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New Tiny Things; Tins & Inserts SALE!

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We’re got cute artwork from TWO Design Team Members today: both using a Blank Altoids Tin! Before I get there (and the related sale), look at this new Mini Chipboard Gates Set! There are 2 sizes of fences in the set (it’s a baby version of the 2 Sets of Chipboard Gates). As you can see, this new size can be used with a tin: either tall or wide!

Marie Under the Sea Tin by Design Team Member Shannon Cooper!

Marie Antoinette as a mermaid. And with a jellyfish umbrella. Why not!

Here’s a bit from Shannon’s blog post:

What’s this? Something that is NOT Halloween themed? How did that happen?! I don’t know exactly, but I was feeling like making something kooky, which lead to gluing a fish tail on Marie and giving her a jellyfish parasol.

Weird? Yes. But it did the job of satisfying that want, and it was finished in two hours. That is the beauty of altered tins. They are small, fun, and quick to complete.

After deciding to put Marie “under the sea”, the first thing I did was mix some resin and pour a tiny bit into a small plastic cup. I flicked Alcohol Pearls on the surface and added glitter. When the resin hardened, it was popped out of the cup and trimmed in half. I glued some teal fibers and a flower stamen to the cut side and created (what I thought) looked like a jellyfish umbrella. Twin 1 said it was ridiculous and made no sense whatsoever, so I felt I had achieved my goal.

I love the jellyfish umbrella! See below for a close-up. Better still: there are lots more photos and tips over on Shannon’s blog post! Here’s a link to her supply list, too.

Birds In Paradise Altered Altoids Tin by Design Team Member Susan Killam!

Ah… another sweet tin today! And this one using the fruity papers from this month’s Fruit Paradise kit.

Here’s a teaser from Susan’s blog post:

I have a love affair with all the cool Alpha Stamps collage sheets. Since I’ve been on the design team, I’ve gone from 0 to 75mph in my collection. You never know what you’ll need, right? It’s best to have ’em on hand, just in case. Like these hummingbirds. Look at them! The colors are gorgeous and it took me all of 2 minutes to cut them out and ink the edges with a brush marker.

Because the hummingbirds face right, I knew the vine would need to be along the right edge, so I picked a design on the fruit paper that would fill in the left side. For added interest, I coated the cherries with Glossy Accents.

The frame was painted a salmon pink color and dry-brushed white. I finished the edge around the frame with a tiny strand of fiber from The Sea Fiber Set. It has a feathery hint about it, don’t you think?

[Aside: that scalloped frame is part of the flash sale! And did you notice that both Shannon and Susan used the same fiber set?]

There are lots more photos and tips over on Susan’s blog post! Here’s a link to her supply list, too. And check below for related tins & inserts in the flash sale!

New & Back in Stock Goodies

Beside that new Mini Chipboard Gates Set mentioned above, here’s a sampling of all 9 tiny items!

Tins & Inserts SALE!

How did I not organize this group before?! From Altoids Tins to Jeweler’s Tins to Tiny Dollhouse Cookie Tins (and a few Tim Holtz Xmas Tins, too)! Plus chipboard and collage sheets inserts to fit in same! And things for on top of a tin, like a roof! All on sale at 30% off!

The sale ends at midnight TOMORROW NIGHT, July 19th.

Highlights are below, but click FLASH SALE to see everything! (Over 20 items!)

Psst: we’re taking a break from Giveaways. But Miz Bella hosts Giveaways on the Alpha Stamps Facebook page!

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