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Alice in Wonderland Tunnel Book by Laura Carson plus ALICE SALE!

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Wow! There is so much fun Alice-y detail in this 6×6 Tunnel Book by Design Team Member Laura Carson! I tried to zoom in on just one of the inside pages (plus a close-up of part of the cover) in the first wide photo below, but I think I could still spend half an hour taking it all in!

Here’s a bit of the intro from Laura’s blog post:

This is the second in a series of tunnel book video tutorials with this one focusing on Alice in Wonderland. For this project, I created a large new digital image set titled “Strange People” which includes images from my other Strange People collage sheets plus a ton more. You can see some of them framed as pictures on the wall below, I thought they fit right in with the story’s strange and whimsical characters.

If you aren’t familiar with tunnel books, they are made by connecting a series of pages with the first page having the largest hole and each subsequent page having a smaller hole than the one before, giving the book a tunnel effect. Adding to the tunnel effect are the images on each page that slightly protrude into the openings. The way I designed this book, the tunnel effect works no matter which direction you look (from the front to the back of from the back to the front).

My approach was to illustrate several of my favorite Alice in Wonderland scenes although I couldn’t resist adding Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum and Humpty Dumpty from Through the Looking Glass.

In the video tutorial, I’ll walk you through how I assembled the book and how to make the mini Alice book on the cover.

Here’s another close-up from the cover (plus an image from Laura’s tutorial video… and a sideview of the spines (showing the depth of the 3D mini book when viewed from the side).

Note: Laura provides lots of images FREE to construct your own tunnel book, like the spines that look like tall playing cards and the pages for the mini book!

You’ll just have to go visit Laura’s blog post for more tips and photos and that tutorial video!

Plus here’s Laura’s full supply list. And don’t forget to come back to see the new goodies and that ALL THINGS ALICE Sale!

Oh! Laura mentions an older 4×4 tunnel book she made at the end of her tutorial; here’s a photo of it plus the chipboard frame set (still in stock!) that she used (she also cut 2 more pages with smaller circles to give the full “tunnel effect”. Note: that chipboard set was used in a Peek-a-Boo Card Swap so there’s lots more eye candy!


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