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Hogsmeade-Inspired Book Nook

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Such a fun project (and using the new Book Nook Box Extra Large)! Guest Designer Connie Littell created a Hogsmeade-Inspired Book Nook for all the Harry Potter fans (and even those who aren’t). It’s filled with windows and doors (and the perfect use for a Half Scale Bay Window at the end of the lane: turned into the Honeydukes candy shop!

What’s great about the book nooks is they can be used as a narrow half-scale (1:24) room box (2 stories tall). This new one is 9-3/4″ tall x 8-3/8″ deep x 4-3/4″ wide (inside dimensions). Note: the same height as the Book Nook Box Large, but a bit wider and quite a bit deeper.

I’ll let Connie explain:

Let’s start with the left side wall [see the left side of the first wide photo below], which houses the Three Broomsticks Tavern and Inn as well as a cute little shop of my own invention called The Owlery. The door to the tavern is made from a Rustic Door – 1:24 which was painted with acrylic paint and given a thumbtack door knob.

The Owlery door is made from one of the Large Bird Cages Chipboard Set with a few of the bits trimmed off before painting in order to make it more door-shaped. I found an owl image that fit perfectly in the center opening.

The back wall houses my favorite Hogsmeade shop — Honeydukes! The shop display is made from a Rectangular Bay Window – Half Scale – Large Center Window. What I love about the Extra Large Book Nook is this bay window fits just perfectly inside.

Switching to the right wall of the book nook: the beautiful tea shop window made from a Double Layer Window – Ornate and painted in the same white/pale pink combo as the door. I glued the window on popsicle sticks to give it a three dimensional element.

Great job, Connie! A few more supplies are shown below; see everything Connie used to make her Hogsmeade-Inspired Book Nook in the Supply List. And see tutorial pics and more details on Connie’s blog post.

Be sure to come back as there’s a sale on all Connie’s supplies plus some bonus additions!

More New Goodies!

Aw… that first door below is so cute painted pink in Connie’s project! And there’s a 1:12 scale version, too! Plus that Single LED Light is soooo useful — hint: no wires! (And I added it to the SALE as a possible substitute for the light in Connie’s sweets shop!) More new things than are shown below so click here to see them all.

NEW: Hogsmeade-Inspired Book Nook SALE

This is a custom collection that includes ALL of the supplies from Connies’s Hogsmeade-Inspired Book Nook artwork AND some bonus items to make candies to fill the sweets shop! (The first row below shows bonus items, but there’s actually a dozen extras added!)

Use coupon XL-NOOK when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection!

The sale ends SATURDAY NIGHT, March 26th at midnight PST.

See the entire sale collection here!

Mixed Color Pinwheel Candies Polymer Clay Slice Mix

Set of 3 Tiny Rectangular Gift Boxes
(notice the tiny boxes in the foreground of the window?)

6 or 12 Tiny Glass Bottles
(about the right height for a jar of candies in the window, plus I added another bottle to the sale, too!)

Double Layer Window – Ornate


Into the Woods Collage Sheet

(for the owl in The Owlery made from the new large cage!)

Mini Chipboard Crest Signs

Posted by Leslie, March 24th, 2022

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