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Steampunk Tunnel Book with Video Tutorial by Laura Carson!

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Design Team Member Laura Carson’s Steampunk Tunnel Book is so amazing! It’s beautiful and clever and has many layers and parts so I’m relieved Laura also provided a video tutorial to explain it all!

Here’s some intro text from Laura’s blog post:

This is the first in a series of tunnel books with this one being one of my favorite themes, which is Steampunk (video tutorial further down in the post). If you aren’t familiar with tunnel books, they are made by connecting a series of pages with the first page having the largest hole and each subsequent page having a smaller hole than the one before, giving the book a tunnel effect. Adding to the tunnel effect are the images on each page that slightly protrude into the openings. The way I designed this book, the tunnel effect works no matter which direction you look (from the front to the back or from the back to the front).

I constructed the book using a new 8×8 Arch Tunnel Book that contains 6 pages which gave me a lot of surface area to embellish.

To accompany the tunnel book pages is a Wrought Iron Window Grate which is sized to fit the second window in the tunnel book. I embellished it with lots of metal gears, gears and key made from a new mold, a chain and, a brass handle. I used small hinges to attach the window to the book so that you could open and close the window.

The inspiration for the project was the gorgeous steampunk-themed paper pack titled “Voyages Fantastique“. Not only are the designs on the double-sided papers beautiful but many are loaded with images that I cut out and collaged onto the pages.

I added a couple wide photos below to try so show some of the details (I love the spine she created to hold the layers/pages apart and that gives the side the look of a row of books — the second photo below shows the “before-embellishing” view on the left side; and Laura’s new Hinges Collage Sheet is shown on the spines on the right side). You’ll just have to go visit Laura’s blog post to see more photos and her video! Plus here’s Laura’s full supply list. And don’t forget to come back to see the related new steampunk goodies and sale!

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