiny things! Note that these potion (and vintage medicine) labels are sized for the teeny bottles in the kit (so the largest of them is only 1/2″ tall).

This sheet also includes 4 designs of signs (chemist to apothecary shop) in a couple sizes each. They range from approx. 1-1/4″ to 3″ wide. As the sheet is on lightweight paper stock, you may want to back the signs with a sheet of cardstock if they’ll be hanging.

Finally, I added a book cover (for a Victorian almanac with “Simmons Liver Regulator” on the front) that is sized for the miniature book that’s also in the kit (with a little extra width on the front and back covers, to fold under as a book flap or to trim off). See the photo at right for the cover and the spine.

Go see the new kit for more info and photos on all the kit items.

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