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Faberge Style Eggs By Laura Carson, New Brass Decorations, New Sale!

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Faberge Style Eggs by Design Team Member Laura Carson

Wow! Isn’t that stunning? I love the turquoise, dark blue and gold/copper color palette on this Art Deco egg! (And it’s just one of three Laura made for today’s post! Another is shown below, and the third you can peruse in Laura’s blog post.)

Here’s some intro text from that blog post:

Not the typical eggs you might see at Easter, these ATC-sized eggs are inspired by Art Deco Style Papers and Faberge Eggs which open to showcase various elements inside. Several years ago, I made a set of Faberge inspired eggs, and for this set, I decided to use ladies dressed in 1920s style fashions. [Aside: there’s info and a photo of one of those previous eggs below.]

Another major element that I incorporated into these eggs are various metallic stickers, which can be used as is, cut into pieces or painted with Alcohol inks to change their color while preserving the metallic look of the sticker.

For the base of the eggs, I used a set of precut ATC-sized chipboard egg shapes.

[Aside: I chose the 2 eggs I’m highlighting as they show how Laura split the “cover” of each egg in a different direction.]

To add lots of bling and interest, I used various brass pieces and gold Dresden which I cover in my tutorial, where I walk you through how I constructed the eggs.

New Collage Sheet: Deco Dames #2. This is a companion sheet to the original Deco Dames Collage Sheet and contains 10 ladies in 1920s fashion and 7 unique fan designs with 3 sizes of each fan design.

Beautiful job, Laura!! As always, Laura is generous is sharing tips and how-to photos on her blog post. Here’s her supply list for all 3 eggs! (And more info about the new brass embellishments is below, too.)

Here’s a preview of one of the Elegant Eggs from Laura’s original project! See the original blog post or the supply list (note there are many eggs in that post and this supply list is just for the one shown at left).

What else is new or back in stock today?

First, the top row below shows some of the pretty new things Laura used in that turquoise/blue egg at the top of this page. Plus there are more brass embellishments — and one last new thing is shown way below in the SALE section!

Oh, and those 2 sets of chipboard fan blades are back in stock: be sure to view each of them for more Art Deco-inspired art by Laura!

NEW Sale: Functional Metal!

First: This sale includes the new Lightweight Gold Box Clasp Set (shown at left) that Laura used in her artwork!

25% off on EVERYTHING in this collection! Note: this is the metal group in the “collage supplies” section, so includes full-size things like handles, hinges and box feet!

Psst: anything on clearance in this big collection is marked down to 50% off including new markdowns!

The sale ends MONDAY NIGHT, April 5th at midnight PST.

See the entire sale collection here!

One last thing! Who won The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Kit Giveaway from the last newsletter? That would be Tristan Crane! Congrats! Check your email for info.

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