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Alice Teapot Tea Party; Dresden on SALE!

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Update! A newer post about Connie’s artwork is here.

Wow, totally not planned but we have MORE Alice in Wonderland artwork today! I am delighted for so many different projects all about Alice. Maybe it’s spring… although I always imagined Alice falling down that rabbit hole in summer: it could have been spring. What with the Mad March Hare and all.

We had a Mad Tea Party Theatre last Thursday, and Pop-Up Tea Time before that.

And TODAY: a beautiful tea party INSIDE a teapot by Guest Designer Connie Littell!

Starting with a bit of intro from Connie’s blog post:

I am happy to share something special today. I was invited to be a guest designer for Alpha Stamps and made a little Alice In Wonderland tea party shrine using a Little Niche Shrine – Teapot and a Chipboard Teapot Blank. Whenever I make a miniature scene I like to add as many tiny things as will fit. The niche is 2 by 3 inches. Challenge accepted!

Like the other Niche Shrines, this new teapot shape comes with a tiny scored piece, meant to be glued to the back as a hanger. But Connie used the largest teapot from the new Chipboard Teapot Blanks to glue to the back of the “niche”, making this a standing teapot!

Back to more from Connie’s blog post (which is filled with tips and how-to photos! Note that I’m skipping down a bit — Connie does give info on covering the teapot with scrapbook paper):

The tree that holds the Cheshire Cat (cut from the Tin-Sized Alice Collage Sheet) is a 5 inch Creepy Tree with just a little branch cut away to assure the niche opening isn’t completely covered. I painted both sides of the tree with burnt umber acrylic paint.

The tree needs leaves and I wasn’t excited about cutting a ton of them out by hand. New Laser-Cut Miniature Ivy worked perfectly and was a lot of fun to play with. After figuring out how many sections I wanted to use, I painted both sides with acrylic paint. Once dry, they were glued in place on the tree.

Beautiful work, Connie! Note: there’s another photo with a close-up of those yummy sweets inside the teapot below in the Giveaway section!

Read more (and see more photos and tips) in Connie’s blog post and here’s her Alice Teapot Tea Party Supply List!

What is NEW today?

Beside that new teapot niche shrine already shown above (and that sweet, tiny ivy used as leaves on the tree) there’s a new mini version of the Trailing Ivy Borders. Plus some tiny 1:12 scale bowls and cups.

NEW Sale: Dresden!

In honor of SIX designs that are back in stock: 25% off all Dresden!

40 items! AND: Anything on clearance in this collection is marked down to 50% off!

The sale ends MONDAY NIGHT, March 9th at midnight PST. See the entire sale collection here!

Hooray for the Alice Teapot Tea Party Giveaway!

So much to choose from! I’ve picked out all these items from Connie’s supply list for this Giveaway package:
ALL THREE of the new items (teapot shrine, solid back, ivy leaves)
– That pretty pink paper covering the teapot
– The Creepy Tree to add the leaves to
Small Felt Flowers (at the top right corner of the niche)
Tin-Sized Alice Collage Sheet for the Cheshire Cat in the tree
– Oooo! The resin sweets! Plus: the filigree and bead cap Connie used to build a cake plate for that resin cake!

To enter the Alice Teapot Tea Party Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment BELOW on this blog post TODAY or TOMORROW (the deadline is 11:59 pm PST, MONDAY Night, March 9, 2020).

Don’t forget to leave your (hello!) correct email address, too, so I can contact the winner; your email address does not need to be made public. Note: I’m offering free shipping, too, but only within the USA. International shipping will still apply.

Please be patient! Spammers try to post crap here a lot so comments are moderated. So if you don’t see your post in the comments section, be patient and check back in a few hours before re-posting it, please!

After midnight, I’ll randomly pick the winner (via

Oh! The Mad Tea Party Theatre Giveaway winner from the last newsletter! Drum roll, please: The winner is Coleen Dillon! Please check your email for more information

Posted by Leslie, March 8th, 2020

42 responses to “Alice Teapot Tea Party; Dresden on SALE!”

  1. Bridget Haig says:

    How sweet, thanks for sharing you delightful ideas with us. Hope I win then I can invite you and Alice over for tea.

