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New Halloween Inserts & Art, New Alice Collage Sheet & Miniatures!

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Ghosts in the Graveyard Altered Tin by Design Team Member Kristin Batsel

Ooh! I so picked the right artist for this new Halloween Altoids Tin Inserts Set! (Note: these new inserts inspired today’s new sale, so scroll down for more info after you soak in all the Halloween eye candy!)

Kristin’s Ghosts in the Graveyard Altered Tin is so perfectly Kristin: beautiful artwork, without a ton of complicated steps and she explains it all (with photos along the way) in her blog post!

Here’s some text from Kristin’s blog post:

Watch out for ghosts in the graveyard! I used an Altoids-sized tin with the lid removed to make some tiny Halloween fun. An insert from Alpha Stamps’ new Halloween Altoids Tin Inserts set makes a rustic fence and black cat in the foreground of the tin. I painted the insert orange, black and grey, and then added texture to the fence with colored pencils. I used a white colored pencil to outline the edges of the cat to make it pop a bit. The seated cat, front right, is acrylic.

So many ghosts! This paper, from the Halloween Market 6×6 Pad, makes the perfect background. After I glued the paper to the inside of the tin, I cut a couple of the ghosts out of the remaining paper and attached them with some foam tape to add some dimension. The tombstones were painted (tutorial at the bottom of this post; I love painting tombstones)! In checking to see how the tombstones looked behind the insert, I realized that the two shorter tombstones were getting a little lost behind the fence. I set those two stones up on some foam core (painted black) to make them tall enough to be seen.

Great work, Kristin!! And I agree: Skeleton arms for that Jack; why not?”

Go visit Kristin’s blog post for more steps with photos and here’s her supply list!

What’s new or back in stock today? Miniatures

Beside the Halloween Altoids Tin Inserts Set above (and the featured items below), scroll down for a NEW Alice in Wonderland Collage Sheet, too!

NEW Sale: Altoids Tins & Related Trims!

25% off on EVERYTHING Altoids Tin Themed! All kinds of items, from Chipboard Inserts to the TINS themselves!

Psst: ALL collage sheets in this collection are marked down to 60% off!

The sale ends MONDAY night, October 12th at midnight PST. See the entire sale collection here!

New Mini Tins AND a related Alice in Wonderland Collage Sheet

Eeek! So tiny! This new Tiny Alice Wallpaper Prints Collage Sheet was designed with the Faux Book Box Tiny Card Size in mind. (That size Faux Book Box is tiny as it was designed to fit a deck of cards 1″ wide x 1-3/8″ tall.)

All of the patterns are big enough to wrap the outside (or inside) of the Faux Book Box Tiny Card Size. Plus thare are 2 skinny perspective floor rectangles that are meant for the inside bottom of the box, so not big enough to wrap around (the small floors are 1″ deep so large enough for much larger projects, too). See the close-up below for the 2 floors (black and white, and turquoise blue).

All the characters are around 1-1/4″ tall, so they can easily fit in the Faux Book Box Tiny Card Size. All the favorites: Alice herself, the Cheshire Cat, the Red Queen (and king), the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, etc.

Even some tiny vintage playing cards and a book cover that can fit the book box cover, with a tiny bit of that fun card suits pattern peeking out around the margins.

And do you remember the Dum and Dee, the Tweedles (also by Kristin) shown below? That project was also an inspiration for this new sheet, as tiny prints are hard to find!

More info on that cute project in the blog, and/or see the supply list.

And what’s this? ANOTHER new tin? Yes, and it is super tiny!

See below for 2 photos of the new Mini Sliding Tin and how the tiny prints on the new collage sheet work with the tin’s tiny size.

It’s smaller than the Blank Altoids Tins and with a sliding lid. Good for decorating as the lid is flat. Approx. 2″ x 1″ x 3/8″.

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