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Shannon’s Rotating Eyeballs Tutorial!

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Note: these are instructions for the skull with spinning wheel eyes panel of Design Team Member Shannon Cooper’s Halloween Accordion Book on this blog post.

ATC Sized Background Paper
Mr. Bones Stamp
Eyes from Eyeballs Collage Sheet
2″ black circle
Small brad

To view the eyes, cut out socket area of Mr. Bones. Lay Mr. Bones on top of background paper, mark outside edges of both eye sockets, then cut out an oblong shape slightly larger than the marks.

Mark center of circle, align circle on top of background paper (making sure the cutout is covered), then use an awl to make a hole through both the circle and background paper. Make sure the bottom of the circle extends past the background paper!

(Front View) Add a bit of tape (I used fabric tape) over the hole on front for strength. Poke the brad through the tape and check the spinning wheel.

(Back View)

Remove the brad and glue Mr. Bones onto background paper, MAKING SURE TO NOT ADD GLUE AROUND THE OBLONG CUTOUT. Turn over and poke the awl through existing hole and through Mr. Bones. Replace brad and spinning wheel. You will now see the black wheel through Mr. Bones eyes. Lightly mark area inside both sides. Rotate wheel and mark the placement for second pair of eyes. Repeat for third pair.

Remove spinning wheel and glue eyes in place using marks as guide. I also added a small circle in the center to add a little room between the wheel and the front of the card.

Replace brad and have fun!

Posted by Leslie, October 13th, 2018

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