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All About Glass Slides…

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It’s all about Glass Microscope Slides today. From simple projects like a pendant or faux stained glass (using just one slide)… to more complicated projects like Laura Carson’s pastry display shelves (and many different styles of them, too)!

And as we have 2 sizes of glass (and slide mailers) back in stock, there’s also a special new FREE Gift Kit, too (more on that and the related new sale are below).

Before we dive into Laura’s project for today, a bit of background: today’s project is the first of many that will roll out over the next few months… all leading to building a group of miniature Parisian shops. There will be a chocolate shop, a cafe, clothing boutique, flower shop, bookstore & pharmacy. I can’t wait to see all the details! More info here.

So, beginning with the first project: Streets of Paris Display Cases. Laura has done a great job at showing a variety of sizes and shapes… shelves that are fairly small and constructed mainly from slide glass, up to larger cabinets that would rival the fanciest department store.


And if you’re not ready to build shelving yourself, there are also 3 new wooden display cabinets that are pre-built; and the little details like sliding doors on the back (to get tiny pastries into your tiny cabinet!) are so cute. See the bottom left of the next wide photo for a glimpse of the sliding doors.

And Laura is giving away the Chocolatier signage (digital images) on her blog post! (That signage is shown on the pastry cabinet below.)


In future weeks Laura will be showing us how to make the pastries (and hats, shoes & purses) that she has displayed in the new shelves, but today is about making the shelves themselves.

Note: there’s a new Store Cabinet Base today that Laura uses upright (it’s just the right size to use slide glass as shelves inside) and Laura also uses it as a base on 2 examples… the Double Tier Glass Case (at left) shows it sitting on the back in stock Ornate Brass Box Feet. (And that pretty trim around the sides is from the Romantique 6×6 Paper Pad.)

Read more (and see a video tutorial) in Laura’s blog post. You can see the full supply list for all of the cases, or see smaller lists for each case on Laura’s blog post.

And what’s this? Laura is giving away a finished Fancy Pastry Display Case!? That case at left (using 4 glass slides) is one of the “Fancy Cases” — Nice!

All orders over $50 placed Thursday through Saturday (March 1-3, 2018) will automatically be entered in the drawing.

Note: There is a second drawing below (that everyone can enter, whether or not you place an order). Both winners will be announced in Sunday’s newsletter.

 New Goodies! – ALL on Sale!  View all new items

Slide Mailers - for 1 Slide
Slide Mailers – for 1 Slide

Long Store Display Case - White
Long Store Display Case – White

Glass Microscope Slides
Glass Microscope Slides

White Store Display Case - Angled Sides
White Store Display Case – Angled Sides

Small White Store Display Case
Small White Store Display Case

Silicone Mold - French Flourishes
Silicone Mold – French Flourishes

Store Cabinet Base
Store Cabinet Base

Slide Mailers – for 2 Slides
Back in Stock

New Sale and New FREE Gift Kit

Everything in the Game Pieces and Miscellaneous Section is on sale for 25% off — the sale ends MONDAY night, March 5th. (That includes the glass slides and the slide mailers, plus tons of odds and ends from jingle bells to alphabet beads. Over 80 items!)

And a Slide Glass & Mailer FREE Gift Kit!! All orders over $20.00 (before tax or shipping) now through Monday night (March 5, 2018) will receive this special gift:
– one of the Slide Mailers – for 1 Slide (a single slide mailer — the sets for sale include 2 per package), plus:
– a Glass Microscope Slide (just one… shipped in the little niche in the slide mailer)
AND a special mini collage sheet (with 7 images that fit the glass slides). There are lots of collage sheets with images sized for the microscope slides and I’ve picked out a few for this free sheet!

Enough goodies to make a little slide mailer project like the Cinderella one featured on the Slide Mailers page!


Hooray for the Tiny Accordion Fold Book Giveaway!

I decided to revisit an earlier project that Laura made with glass for today’s Giveaway: a Tiny Accordion Fold Book using the 1×2 Inch Rectangular Slide Glass.

Isn’t it pretty? Laura used images from her Butterflies & Moths and Floral Panels collage sheets and made a hinged booklet that can sit on a windowsill and looks beautiful when backlit in the sunshine.


Everything in Laura’s Tiny Accordion Fold Book Supply List is included in today’s Giveaway!

Bonus: One of the Slide Glass & Mailer Gift Kits!

