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Holiday Cheer Miniature Room Box! Plus SITEWIDE Sale!

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Yes, it is Thanksgiving weekend here is the USA! So in addition to the Christmas Collage Sheet Sale I’ve added a store-wide coupon sale! And there are TONS of new Christmas & miniatures supplies and a festive Holiday Cheer Miniature Room Box (by Shannon Cooper)!

Save an EXTRA 15% off the ENTIRE SITE! That’s 15% above current sale prices! Even if the item is already marked down as a clearance item or is one of the new items below!

Use Promo Code: BF2021 when checking out.

No minimum purchase required (excludes gift certificates/cards, shipping, taxes). May not be combined with another discount code. But it does cover things like monthly kits (which rarely go on sale).

BOTH the coupon discount AND the collage sheet sale end at midnight (PST) TUESDAY NIGHT, November 30, 2021!

Holiday Cheer Miniature Room Box by Shannon Cooper!

Oh my… I love it when Shannon says she’s “just going to throw together a little thing”! This is so much fun and I could spend an hour looking in all the shelves (and behind things on the shelves)! Shannon started with a new 1:12 Scale Wardrobe (this one with shelves…yes, there are TWO new wardrobes today!) and the new Merry & Bright Custom 12×12 Paper Set… then the project evolved to include bunches of new 1:12 scale miniature gift boxes!

Here’s a bit of intro text from Shannon’s blog post to get us started:

The weather outside isn’t frightful, but I have chosen to stay inside to create a mini holiday scene. I wore yoga pants all day and had noodles delivered from six blocks away. It was great.

My newest project is a cheery miniature gift wrapping scene with rolls of paper, ribbon, scissors, and gifts!

There’s a 1:12 Wardrobe – Shelves, an Unfinished Wooden Trestle Table, and a White Wall Shelf with Hooks inside the 7×7 Corner Room Box, plus a bunch of new boxes in all sorts of sizes – Tiny Rectangular Gift Boxes, Mini Bakery Boxes with Windows, and Chunky Gift Boxes. Boxes for days!

There’s a few Mini Gift Wrap Boxes to the left of the wardrobe: I love that the gift wrap boxes are available in both white and tan. So easy to stamp or paint! The gift wrap rolls are bits of paper wound around a skinny dowel.

See the first wide photo below: That adorable little train set in the cubbies is new today!

It’s a resin Mini Train Locomotive with chipboard Tiny Train Cars (it’s The Gingerbread Express)! Plus there are related Mini Recipe Boxes in a slightly bigger size (from the train cars): perfect for 1:12 scale recipe cards!

Nice job, Shannon! See farther below for photos of a few more of today’s new items. Plus here’s Shannon’s supply list and you can see more photos (and more tips!) in her blog post!

What’s else is new today?

So many cute little boxes today! See all of today’s new items (more than highlighted above or below).

Now don’t forget: use Promo Code: BF2021 when checking out for 15% off everything! Ends Tuesday night!

Posted by Leslie, November 27th, 2021

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