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Holiday Sale continues + Halloween Folio with Silhouettes!

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Yay! We’re continuing the 4th of July Sale! As you can see below, we’re offering an EXTRA 15% off the entire site! Just enter that code when checking out (valid through Monday night). Plus new art and new products added daily through Sunday!! (See Thursday’s goodies including new hardware and yesterday’s goodies including Sugar Skulls!)

Halloween Mini Folio by Design Team Member Shannon Cooper

What a treat! I’m going to start with a bit from Shannon’s blog post (before I start contradicting her!):

Making another Hallowe’en project was not in the plans when I received the June Kit from Alpha Stamps, I swear. How could spiders and pumpkins and witches come to mind when presented with the beautiful Butterfly Garden paper in the kit, not to mention those metal bees?

Well, firstly, the Nightfall paper was still laying about on the craft table, taunting me. That paper is amazing. And secondly, I sat with the ends of the Wide Accordion Book in my hands, folding and unfolding it until something came to mind. That action led to the idea of hand cutting silhouettes in the Wide Accordion Book and then sticking them into the Tall Accordion Book Letter Folder. Somehow.

Inside the folder is the accordion folded silhouettes at the top and a basic spinner card on the bottom. The entire project was kept simple and flat so it could be mailed easily.

OK… I have to interrupt here. “The entire project was kept simple” may be true in Shannon’s head (and, I agree: it is simple enough so that the project is flat and could be mailed). But that’s completely ignoring the brilliant idea of making a spinner card (see the “scary” and “hiss!” messages in the white speech bubble on the two pics of the card?) AND making a little holder (moon with his arms around 2 cats) to keep the card inside the letter folder when you’re not playing with it.

AND… OMG. Cutting out the silhouettes from the accordion book! See the 2 wide photos below… I love this!!

There are lots more pics (including more phrases for the spinner card, and lots more how-to pics for cutting the silhouettes and backing them with orange vellum), so get on over to Shannon’s blog post! Here’s a link to the supply list so you can buy most of the items needed (sadly, that orange vellum is vintage so I don’t have that bit on offer, but pretty much everything else is available).

New & Back in Stock Halloween Rubber Stamps!

Tons more than those shown in the previews below! Click here to see all 17 of them!

Now don’t forget: new goodies and new art coming tomorrow, too! But I’d suggest grabbing some of the clearance items (with an additional 15% off) ASAP as they will not be around for long! Psst: these are RUBBER STAMPS on clearance.

Posted by Leslie, July 6th, 2019

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