  2. Donna Kottcamp says:

    oooh. My aunt lived in England for a while and brought back her tea traditions when she came home. I think I’d vary this one with perhaps a fox hunting theme. I hate the idea of really hunting them,but the illustrations of the creatures are so cute.

  3. Helen says:

    I love a Mad good tea party! And you can never have enough storage space for all the fancy cakes, teapots and cups!

  4. Anne S. says:

    I love the new ivy. That will really come in handy for spring projects.

  5. Georgina ELLIS says:

    Oh my what a wonderful piece of art🌝

  6. Jean says:

    She did a great job. Very creative!

  7. Jo says:

    I love the way the tree is used – I always think of that piece for Halloween, but this is such a unique way to make to look so sweet! Absolutely love the teapot!!

  8. Denise Humenik says:

    Soooo cute! Definitely inspires a Mad Tea Party!

  9. Kim R says:

    Tea for you
    Tea for me
    Tea for 2
    Tea for 3
    Such a cute kit!

  10. Jean Marmo says:

    Love that ivy! Another creative project!!

  11. Nancy S says:

    Oh, my word! So many possibilities with this kit. Just too cute for words!

  12. KathyS says:

    Baked goods AND tiny ivy. So much good to process.

  13. Sally Lonn says:

    OH MY GOSH, I am way way into TEA..I have collected miniature tea pots for years and have over 100…..My mother in law started my daughter drinking tea with sugar and milk the British style when she was young. It is a real family thing. Thank you for this inspiring display….can’t wait.

  14. jackie says:

    great project!

  15. Bonnie Linhart says:

    Love love Alice! Beautiful project!

  16. Denise Bryant says:

    I’m in the mood for a tea party and all those yummy treats! What a fun project! Love the Cheshire cat!

  17. Elissa Winer says:

    I work in an modern English Tea Room and this project would delight all ages!! Can’t wait to try my own version. Crafting is definitely an anecdote to all the current fears going on outside!

  18. Laural says:

    What an ADORABLE idea…from a teapot no less!

  19. Gabrielle Schmidt says:

    OH My Goodness!🤗 What a fun tea party theam my grand daughter and I love to have tea parties and she would love to help make this!

  20. Darlene Fellows says:

    This is such a great project! My daughter’s birthday is coming up in a few weeks and this would be the perfect gift for her. 🙂

  21. ricki walker says:

    What a creative idea! I love the teapot!

  22. Janet Turner says:

    What a cute idea. I love Alice, tea and pastries, so it’s a natural!

  23. carly says:

    I LOVE THIS!!! Just did a bingo card swap and used all AlphaStamps collage sheets…they’re amazing! And this project is so FAB!!! LOVE the ivy! And the teapot! So talented!

  24. Karen Mallory says:

    I always love anything Alice! This is so fun!

  25. Nadine says:

    Neat project, lots of new goodies!

  26. Monica Gabehart says:

    Love the teapot, love all the gorgeous Alice stuff.

  27. Oh wow I love that teapot. So many possibilities Love all Alice

  28. judy onofrio says:

    Love it!

  29. Kat Cashwell says:

    This is gorgeous!!! Love Alice in wonderland!

  30. Wilhelmina says:

    So excited about this teapot!!!! I wonder if it will be in our month package?

  31. Kim Lucak says:

    Cute kit – the teapot is awesome! Love the Cheshire cat in the tree as well 🙂

  32. Judy Adamcyk says:

    Love the teapot!

  33. Dorothy Peterson says:

    I’d love to do this project and add it to my teapot collection.

  34. Crystal Brown says:

    The Alice project with the tree, teapot house, sweets and all the other goodies I just love!Alpha Stamps you rock!😍😍😍

  35. Kathy Toews says:

    It doesn’t get much sweeter than this!

  36. Rhonda says:

    There can never be to many Alice projects. I love it.

  37. Barbara Griggs says:

    Loving all things Alice; brilliant to transform the Creepy Tree into a sweet summery tree with the ivy leaves!

  38. Rebecca R. says:

    I absolutley adore all things Alice In Wonderland! So Awesome! Thank You!

  39. LoisC says:

    Have a regular “tea date” with a good friend every Friday. Would LOVE to make this for her!

  40. Cherry nowell says:

    Alice is just one of my favorites!!

  41. Kimberly says:

    I just love it 😍!

  42. I AM Alice! She is my inner-self…