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New Rustic Minis, Plus Hagrid’s Hut SALE!

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Hmm… that ladder is certainly rustic. And maybe the new canning jars. But the wine bottles? Maybe not rustic, but all three of those new things reminded me of Nichola Battilana’s magical Hagrid’s Hut artwork!

So we’re revisiting it today and I made a new collection from Nichola’s supply list — and I added all the new things PLUS a bunch of substitutes for items that sold out since Nichola’s original project
 — and put them all on Sale! More info below all the eye candy!

Note: Nichola created FOUR blog posts for Hagrid’s Hut (an overview plus 3 pages of tutorial photos)!

I’m going to point out a few items but here’s her full supply list in case you want to jump ahead or look for something specific.

Starting with the Octagon Room Box: What a versatile piece! The room box is 7-1/2″ deep x 14-1/2″ wide x 9″ tall. The walls tabs into the base (and a narrow support around the top). The back wall and the 2 adjacent to it are all the same width: 5-1/2″. The 2 walls closest to the open front are 2-3/4″ wide.

Nichola added a roof (and there’s a whole post about making the roof) and she did a great job creating a chimney and stonework (another whole post).

Nichola used 2 doors to give the appearance of a door on the inside and outside (without needing to cut a hole in the wall).

Round Table & Chairs Kit

Moving on to the interior: The table and chairs are from a kit (you just need glue). Made of plastic (and it can be painted). Instructions included. The kit includes the parts to make the table and 2 chairs. The finished table is approx 3-1/2″ diameter (so it’s 1:12 scale).

I love how Nichola painted the table (and filled it with treats for a feast)! I spy dishes & silverware plus pastries made from silicone molds.

As some of molds Nichola used have sold out, I’ve added a few pre-made cakes.

Wooden Hutch or Buffet

Oh my… check out that hutch! A nice, rustic-looking wooden hutch with cabinet doors that can open & close. Approx. 5-1/2″ tall x 3-3/4″ wide x 1-1/2″ deep.

A nice selection of items are on top: a wooden barrel (with a handle added to make a spigot — actually just a pieces of that faucet… the other half was used outside the hut), brandy bottle, wooden crate, and a tiny crate on the far right.

Nichola filled the shelves with all kinds of supplies, like cans of food, and honey and jam jars.

Oh, and that Meat Cleaver Charm is just perfect with the ham and the cutting board!

Mini 3D Bare Trees

For my last highlight: I LOVE that Nichola made a rack of antlers from tree limbs!

On the left side/close-up I also spy a dragon egg in another tiny crate, with a bit of autumn-colored lichen as bedding (there’s tons of the green lichen on the outside of the hut, too).

Over on the right side there’s a metal pot hanging in the fireplace, plus pumpkins, a saw and a couple more wooden barrels.

NEW: Hagrid’s Hut SALE

This is a custom collection that includes everything in Nichola’s supply list (plus some related bonus items — and the three new items announced today)!

Use coupon HAGRID when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection! That even includes items on clearance!

The sale ends SATURDAY NIGHT, March 19th at midnight PST.

See the entire sale collection here!

Posted by Leslie, March 17th, 2022

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