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Alice is in the House by Shannon Cooper!

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I love these little shadowboxes by Design Team Member Shannon Cooper! See the 2 photos stacked up at right? They are showing how the boxes can be rearranged!

Shannon made good choices on shapes and sizes of the boxes (house shaped or rectangular) so they can nest next to each other (like the roof of the tallest house fitting over the top of the largest rectangular box (as it’s turned on its side — see far right of the top photo at right).

Here’s a bit of intro from Shannon’s blog post to get us started:

Cute little interchangeable shadowboxes, all with papers from the Alice Through the Looking Glass Paper Pads!

The boxes and houses were covered with paper from the 6×6, 8×8, and Backgrounds 8×8 pads. I was careful about which sections to use because I thought of eleven more projects to make while flipping through the pads. Hmm, maybe I need more paper.

The accessories inside the shadowboxes are mostly chipboard pieces, like the chair from the Tiny Chipboard Alice Props, and bronze charms.

The table on the right is really a Tiny Metal Bird Bath. The top was removed and a disk of chipboard was put in its place.

Clever! Note: the base of the Tiny Metal Sundial is the same size so you could make a table from it, too.

The teal tray came from the White Plastic Mini Serving Dish Set. I sanded it a bit and painted it with craft paint. There’s more chipboard pieces and bronze charms here and there, plus a wee mouse! Both the Grass & Mushroom Border and 3D Chipboard Tree – 3 Inch were chopped to fit.

The houses and boxes aren’t attached so they can be rearranged or live separately. My daughter had claimed the larger shadowbox with Cheshire Cat, but she changed her mind when I mentioned that one also had her and her twin in it. Guess I get to keep all of them to enjoy (and the paper does look better when it is used vs left untouched on a shelf, unless you are the cat that had been sleeping on it).

Here’s Shannon’s supply list — and they’re all in today’s sale! More info is below.

New & Back-in-Stock Miniatures

Oh, those brass box feet! So useful on tiny shrines (and they’ve been out of stock for many a month)! And both the new Ceramic Tea Set with Blue Pattern and the White Plastic Cups & Saucers could be useful in an Alice scene, if you’re planning a tea party! (I supposed that Slice of Pink Frosted Cake would be useful for a tea party, too!)

NEW: Alice is in the House SALE

This is a custom collection based on the supply list from Shannon’s project above! (Plus some related bonus items: the other size pads from the Alice Through the Looking Glass collection that weren’t already included from Shannon’s supply list!)

Use coupon ALICE-HOUSE when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection! That even includes items on clearance!

The sale ends TUESDAY NIGHT, January 18th at midnight PST.

See the entire sale collection here!

Posted by Leslie, January 16th, 2022

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