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TWO Miniature Christmas Projects & Related Sale!

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Design Team Member Shannon Cooper has been BUSY! Not only a new mini Christmas scene (with multiple parts) but also a clever little set of retro fridge magnets!

And… as there’s a new sale on (the new) Shannon’s Christmas Miracle Collection (ha!): everything in Shannon’s projects are on sale!

Back to part 1 of today’s artwork: here’s an intro from Shannon’s blog post about the project shown at left, Sweet Treats for the Holidays:

While waiting for the spray painted tins to dry (hint: check the bottom of this post for what that’s about), I dug around in my bin of Things That Should Be Used to find a super cute resin wheelbarrow and thought, “I wonder how much stuff can be crammed in there?”

Quite a lot, as it turns out! Gingerbread house, donuts, red & white lollipops, star cookies, a gumball machine, canisters of candy, a cookie sheet of tiny gingerbread people, even an itty bitty tree! All I really did was paint the wheelbarrow, put a bit of floral foam in the bottom, add ALL THE THINGS, then fill in with white pom poms.

I also discovered an unfinished wooden tool box and stuffed it with goodies, too.

After painting the wooden toolbox, I added little bits of polymer clay inside, put easter basket grass on top of that, then stuck red and white candy canes, green, red, and white candy canes, and more lollipops into the clay. The snow people are from the Christmas Cookies Large Polymer Clay Slice Mix (and are adorable)!

And there you have it! Paint. Fill. Done!

Great job, Shannon!! See the wide photo below a close-up of the 2 jam-packed items in the foreground. (Plus it didn’t get much attention, but the large tree uses one of the relatively new Peppermint Pairs Buttons Set as a topper (cute!) and Mini Candy Canes on the branches.)

You can see more photos on Shannon’s blog post. And here’s her supply list. (Plus see below for more info on the related new sale! — and info/pics of Shannon’s SECOND project!)

What is new today? Tons of Miniatures!

There’s a cute group with a musical theme, plus a few more with a kitchen/cooking theme. See all the new items here.

NEW Sale: Shannon’s Christmas Miracle

First: check out the fun and festive (and snarky) fridge magnets below! Shannon used two of the Mini Sliding Tins (wee little things: only 1″ tall) which is enough space for tiny scenes (especially aided by the Tiny Cardstock Icicles & Christmas Ornaments which is equally tiny)! See the supply list for just these tins (and more info on making them (and mom’s manic expression) are in Shannon’s blog post).

Back to this sale! This is a coupon sale that includes all 37 items in BOTH of Shannon’s supply lists!

Use coupon XMAS-MIRACLE when checking out to get an additional 15% off on EVERYTHING in this collection! That’s 15% off beyond current sale prices!

The sale ends SATURDAY NIGHT, December 12th at midnight PST. See the entire sale collection here!

Posted by Leslie, December 10th, 2020

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