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There Be Dragons: Magical Books & Shrines!

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I’m highlighting THREE projects by the Design Team today! Kind of a meandering group: from a dragon to a magic book (that includes a dragon illustration) to a group of lovely little shrines (that are all about magic).

More info and a ton of eye candy below (and a related discount code for 20% off the supplies for ALL 3 projects)!

Remember the Tiny Dragon Sconce that Shannon Cooper used in her Practical Magic Shoppe a couple of weeks ago? Well, this larger version is back (and was the inspiration)!

This larger version is about 4″ tall (and is similarly a 2-piece heavy chipboard set that makes a 3D wall sconce, but with a fancier design on the back piece — in my hand in the inset photo at right).

That fab project at far right is called Nature Encroaches, made by Teri Calia! I love what Teri has done here; so many layers and natural textures of rocks, water, rust and moss. Bravo!

It’s been a few years, but the Architectural Flourishes Silicone Mold is still in stock (clay from this mold was artfully bent to make a little wall pocket for moss & handmade mushrooms).

See Teri’s supplies — included in today’s sale, too!

More New Goodies:
Crowns, Flourishes & Gold!

Oh! The new paper pad is so beautiful! (Shown at right, too.) Yes, bees may be more of a spring thing, but the colors are great for fall! Plus all the regal crowns work well with the niche shrines in artwork below.

That silicone mold is back in stock after a long while: used to great effect by Laura Carson on one of her Streets of Paris Display Cases. And tiny stickers for Christmas minis!

Spells & Potions Book by Laura Carson

We’re revisiting this project today (mainly) because the 3D Skull Silicone Mold is back in stock (and also as it’s such a great project for Halloween and after)!


Did you notice the chipboard creepy trees used as texture on the cover? Such a good idea!

Here’s an intro from Laura’s blog post:

Halloween would not be complete without a spooky book of spells and potions. The overall size of this book is approximately 9″ x 7″ and made out of out of heavy chipboard. To give the book texture, I’ve used a crackle technique which I cover in the video tutorial. The skull in the center is made with polymer clay using a mold.

For this project, I’ve created a set of Magical Book Pages to complement my older collection which gave me a total of 27 magical pages to work with.

I’ve used beautiful hardware to connect the chipboard pieces. In the video, I’ll show you how to transform simple hinges to elegant ones.

I used various techniques to distress the pages and will demonstrate a lemon juice and heat gun technique which give pages and authentic burnt look.

Beautiful project, Laura! I love the transformation of the bronze hinges & clasp to antiqued silver.

Go visit Laura’s blog post for that video tutorial (with more info on that intriuing lemon juice technique). And here’s Laura’s supply list (part of today’s sale, too).


Saints, Sinners and Mystics Little Niche Shrines by Nichola Battilana

These little shrines look so rich (with all the layers of paint and metallic gold) — and they are small: see the photos below of me holding each (the inside of the little shadowbox is approx. 2″ x 3″). They are just beautiful (and easy to reproduce as all the images shown are from 2 collage sheets by Nichola)!

Here’s some intro text from Nichola’s blog post:

Some things take time. Life gets in the way, plans change, priorities shift, wrenches halt the wheels of progress. In other words, stuff happens. These little nicho shrines are a perfect example. An idea spouts, brainstorming swirls like mad, but somehow it takes months and months for the planets to align ‘just-so’ to make them happen.

And this isn’t a bad thing! Waiting for the right moment is far better than rushing the wrong moment. (That’s what I keep telling myself, so I hope it’s true.)

Each of these shrines is made from chipboard, a small box and a decorative piece affixed to the front.

To decorate each of these I’ve followed the same process:
– assemble the niche
– cover with old paper
– apply washes of paint
– stamp and apply gold embossing powder (the tarot nicho skips this step)
– combine layers of fussy cut collage sheet elements spacing with foam squares
– add finishing touches like gold Dresden and brass stars

Beautiful work, Nichola!! Go visit Nichola’s blog post for more photos and text! And here’s her supply list for all 4 shrines.

NEW: There Be Dragons SALE

This is a coupon sale that includes all the supplies from the THREE projects above plus some related bonus items! (I added two collage sheets with book covers sized for the book pages on collage sheets already in the collection.)

Use coupon DRAGONS when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection! That’s 20% off beyond current sale prices!

The sale ends SATURDAY NIGHT, October 16th at midnight PST.

See the entire sale collection here! And remember to use the coupon DRAGONS when checking out!

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