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2 New Shrines & Artwork, New (tiny) Halloween Goodies!

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Ooh! We have a new shrine today in TWO sizes — and look how cute (and how different) it looks with or without the doors. Artwork using both sizes below, so read on!

The Alchemist’s Oracle by Design Team Member Lora Mahaffey!

Wow! This is so beautiful! And so much thought and time went into all the little details. I’ll let Lora start off this intro (and scroll down a bit to see the wide photo showing more angles):

Oooh, this piece is kind of mysterious. In my mind the alchemist is using the oracle for calculating his transformational formulas. The planetary dials moving in sync with each other creating whispering harmonies, stopping at certain curvatures and creating patterns for the alchemist to study.

Or maybe… The mouse is the oracle. Sitting on his stool, interpreting the rotations like a fortune teller or a Tarot reader.

That is one smart mouse. Hey, stranger things can happen.

I drilled a hole in the back of the shadowbox (after gluing my chosen papers on the sides and back) to allow for the tea light flame to stick through.

Right after I did that I realized that the doors would not fit properly, so I decided not to use them. Too bad, because I had a fun thing I was going to do. Ah, well. Save it for next time!

After the final fussing was done in the interior and on the outside, the facade was glued on.

The runes are just completely made up. If they say anything it was an accident! (Or maybe I was channeling the mouse!)

Good work, Lora!! I particularly like the bent piece of filigree on top of the front (as a holder for the Round Glass Dome), and (of course) drilling the hole and inserting the tea light so the sun lights up. Oh, one more thing: happy accident that those half scale bookcases fit on the sides to hold all of the bottles and whatnot!

Go visit Lora’s blog post for more photos and tips! Plus here’s Lora’s full supply list. And don’t forget to come back to see the new goodies (more artwork!) and a New HALLOWEEN FLASH Sale!

New Goodies: Shrines, Filigree & Halloween!

Click here to see everything new today (13 items).

Happy Halloween Tiny Shrine by Shannon Cooper!

Design Team Member Shannon Cooper made a silly (adorably silly!) Halloween shrine with the smaller of the new shrines. (I know! Looks completely different than Lora’s shrine above… those shrines are versatile!)

From Shannon’s blog post:

I basically just covered the entire shrine with paper from the Happy Halloween 6×6 Paper Pad and painted the inside. There’s a Creepy Tree in there, and a Tiny Tombstone, an Articulated Skeleton (ahem, his name is Hubert), as well as a snippet of Gothic fence! Hubert is holding a Halloween flag made from a toothpick and some text from the Retro Halloween Cards & Tags Collage Sheet. And since I live in a spooky southern city, I had to add creepy moss to the tree. Fall foliage was used to cover the bottom. This shrine is about 1/2″ deep and held all of that with room to spare. Pretty impressive!

I am impressed! So much fun in a small space! And note: those spider webs on the doors are included in the flash sale! More info below!

Visit Shannon’s blog for more fun photos and don’t forget her supply list to find all those Halloween supplies!

Oh my, look at those treat bags below! Shannon also whipped up some super cute (and super easy) bags using papers from the Happy Halloween and All Hallows’ Eve papers (and images from the Retro Halloween Party Invitations Collage Sheet). More info also on the same blog post!

EVERYTHING tagged Halloween in the Collage Supplies Section ON SALE!

Wow! This is big! All kinds of items, from paper flowers (black, of course) to glitter to die-cut shapes (tons of shapes)! See the tags at the top of the sale section for more categories. 120 options!

This is a 25% off sale, however, anything on clearance in this group are marked down to 50% off! (Includes some coffins, spiders & pumpkins, too!)

The sale ends at midnight TOMORROW NIGHT, Monday, September 16th! Click: FLASH SALE to see everything! And catch those 50% off clearance items before they sell out!

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