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A Creepy Crib & Carriage Plus 1:12 Furniture SALE!

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We are nearing October. That phrase may bring delight or despair (omg… so much to do before Halloween!) but it is true. So let’s enjoy the closing weeks of September with 2 amusingly macabre baby projects by Design Team Member Shannon Cooper, worthy of Charles Addams!

Two Creepy Halloween Minis by Shannon Cooper!

Ah… it’s A Creepy Crib (one of TWO tiny creepy creations today)! Yes, I may have had a hand in choosing some of the components but Shannon may misremember the entire conversation which led to this. 🙂

I’ll let Shannon continued this story:

Today’s project was a collaboration between Leslie and I; we were talking about Hallowe’en, of course, miniatures, and babies?? I can’t quite remember exactly how babies became part of the conversation (demon spawn may have been mentioned…) but next thing I knew, there was a package from Alpha Stamps in my mailbox. Inside was a plastic bag with some parts and the words “crib?” on the outside. Hmmm, well okay!

Inside the bag was a Bagatelle Box – 2×3 Inches, a few Miniature Gothic Fences, and four Short Cabriole Legs. That was the perfect start to a very creepy crib! I added a Miniature Reliquary as a headboard and a few claws…

Me interrupting for a sec: that glass cab over an eyeball image and the skull on the headboard: divine! And a word about the rubber stamp set that skull came from: it was delayed a bit as the engraver moved (I know, such a Victorian process to making rubber stamps!) but they’ve settled in and the stamps will be arriving soon!

Good work, Shannon!! I (also) particularly like the baby rattle on the pillow, made from a tiny skull bead (see the close-up below… between the 2 preview pics of Shannon’s tutorial on how to make the crib and the mattress!)

Moving on to the second project today: Wednesday’s Doll Pram! Wow! I love this! Shannon used the new Mini Baby Carriage (psst: also in the flash sale!), plus a doll and spider charms (and don’t miss those slices of gargoyle polymer cane on the wheels!) to make this wee wonder!

The figurine got me thinking of Wednesday Addams and her little dollies, so I pretty much immediately sawed off the head of the figurine after painting it.

And then glued it to the carriage.

Of course you did! Go visit Shannon’s blog post for more photos and tips! Plus here’s her TWO supply lists: A Creepy Crib and Wednesday’s Doll Pram. And don’t forget to come back to see the new goodies and the Dollhouse Furniture FLASH Sale!

New & Back in Stock Goodies: Lots of Dollhouse Furniture!

And those resin skulls?! What a find! They work for 1:12 scale, too!

Click here to see everything new today (14 items). Plus read on as lots of today’s new items are included in the flash sale!

ALL 1:12 Scale Dollhouse Furniture ON SALE!

Wow! 50 options! including all of those new furniture items shown above!

This is a 25% off sale. The sale ends at midnight TOMORROW NIGHT, FRIDAY, September 20th! Click: FLASH SALE to see everything!

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