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Miniature Lighting for an Antique Shop by Laura Carson

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Today is just a taste of a whole Antique Shop Design Team Member Laura Carson has made: “just” the lighting! Yeah, “just”: there are so many beautiful lamps, candelabras & chandeliers; good thing Laura made a video tutorial to explain them all. From the bits & bobs of other items in the shop (in the backgrounds of the photos) I can see this is going to be a wonderful project to follow.

Plus I made a new collection from the supply lists from all of the lighting fixtures — and put them all on Sale! More info below!


That photo at far left, plus a few of the items used (some upside-down) is the Silver Lamp.

Note: Each of the lights has a separate supply list (here’s the link for the Silver Lamp), though this overview list contains all the smaller lists, too. Laura links to each of the supply lists on her blog post.

I spy both of the bowls from the Set of Fancy Clear Bowls at the top of the lamp (with a 10mm Wide Antique Silver Crown or Stand on top). I also see a bunch of the new 15mm Glass Bugle Beads, strung around the edges of a Cast Metal Scalloped Serving Dish or Basket.

Under all of that “lamp shade” is a bird bath (also uspide down)!

Read more (and see more photos and the video) in Laura’s blog post.

NEXT UP! I did not imagine the Rustic Chandelier in metallic gold but it looks great!

I love the little candles / candleholders Laura built to use on each of the 4 arms:
New 10mm Broad Bead Caps – Raw Brass on the bottom
– Then new Gold Plated Ribbed Pumpkin Beads
– The candles themselves are a mix of translucent and white polymer clay (which do look like wax candles).

Extra supplies from Laura’s stash are there, too, like metallic leaf stickers and a piece of filigree on top (and the chain). Though I recogize one of the Raw Brass Box Feet – Rounded capping off the bottom.

Here’s the supply list link for this Die-cut Chipboard Chandelier.

More New & Back-in-Stock Supplies!

Wow — more new supplies and a photo of the Grand Chandelier that is the finale in Laura’s tutorial! The first 2 items below are in that chandelier; here’s the rest of the supply list. There are quite a few more new goodies today than show below, so here’s a link to see them all.

NEW: DIY Miniature Lighting SALE

This is a custom collection that includes ALL the supplies from all of Laura’s lighting fixtures! Note: the Antique Gold Square Filigree at right and the first row below are also new or back-in-stock today (I just ran out of room to show them all above)!

Use coupon LIGHTING when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection!

The sale ends TUESDAY NIGHT, June 14th at midnight PST.

See the entire sale collection here!

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