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Woodland Window Box Kit & Brothers Grimm Sale!

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Woodland Window Box Kit

The new Woodland 6×6 Paper Pad inspired this kit. Three of those sheets have animals and flowers surrounded a central clearing (in the moonlight… or candlelight coming from some forest fairy’s house built in a tree trunk). So I got to thinking about needing a small shadowbox or niche, inset in a wide frame so there would be a broad surface to decorate.

Which led to an odd little facade with an inset niche (to make the window in the new Even Smaller Paper Theatre Boxes smaller)… and a new Window with Flower Box designed to fit the new niche from that facade!

Two of the new collage sheets in this kit have images for the niche: I wanted some interior scenes (like the critters from the Woodland 6×6 Paper Pad could be looking in at what the strange humans were up to). So there’s some scenes of poor Snow White after she’s been poisoned, and Red Riding Hood when she’s about to find out who is pretending to be her grannie. (The Brothers’ Grimm stories seemed fitting for a moonlit forest scene.)

The third new collage sheet is bound to be useful for many themes and projects: Mushroom & Foliage Borders! Small borders with mixed leaves, flowers, mushrooms, acorns (and a chipmunk on the border with autumn colors). Designed for adding background (or foreground) images to the tiny box at the bottom of the Window with Flower Box but larger lengths are here, too. Each has a colored background/border around the group to make fussy cutting easier.

Lastly: a Mini Plastic Greenery Set (the perfect size for adding some extra foliage in that flower box, or maybe running up the sides of the window).

Go see the new kit for more info and photos on all 8 kit items.

New: Beyond items in the kit!

Oh, that 5×2 Platform Base! (Sized for using with one of the Even Smaller Paper Theatre Boxes… example pic on that page.) And the easels? In case you add so many embellishments to the front of your Even Smaller Paper Theatre Box (plus Facade for Even Smaller Theatre Box plus Window with Flower Box) that it becomes top-heavy. More new things than are shown below so click here to see them all.

NEW: Mushrooms & The Seven Dwarfs on SALE

Inspired by the new kit! ALL the Grimm Fairy Tales Collage Sheets, Fairy Folk Stamps AND extra mushrooms are in this sale collection!

Use coupon WOODLAND when checking out to get an additional 20% off! Even on top of clearance prices!

The sale ends TUESDAY NIGHT, March 29th at midnight PST.

See the entire sale collection here! Over 70 options!

Posted by Leslie, March 27th, 2022

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