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More Holiday Weekend Sales! New Halloween Art & Paper Sale!

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In addition to the shipping sale (see right) — AND the Marie Antoinette Collage Sheets 50% off sale inspired by Daniela’s snarky Marie art last Thursday — I’ve just put ALL Scrapbook Paper on sale at 30% off! All the sales end TUESDAY night!

Black Hat Society Art Coin Mini Book
by Design Team Member Shannon Cooper

Yay! Beside (all of our) favorite holiday (Halloween, of course!) it’s so fun to see how the same kit parts can be made into different themes… like Shannon’s Black Hat Society Art Coin Mini Book below and Daniela’s Marie Antoinette book from last Thursday.

Here’s a bit from Shannon’s blog post to start:

It isn’t just art coins in this month’s kit, there are also square art coasters (clever!) and pockets, folders, and holders for all of your new art. Neat! I was a bit overwhelmed with all of the bits sent to me because, honestly, what couldn’t you do with a bunch of these? In the end, I smashed a bunch of the pockets and folders together to make a mini album. I think a group of the little pockets and coins would be cute if glued vertically along a ribbon and hung on a wall. Maybe next time.

The book has two signatures, each of which is made from two 3″ coin holders

As I’ve not shown all the pages inside Shannon’s book, it won’t make sense to quote more (about which holder is on which page), but you can read more with all the photos to help make sense — and a tutorial on how to put the book together (!) — in Shannon’s blog post.

Here’s a link to all of Shannon’s supplies. And check below for a photo of all the art coins in the Giveaway section! AND don’t miss the new Halloween goodies and Scrapbook Paper Sale between here and there!

New & Back in Stock Halloween Goodies!

So many new things to mention today, they’re not all covered in the previews below! Click here to see all 21 of them!

Love those new Halloween Charms! Keep reading (too) as there’s a FLASH SALE on the singles sheets of Scrapbook Paper!

ALL Scrapbook Papers ON SALE!

This is a 30% off sale on a big section: Over 140 options… including the highlights below (and a few of the new goodies above and some of Shannon’s supplies)!

The sale ends at midnight on TUESDAY night, May 28th. Click: FLASH SALE to see everything!

Witchy Art Coins Giveaway!

There’s all the art coins from Shannon’s Black Hat Society Art Coin Mini Book!

I love all the monotone witches, from the Something Witchy, Witch Stock and Women In Costume Collage Sheets.

Today’s Giveaway includes ALL the supplies in Shannon’s project! That’s 19 items, one of which is the kit, so more than 19! Beside tons of background papers and collage images, there are trims like Thin Fleur Dresden Borders and Halloween Dress Up Half Sheet!

Note: if an item is duplicated in the Coins, Coasters & Holders Kit (included in the Giveaway) and also listed separately in the supply list, I’m just including one of those items. HOWEVER, I am including an extra set of Artist Trading Coins so you’ll have 4 to play with!

To enter the Witchy Art Coins Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post TODAY, TOMORROW or TUESDAY (the deadline is 11:59 pm PST, TUESDAY Night, May 28, 2019).

And what are you going to make?

Don’t forget to leave your (hello!) correct email address, too, so I can contact the winner; your email address does not need to be made public. Note: I’m offering free shipping, too, but only within the USA. International shipping will still apply.

Please be patient! Spammers try to post crap here a lot so comments are moderated. So if you don’t see your post in the comments section, be patient and check back in a few hours before re-posting it, please!

After midnight, I’ll randomly pick the winner (via

Hey, who won the Come Sit Next to Me Giveaway from Sunday’s newsletter? That would be Carla M! Congrats! Check your email for info.

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42 responses to “More Holiday Weekend Sales! New Halloween Art & Paper Sale!”

  1. Kathlene Ford-Walters says:

    OMG, can’t believe I’m the first to comment. Hope it’s a sign/omen. Love Halloween and all things witchy. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Marykay chisum says:

    It’s never too early to begin dreaming of Halloween!!

