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Two Pink Paper Theatres & Valentine’s Day Sale!

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It’s almost Valentine’s Day… and a few year’s ago (when the Punch & Judy Theatre was announced) the Design Team went wild with that chipboard theatre and a (now sold out) Pink Paper Theatre Kit. Most of the kit items are still available — and the artwork is so fun and colorful, it’s time to revisit TWO of those projects (and I also created a sale collection from the supplies from both — and put ALL of the Valentines Collage Sheets on sale, too)!

Behind Closed Doors

The first of TWO amazing projects today is by Design Team Member Rhonda Secrist Thomas!

Behind Closed Doors is a miniature French ballet theatre that Rhonda made using the Punch & Judy Theatre, and some extras (like chipboard doors, a vintage street scene at the back of her stage, and hinged doors).

I love that image from the Love Song Serenade paper that’s on the back of the theatre (in bottom right of the photos above).

See how Rhonda’s characters are moveable? (Standing in front of the theatre at far left, and inside the stage at top right.) Rhonda shows how to mount the collage sheet images (those are from the Theatre Mecanique Collage Sheet) on heavy scrapbook paper and make stands for them (that also blend into the patterned paper on the stage floor).

More info and photos in Rhonda’s blog post, and here’s a link to see all her supplies.

A few of Rhonda’s supplies are immediately below. Scroll down on this page for the second art project, new items and the sale including all the supplies for both projects!

Pussy Cat Theatre

Oh my… Teri Calia has merged her (hm… obsession?) love of cats with the chipboard theatre to make this Pussy Cat Theatre!

In addtion to the overall cuteness (and putting cat heads on the figures on either side of the stage!), I’d like to point out the lights: See the bottom right of the photos for how Teri hid a Mini String of Fairy Lights in the recessed area behind the facade.

More info and photos in Teri’s blog post, and here’s a link to see all her supplies.

Drag yourself away from her blog for a minute though, ’cause there’s TWO SALES below!

New Miniature Stickers!

Oh, these are fun! First, that set of white lace borders (more pretty than fun) would be perfect as shelf or trinket box borders in a miniature scene. Then those insect stickers! So many possibilities, like a fairy garden scene or maybe some ants invading a summer picnic! There’s even a 4th new set today that’s not shown: Tiny Insect Stickers (in color).

TWO Sales: Pink Paper Theatres and Valentines Collage Sheets

Ok… this is big. In addition to the supplies from BOTH art projects (and ALL the Valentines Collage Sheets) I added a bunch of related items!

Extra collage sheets, all with characters that fit the theatre:
Fairy Ballerinas Collage Sheet
Mini French Ballet Costumes Collage Sheet
Marionnette Theatre Collage Sheet
Theatre Mecanique Collage Sheet (including dancers in both Teri and Rhonda’s artwork)
Small Cinderella Paper Dolls Collage Sheet (surprise!)
– Note: the Pink Children’s Theatre Collage Sheet is already in the sale (as the proscenium is used in both projects), but it also includes more characters.

Extras from the old kit, a few stragglers that weren’t included in either supply list:
Thin Looped Dresden Borders – Red
White Dresden Border Sampler Set
14mm Clear Flat-Back Acrylic Rhinestone Stars

Substitutes for sold out items in the artwork:
Large Gold Dresden Star Rosettes
Antique Gold Dresden Starburst Rosettes
3mm Fused Pearl Strands
3mm Brass Flat-Back Studs
Arch Top Theatre Facade (ok… this one is odd man out: not a substitute, but another facade made to fit the same Punch & Judy Theatre)

Whew! Use coupon PINK when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in both collections!

The sale ends TUESDAY NIGHT, February 15th at midnight PST.

See everything on sale: Pink Paper Theatres and Valentines Collage Sheets

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