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Cheers, Marie! Altered Altoids Tin (& Altoids Tin Trims on SALE)!

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Oh, what a festive little tin by Design Team Member Kristin Batsel! So fun and colorful and a way to pull (push? drag?) Marie into the 21st century!

Here’s an intro from Kristin’s blog post to get us started:

I’m not sure if anyone was drinking Cosmopolitans back in Marie Antionnette’s day, but I’m pretty sure that if they were, Marie would have been a huge Cosmo fan. I know I am! In fact, we’ve made a dedicated Cosmo party shelf in our kitchen, where our martini glasses, the shaker, and a little container of rim sugar are kept. It also includes some Cosmo artwork; some by me, some by my friends. When I got this month’s kit from Alpha Stamps, all the pink reminded me of that shelf, and I decided to let Marie enjoy a Cosmo, at long last. Cheers, Marie!

I removed the cover of the tin, and covered the inside with some gorgeous pink floral paper from the kit, plus some black and white harlequin paper from my stash. I found a gold dollhouse frame which was the perfect size to frame a quote featured on some of that kit paper, which reads, “Life is nothing without passion”. Ain’t that the truth?

Aside: though there are many fab prints in the Ephemera Queen Kit, the particular fancy print Kristin used is the back side of this scrapbook paper (not in the kit, but related).

The outsides of the tin are also covered harlequin paper, and then adorned with some gold Dresden trim. A string of little red beads sits atop the rim. In the photo below, you can see that Marie’s yellow overdress overlaps her pink skirt a bit. I used two French Ballet Costumes collage sheets to achieve this look. I cut the yellow overdress at the “v” of the bodice and glued it only at the waistline of a full image of Marie. A couple of foam tape squares were inserted between the overdress and the skirt to separate the layers. Marie is adhered to the tin with 4 layers of foam tape, so she really stands out.

Great job, Kristin!! Note: Kristin shows tips of getting those red pearl beads to glue on the thin lip of the tin AND how to rearrange Marie’s arms so that she can hold the cocktail glass.

More photos and tutorials are in Kristin’s blog post. And here’s her supply list, too!

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Posted by Leslie, March 21st, 2021

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