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All about Potion Bottles! New Artwork, Sale & Freebie!

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Update! A newer post about Shannon’s artwork is here.

Freebie?! It’s been awhile… but lookie what I’ve whipped up for you! These Mini Potion Bottles are baby versions of the Chipboard Potion Bottles – 3 Sizes (which are back in stock today… plus there’s cute art using those bigger versions below).

A set of these FIVE mini potion bottles is free with all orders (now through Tuesday, August 31st)! (Physical orders only… sorry, but if you order all digital items, I won’t be mailing you a set.)

Oh, and see those tiny labels in the photo at right? They’re from a brand spanking new collage sheet designed with tons of labels for those tiny chipboard bottles! (Not included in the freebie, but there is a photo and more info below.)

There’s a new project, too! Also using a potion bottle as the main object that’s decorated (but a Little Niche Shrine – Potion Bottle this time).

AND I’ve put the supplies for BOTH of these projects in a new collection and created a discount code for 20% off those suppiles! More info on the sale is below (and remember that all of the supplies mentioned ‘tween here and there are included in the sale)!

Witch’s Potion Niche Shrine by Design Team Member Shannon Cooper

So much Halloween goodness is packed into this tiny shrine!

Anyone else ready for summer to be over? Two months ago? I’m eagerly anticipating the slightly “cooler” weather, the departure of mosquitoes, and…Hallowe’en!!! The heat and annoying bloodsuckers will be lingering long after October, but at least I have something to look forward to that isn’t too far off. And being holed up in the house gives me time to make all the spooky things (or at least three).

My latest Hallowe’en project was another small one, but I really love Alpha Stamps niche shrines. Like, really, really. I’ve made quite a few things from them already, however, I recently realized each one could be Hallowe’en themed and together would be a nice mantle display. Even the egg. Is it a giant spider egg sack, alien egg, or a pumpkin (just add stem)? Pretty versatile things, those niche shrines.

This Potion Bottle Shrine was painted black before being covered with Eerie Night Cemetery Secrets Scrapbook Paper and Brimstone Bulletin Scrapbook Paper. I sanded the paper here and there for that aged look. There’s a Tiny Dot Dresden Borders – Black trim around the niche opening.

The center was wallpapered with Witches & Wizards 6×6 Paper Pad before a bunch of stuff was tucked inside. There’s a tiny shelf to hold a few tiny things like a teensy witch hat! I chopped a bit off the Rustic Broom to make it fit and painted eyes on the cat.

What a fun mini Halloween project! More info is in Shannon’s blog post and/or see the supply list (on sale, too… see below for info on the discount code).

Potion Bottle Wall Hanging by Teri Calia

I’ve already mentioned these Chipboard Potion Bottles are back in stock. Beside using them separately as giant tags or just backgrounds for individual bottles, Teri cleverly connected them all together and made a wide wall hanging!

I used two sets of Chipboard Potion Bottles to create the base. I simply glued the potion bottles side by side onto a piece of 12″ x 12″ cardstock (after papering the fronts of the bottles).

All of the cute pumpkin-headed children I used came from my Halloween Darlings Collage Sheet.

I love all the little trims like bats & ravens & pumpkins (and mini Halloween labels at the top of each bottle)… they really spice up what might otherwise just look like “plain” scrapbook paper in the background.

More info is in the original blog post and/or see Teri’s supply list.


More New Supplies!

Short and very sweet! A reminder: that new collage sheet fits the new Mini Potion Bottles. And aren’t those etched tombstones great for Halloween?!

NEW Sale: Potion Bottles!

This is a coupon sale that includes all the supplies from BOTH projects above!

Use coupon POTION-BOTTLES when checking out to get an additional 20% off on EVERYTHING in this collection! That’s 20% off beyond current sale prices!

The sale ends TUESDAY NIGHT, August 31st at midnight PST.

I’ve already highlight quite a few of the sale items above with each project, but 3 more are shown below. See the entire sale collection here! Remember to use the coupon POTION-BOTTLES when checking out!

And remember there’s the free gift of a set of the new Mini Potion Bottles with all (physical) orders through Tuesday, too!

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