  3. Kathy S. says:

    Great papers— the Damask with Orange Swirls particularly.

  4. Ann F. says:

    I love the art coin mini books. So many possibilities!!

  5. ricki walker says:

    These mini coin books are so much fun! I love anything “witchy”!

  6. Susan Nelson says:

    I will make some cool Halloween artwork to hang up!

  7. Leah Strong says:

    Loooooooove these!

  8. Kat Cashwell says:

    It’s never too early for Halloween!! Those would make awesome coasters!

  9. So much Halloween inspiration here! Love it!!

  10. Deanne D'Aloia says:

    I love snarky Halloween and cant wait to do some trading coins.

  11. Monica Gabehart says:

    Love the witchy coins.

  12. Sylvia L says:

    Yay! Halloween’s back! I’m not sure what I’d make with all the goodies, but I’m sure I could come up with something witchy & spooky.

  13. Laura N says:

    Hooray for Halloween! Great idea to make the pockets and folders into a minibook!

  14. Traci says:

    OH YEAH!! Halloween count me in-love anything halloween.

  15. Carol Slowik says:

    I just love Shannon’s art work! I believe that I would make a very witchy garland out of all of these awesome goodies!

  16. Sandie Locklin says:

    OMG can’t believe we are already thinking of Halloween. Love the pockets and folders also love the mini books.

  17. Catharine McCammon says:

    Happy Happy, taking those little bat charms plus the skull and crossbones out to the garden for a tiny wind chime ready for ghosts!

  18. Jen Rothstein says:

    Been wanting to try coins so this would be perfect

  19. I love Halloween and I love the coins. I would try making something with the coins as I have never tried them before

  20. Lorna E. says:

    Love Halloween so I’m in. Gotta try making a little book of my own.

  21. Bonnie Bee says:

    ‘Tis lovely! I’m a Halloween-all-year kinda gal, so this has got my creative juices bubbling!

  22. DeniseHumenik says:

    This is too fabulous! Gotta make them!

  23. Jo says:

    Halloween is my favorite! Love that you have these today – very inspiring for my weekend crafting!

  24. Rebecca R. says:

    I would have to make some cute witch pins!

  25. Carla M says:

    Love all things Halloween!

  26. Sharon J says:

    Halloween is the best!

  27. Karen Mallory says:

    Halloween! Yes! Love those coins. So much fun! I love making ATC’s of all kinds. Want to make these witchy ones for sure!

  28. Love the Halloween theme for these coins and folders. I have been having fun with this month’s kit and extras I ordered. Now I would like to make some Halloween coins with funny comments also.

  29. Barbara A says:

    There are so many wonderful things in the giveaway it would keep me busy for a long time! There’s enough items to make ATCs, coins, some mini rooms and still have things left!

  30. Diana Bittaker says:

    Love what you do for Halloween!!! Gonna order that paper!

  31. Janet Turner says:

    Great giveaway. I would love to make some witchy coins!

  32. Jean marmo says:

    Love the coins. Such wonderful inspiration.

  33. Lea Cook says:

    Super cute!!

  34. Mila Falbaum says:

    What a great variety of items to work with

  35. Karen Crawford says:

    These are fabulous! Love the witch images. Thanks for this opportunity!

  36. Jennie Ingram says:

    Be still my witchy little heart!

  37. I am so in love with all of this months mini books! They’re very cool and make great gifts! The designers have done a fantastic job creating them! TFS!

  38. Gail S says:

    It is never too early for Halloween – I love it !!!

  39. Rhonda S says:

    Trick or Treat! As always you have the best treats!

  40. Kathy Toews says:

    It would have to be a book!

  41. Angie M says:

    Sassy witches!

  42. Debrah says:

    I love this project! I would make a cute Halloween book to put on my inspiration shelf in my sewing area.