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New Halloween Room Box, New Papers, Sale & Free GIFT!

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There’s a New Halloween project today: Sit a Spell Mini Room Box by Design Team Member Shannon Cooper! Plus new Halloween papers and stamps!

But first, a related GIFT (and a teaser for Shannon’s artwork): a Narrow Spider Web Flourish Border is FREE with all orders placed today through Tuesday (ends at midnight August 30, 2022)! See that close-up at right of the bottom of the fireplace in Shannon’s room box? She cleverly bent a Narrow Spider Web Flourish Border into a curve and used it as the screen for her “fire”!

Plus I made a new collection from the supply list from Shannon’s project — and put it all on Sale plus some bonus items, too! More info below!

Sit a Spell Mini Room Box by Shannon Cooper!

Woohoo! Bring on the Halloween “orange, green, purple and black”! Shannon built a fun little Halloween scene in a 7×7 Corner Room Box that is packed with tiny little props, all perfectly painted or labelled to coordinate with the theme.

With lots of furniture in a small space, Shannon made good use of the new Shallow 3D Fireplace (more info on that is below).

Here’s a bit of text from Shannon’s blog post to get the ball rolling:

I’m in love with the new Charmed 8×8 Paper Pad from Alpha Stamps! Not only are there several really cute patterns, but most can be used for 1:12 projects. I used a few sheets in a 7×7 Corner Room Box along with a 1:12 Corner Cabinet, Shallow 3D Fireplace, a Tall 4-Panel Art Nouveau Screen, and a Chaise Lounge Kit that I made many moons ago. It finally has a proper place to live in a cozy sitting room.

I started by painting all of the furniture and the edges of the room box black, then assembled the pieces before adding the paper. The walls and borders are from the Charmed 8×8 Paper Pad and the floor is covered with Crescent Moon Scrapbook Paper. I used 3 panels of the Tall 4-Panel Art Nouveau Screen, decorated it with the Charmed 8×8 Paper Pad, a tiny resin skull, and then hinged it together. The Shallow 3D Fireplace is super easy because all of the detail work is already done on the Victorian Fireplace Collage Sheet. Just cut out the parts and glue in place. The mantel is a rectangle of basswood painted black. Easy peasy. The tutorial for assembling and upholstering the chaise lounge can be found here.

More info and pics of some of those items Shannon mentioned are below. Plus a little tour of other bits and bobs.

I’ve put ALL of Shannon’s supply list in a new collection and created a discount code for 20% off those supplies! More info on the sale is below!

That folding screen looks amazing with a Halloween theme! I wouldn’t have thought to use the Art Nouveau-inspired screen with the Charmed papers (but that’s why the Design Team is there to do the artwork)!

We’ll talk more about the prop-heaven of a cabinet farther below, but just have to mention the gargoyle, skull and red decanter.


So… this new Shallow 3D Fireplace: it’s related to the Narrow Victorian Fireplace but shallower (perfect for a tight space like inside a book nook).

It still has the little rectangular window cut into the back for using a 12v dollhouse plug (like the Glowing Embers Set). That window aligns with the Fireplace Basket, if you set it inside the fireplace (though the basket will protrude out into your “room” a bit more than if used in the Narrow Victorian Fireplace).

Shannon added a rectangle of basswood as a mantel, to provided a bit more space for added decor to the top.


I love how Shannon decorated the Corner Cabinet (and leaving off the windowpane doors lets you see inside more easily). More props I spy: a RIP Tombstone Polymer Clay Slice, stacked Pumpkin Pods, many books. and a couple potion bottles over on the top of the fireplace (in brown and green).

The brass filigree and flat-back skull (painted black and just glued to the top facade) are perfect for “Halloweenizing” the cabinet (and making it match the skull on the top of the folding screen).


More Charmed Halloween Items!

NEW: Sit a Spell SALE

This is a coupon sale that includes all the supplies from Shannon’s fab project above — over 50 items!

Bonus items added to the sale: everything in that “More Charmed Halloween Items!” section above! So all the 12″ x 12″ papers related to the 8×8 pad Shannon used (and the clear stamp set, too)!

Use coupon SPELL-RB when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection! That’s 20% off beyond current sale prices!

The sale ends TUESDAY NIGHT, August 30th at midnight PST.

See the entire sale collection here!

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