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Miniature Antique Shop Structure by Laura Carson

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We’re wrapping up Laura Carson’s Antique Shop today with the overall structure (and outdoor lighting)!

Two weeks ago was the first part of three posts (about making lamps and lighting fixtures). Last week was all about furniture (and items displayed on or in them).

Read on for more photos and new goodies (and info on a FREE roof template and images for the shingles and shop sign)! I made a new collection from all of today’s featured supplies — and put them all on Sale! More info below!

New Dimensional Windows

As you can see in that wide photo above, the finished Antique Shop is just amazing! The left size shows about half of the inside (finally a view of all the separate display items in place); the right side shows the exterior at night!

The two windows on either side of the door are made from the new 5×4 Window Frame Box (shown at left and right). It’s a chipboard window with depth built in (to put LED lights inside) and includes tiny holes in 2 sides to allow wires in/out.

The pretty shingles shown in the decorated window at left are one of many FREE image sets Laura is giving away on her blog post. (In addition to a tutorial video, which is a special treat all by itself.)

You can see the sideboard at the back of the interior (on the far left of the wide photo above); Laura cleverly uses the inside of the sideboard to hide the switches and battery packs for the LED lights!

New Collage Sheets!

There are FOUR new collage sheets today (where does Laura find the time?!): all about fancy Picture Frames and Miniature Antique Paintings!

That photo at left shows a couple examples from the Miniature Antique Paintings Collage Sheet, behind a few lamps from week 1 of this series. The shelf above the paintings is actually a wooden Window Pediment, with plates and a new tea set (decorated with plate patterns featured last week — hard to believe it’s the same tea set shown below in its raw, cast-metal color).

Read more (and see more photos and the video) in Laura’s blog post. And here’s the link for ALL the supplies featured today.

More New Supplies!

Tons of new stuff today! Note: the 3 items in the first row below are not in Laura’s supply list today (one is the half-scale version of the door in Laura’s artwork, one is a long-awaited mirror that would be right at home in an antique shop, and the last is the buckles — from the straps on Laura’s suitcases shown last week — that FINALLY arrived)!

NEW: Antique Shop Structure SALE

This is a custom collection that includes ALL the supplies from the structural pieces in Laura’s project (over 40 items)! Note: this collection does not contain the lamps or furniture from the last two weeks’ posts. But there are a few new embellishments announced today (and in the sale) — like the first row below (more new things I did not show above).

Use coupon STRUCTURE when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection!

The sale ends TUESDAY NIGHT, June 28th at midnight PST.

See the entire sale collection here!

Posted by Leslie, June 25th, 2022

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