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Halloween AND Alice AND Glass Bottles on Sale!

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New & Back in Stock Goodies!

I don’t know how it happened, but a lot of Halloween and Bottles arrived this week! So many new things to mention today, they’re not all covered in the previews below! Click here to see all TWELVE of them!

Keep reading (too) as there’s a FLASH SALE, related to the Bottles and related to the New Artwork!

The Various Alices by Design Team Member Rhonda Thomas

Oh, we have a couple more Alice things (yay)! Rhonda has made 2 tins, both with an accordion book hidden inside. The smaller book that folds out from Alice (in her red roses, at right) is shown just a little bit below. The larger book hidden in the second tin is in a photo down in the Giveaway section. (Lots more photos are in Rhonda’s blog post, too.)

I love the odd potion bottle that Rhonda turned one tin into (see front and back photos at left). Of course, that would be a “DRINK ME” bottle. Rhonda used one of the Chipboard Potion Bottles on the front of that tin, which is one of the bottle-y things today that inspired the bottles sale!

Nice job with the wax seal and wax on the bottle’s neck, Rhonda! And also the creative use of an Altoids Topper Loopy Filigree upside-down as… I’m not sure if it’s a fancy stopper or some crazy red fumes escaping!

Here’s a link to all the supplies Rhonda used for her tins. Be sure to visit Rhonda’s blog post for more info on how she made these beauties!

ALL Glass Bottles ON SALE!

Between the bottle shape on one of Rhonda’s tins (and the glass bottles that are back in stock), I’ve put ALL Glass Bottles on sale!

This is a 25% off sale on over 30 options… including the highlights below (and the 3 shown above)!

The sale ends at midnight on FRIDAY night, May 3rd. Click: FLASH SALE to see everything!

Alice in Green Giveaway!

Here’s the inside of Rhonda’s other tin:

I’m with Rhonda: I love the (odd) Alice in Green Collage Sheet!

I’ve picked SEVEN items from Rhonda’s expansive supply list for today’s Giveaway:
Blank Altoids Tin
Altoids Tin Accordion Book (the larger one shown above)
Matchbox Ticket Journal – Black (the smaller one far above)
Chipboard Potion Bottles
Altoids Topper Loopy Filigree – Set of 2
Red Sealing Wax
Alice in Green Collage Sheet (of course!)

To enter the Alice in Green Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment BELOW on this blog post TODAY or TOMORROW (the deadline is 11:59 pm PST, Friday Night, May 3, 2019).

And what are you going to make?

Don’t forget to leave your (hello!) correct email address, too, so I can contact the winner; your email address does not need to be made public. Note: I’m offering free shipping, too, but only within the USA. International shipping will still apply.

Please be patient! Spammers try to post crap here a lot so comments are moderated. So if you don’t see your post in the comments section, be patient and check back in a few hours before re-posting it, please!

After midnight, I’ll randomly pick the winner (via

Hey, who won the Coins, Coasters & Holders Kit Giveaway from Sunday’s newsletter? That would be Peggy D! Congrats! Check your email for info.

Posted by Leslie, May 2nd, 2019

46 responses to “Halloween AND Alice AND Glass Bottles on Sale!”

  1. Maria B says:

    Alice, sealing wax, and accordion book – what a treat! I would make a book.

  2. Kathy Toews says:

    Can’t get enough of Alice!

  3. Ina Good says:

    Hi I love Rhonda’s tin of Alice both of them in fact and the new Alice in green collage sheets!

  4. Marykay chisum says:

    Alice and Halloween together!

  5. Traci says:

    Love the bottle shaped altoid tin very clever idea.

  6. Cherry Nowell says:

    Oooooo!!! I will make some lovely Alice tins too!

  7. Rhonda S says:

    I love making things with tins

  8. CJ says:

    I really love the Alice fold out book in the Altoid tin so I would try my hand at that. It would be a great addition to my growing Alice collection of projects. Keep ‘me coming!

  9. I love Alice. Would love to make a tin as well

  10. Kat Cashwell says:

    Since you have Halloween & Alice In Wonderland in the same article- I would have to combine them into Halloween accordion!

  11. M. C. Sparks says:

    Love Halloween! Love Alice!

  12. Jean Marmo says:

    Loving those little bottles! Wonderful and creative tin project!

  13. jackie says:

    I love that accordion book.

  14. Laura callies says:

    I want to make alice’s apothecary, there can never be too many potions in wonderland.

  15. Andrea Pretlow says:

    I think I’d try to stick close to the Alice tin project featured as I could. This is so sweet!

  16. Denise Bryant says:

    I’d make a fun Alice tin too!
    The little bottles and the Halloween items are all so fun!

  17. Mary says:

    Beautiful Alice tin! I’ll make either an Alice-themed tin or a Christmas one with Santa at the very back (surprise!). 🙂

  18. Deanne says:

    Alice in my favorite color? All Alice all the time!

  19. Luanne Shearer says:

    This is a fun lot of goodies! Your website and blog inspire me.

  20. Debora L. says:

    Love this idea. It would make a fun gift to make for an Alice enthusiast.

  21. Lea Cook says:

    So much Alice goodness!

  22. Carla M says:

    Love, love, love all things Alice!

  23. BarbMac Vt says:

    You had me at glass bottles! Then you added SALE ! Great giveaway too! I love the accordion books so much!
    I am totally going on a shopping spree to get me some of the glass bottles! TFS!

  24. Judy Adamcyk says:

    great fun

  25. Valzora Spriggs says:

    can there ever be too much Alice?

  26. Kathy S. says:

    Very interesting color combination—I like it a lot.

  27. Ann F. says:

    I previously bought some of the accordion books. I’m going to make something for my Son’s 30th Birthday.

  28. Karen Mallory says:

    Yippee! Another Alice giveaway!! I love Alice and can never get enough. I would make something to add to my ever expanding collection of handmade Alice items.

  29. Loving the ideas of Alice in this wonderful

  30. Thalia Kottke says:

    I love Alice and tiny bottles and books; so many ideas.

  31. That Alice sheet makes me think of Alice and Christmas. I probably won’t be over my Alice obsession yet by December, so I would make an Alice ornament for someone special.

  32. Jo says:

    Of course I love all the Halloween items for sale – my favorite holiday!
    Love the Alice in green sheets- very cute!

  33. I cannot say it enough. Alice is my alter-ego. I would love to win this stuff!

  34. Catharine McCammon says:

    Must make a mini hided-away for all my little potion bottles. WITH directions for use on the accordion fold out!

  35. Lorna E. says:

    I have some Halloween paper with potion bottles that I could use for an Alice/Halloween project.

  36. LeAnn Aagard says:

    A mini apothecary would be fun to make.

  37. April says:

    Absolutely frabjous!

  38. Lee Maynard says:

    Alright! More Alice

  39. Carrie Cervantes says:

    I love the tiny glass bottles, especially the amber ones for Alice projects and apothecarys for Halloween!

  40. Barbara A says:

    Love anything Alice. Awesome ideas.

  41. Peggy D says:

    I love anything Alice and red sealing wax and altoid tin. That collage sheet is oddly cool. Love the funky green and red colors. I would probably make the altoid book but who knows I am sure the possibilities are endless. Another fun giveaway thanks for the chance!

  42. ricki walker says:

    Love how different these Alice images are! I would love to make the accordion book in the tin!

  43. Michelle says:

    Alice and Halloween…two of my favorites!

  44. Patti Flasch says:

    I love working with Altoid tins! Gearing up for Halloween now…thanks for the timely sale items and the inspiration!

  45. Alice is every where

  46. Janet Turner says:

    I love the accordian tin books. So cute!