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Pretty in Pink Room Box by Connie Littell

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There’s a beautiful new project today: Pretty in Pink Room Box by Guest Designer Connie Littell! And in honor of all the pink sweetness in that art (and in the new paper set): a new gift set!

Tea & Pink Cakes Gift Kit: FREE with all orders placed today through Tuesday (ends at midnight July 12, 2022)! It includes all those sweets at right (note: you’ll receive a Transparent Teapot Charm, but there are lots of colors so you may not get the lavender one I’m holding).

Plus I made a new collection from the supply list from Connie’s project — and put it all on Sale! More info below!

Pretty in Pink Room Box by Connie Littell!

This is such a calm, cool get-away with all the pink and white. I love the little details like painting the pumpkin pod white with nail polish (it’s sitting to the right of the fireplace, on a Candlestick Table) — and making the display of faux candles in the fireplace from white polymer clay — there’s a tutorial on how to make those candles, too.

Here’s a bit of intro text from Connie’s blog post to get us started:

I am happy to share another project for Alpha Stamps today. They have a new Room Box with a Curved Facade at the top which is a really nice size for setting a scene. At 8 by 10 inches it’s the perfect dimension to design a space using 1:12 furniture. I had tons of ideas of what to use it for an settled on a parlor with a fireplace focal point. The pink and white color scheme was determined when I saw the the gorgeous new Antique Roses 12×12 Paper Pack.

I got started on this project with the Narrow Victorian Fireplace. Once it was assembled using tacky glue, I added a stone facade using the Small Stone Wall Stencil. These stencils are made of mylar which makes them both easy to both use and clean. (Note: see a preview of adding texture to the fireplace below.)

I made a fancy embellishment for the front of the fireplace using the French Flourishes Silicone Mold and white polymer clay. I love using these molds because they can be popped right inside the oven to bake the clay off. Texture paste was used for the stones and the flourish embellishment was set into the wet paste while it dried overnight.

[Note: In addition to those pretty new papers in the Antique Roses 12×12 Paper Pack, there’s related Green Wallpaper Damask Rice Paper that’s new today.]

Beautiful project, Connie! See below for another close-up photo of the artwork, with a preview of the tutorial. Be sure to visit Connie’s blog post for more tips & pics! But don’t forget to come back for the sale (actually two sales) — and to get a Tea & Pink Cakes Gift Kit!

NEW: Pink Roses Room Box SALE

This is a custom collection that includes ALL the supplies from Connie’s Pretty in Pink Room Box artwork!
Over 20 items!

And I also made another sale collection: everything with “pink roses” in the title! See a preview in the second row below.

Use coupon PINK-ROSES when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in both collections!

The sale ends TUESDAY NIGHT, July 12 at midnight PST.

See the entire sale collection here! Plus here’s the link to all the extra Pink Roses on sale.

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