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Ghoul & Sons Chemist SALE & Spooky Bits Back in Stock!

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We revisited Ghostmore Manor last month (the third main section of Design Team Member Laura Carson’s (multi-year) Grimsley Village Halloween project).

Today we’re looking at the Ghoul & Sons Chemist shop from the first part of Laura’s project! AND the Large Haunted House Chipboard Set that that shop is built from (and pretty much all of the stores in the village) is back in stock!

But before today’s artwork: Poe-Inspired Charms Set: FREE with all orders placed today through Tuesday (ends at midnight September 20, 2022)! Note: the charms set is a random mix in a small bag (about 1.5×2″) but each will include most of those shown (bats, spiders, crosses, skulls… oh my)!

I also made a new collection from the supply list from Laura’s project — and put it all on Sale plus a few extra items! More info below!

Ghoul & Sons Chemist by Laura Carson!

Note that Laura has used one of the house shapes from the Large Haunted House Chipboard Set as a building facade, and has built scenes on both sides of the chipboard — for the outside and the inside of the store. She also overlaid windows from the Windows Set for Haunted Houses to change the house silhouette (for the second story).

“Ghoul & Sons Chemist, a trusted name for 500 years. All of their best customers are underground. You can see the boys are hard at work, upstairs in the lab.

“The local constable is out for a stroll and inside Mr. Ghoul is busy creating who knows what and I think he’s got a skeleton in his cabinet, maybe a secret ingredient of one of his potions.”

What a choice of potions you have to choose from! Look at that amazing storefront window (easy as pie as it’s a collage sheet image that’s just been curved and glued in place. AND the wooden cabinet on the “inside” of the shop (the side with the large clock at top): I love how Laura filled it up with potion bottles (glass and resin), spell and potion books, the skeleton bones peeking through the bottom of the cabinet, and the ghoul ready to make you whatever you need… for a price of course! Every good ghoul has a work table that is shaped like a coffin!

Here’s a link to all of Laura’s Ghoul & Sons Chemist Supplies (also in today’s sale)! Here’s a new intro from Laura (with links to all of the many posts about Grimsley Village.


The other 2 shops shown in that photo immediately above are Grizelda’s House of Beauty and The Thrifty Witch (links are to the supply lists). You can see Laura’s original post for all of the Part 1 Village Shops and a video tutorial.

Back-in-Stock Items

Lots of packages this week! A few picks are shown below (and that fence is in Laura’s supplies so is also included in the sale).

NEW: Ghoul & Sons Chemist SALE

This is a coupon sale in honor of Laura’s project above! In addition to all the supplies Laura used, I added FOUR items to the sale as possible substitutes for sold-out items:
Creepy Tree – 5 Inch
4 Inch Coffin Boxes (use the lid as the work table)
White Turquoise Skull Beads – 12mm (around the clock)
Round Glass Vial with Cork (pretty close to the round bottle on the hutch)

Use coupon CHEMIST when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection!

The sale ends TUESDAY NIGHT, September 20th at midnight PST.

See the entire sale collection here! Over 30 items!

Posted by Leslie, September 18th, 2022

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