To enter the Tiny Accordion Fold Book Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment BELOW on this blog post TODAY or TOMORROW (the deadline is 11:59 pm PST, Friday Night, March 2, 2018).

AND tell me: Will you try a hinged glass booklet? And/or what will you make with the Slide Glass & Mailer Gift Kit?

Don’t forget to leave your (hello! correct) email address, too, so I can contact the winner; your email address does not need to be made public. Note: I’m offering free shipping, too, but only within the USA. International shipping will still apply.

Please be patient! Spammers try to post crap here a lot so comments are moderated. So if you don’t see your post in the comments section, be patient and check back in a few hours before re-posting it, please!

After midnight, I’ll randomly pick the winner (via

Hey, who won the Shakespeare Theater Supplies Giveaway from Sunday’s newsletter? That would be Nancy E! Congrats! Check your email for info.

AND, who won Laura’s Shakespeare Theater Giveaway also announced in Sunday’s newsletter? That would be Mary McCarthy! Congrats! And thanks again to Laura Carson for offering her theatre!

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62 responses to “All About Glass Slides…”

  1. Anne clifford says:

    I would ♥️ To try this new idea ( for me )
    Nothing ventured nothing gained right !!!?!?!!!!

  2. Kathlene Ford-Walters says:

    The hinged booklet is awesome. I can think of so many uses. It would certainly look nice sitting on the sill of my bow window. Love the images Laura used–what beats butterflies and flowers.

  3. Debra Young says:

    Wow ! Love Laura Carson’s designs, the display cases, and the accordion book is beautiful. Can’t keep up, but having fun.

  4. Leanne Shawler says:

    Once upon a time, I made a little shop that sold ribbons peopled with Regency people because Jane Austen was always on about getting a bit of ribbon to brighten up an outfit in her books. I would’ve loved to have had access to the cabinetry you guys have now, way back then. Now, my shop could be bigger! However, that stained glass accordian book? I am almost 100% sure I still have my glass slides from back in the day when I was thinking of making Christmas ornaments with them. So the accordian book is going onto my projects list!

  5. Susan O'Halloran says:

    Wouldn’t this be a beautiful screen for a dollhouse? Or stained glass windows for a dollhouse! Laura’s creation is just so beautiful!

  6. Anne W says:

    Oh my goodness, so many ideas. When I was much younger I started making a general store. I never finished it. Looking at all the display cases I am finding some inspiration. Maybe I should revisit my little store. It must be in the basement somewhere!

  7. Maria B says:

    I’d love to try making a hinged book. I’m just learning to make books and this would be fun to try. So pretty.

  8. Karen K says:

    Of course I’m going to try this! I’ve had slides since the medieval flower book, but the hinges were too big for me. I often work in miniature. Kuddos to the maker.

  9. Gina Goodling says:

    After a long dark grey winter…..can’t you see this beautiful hinged glass book on the window sill? Perfect inspiration to bring spring into the indoors with the floral papers! Bring it on!

  10. Carla says:

    I would give the book a try but I would also make some displays for bakery items

  11. Jennifer J says:

    The cabinets are so fun and the accordian glass so pretty. I want to make one with sweet little fairies to brighten my window

  12. Emily Dale says:

    Love, love, love the glass tiny book!!!

  13. Jean Marmo says:

    Oh my goodness! LOVE that accordian book. So pretty! The slides are such fun!

  14. Margaret D says:

    Those cabinets are wonderful! And the giveaway is something I would love to do. I have wanted to make a ‘book’ using dominos and the thought of a glass book is exciting! I would use the extras in a little house I have been working on. My newsletters aren’t coming into my email but I have to go to the website. This is the first email delivery in a week at least.

  15. Nadine says:

    Love it all. I definitely want to make some glass cases!

  16. Judy says:

    I love this! Yes, I would make the the little glass book. One for me and some for my English teacher friends.

  17. Nancy O says:

    Make the accordion book but print the images on transparency sheets and trim the edges with the thin foil stickersfor a stained glass effect.

  18. Susan Devillier says:

    Would love to make the accordion book!

  19. Would love to make a mini display case

  20. Danielle Jarosz says:

    I could go to town with the accordian book!!! I love all this. The creative side of my brain just kicked into overdrive. Alpha stamps and all the designers just rock!!!!!!!!

  21. Ann F. says:

    I would love to make a hinged glass booklet. It would fit perfectly in an Altered Matchbox.

  22. Angela Cook says:

    I would love to try the hinged glass booklet so pretty and they would also look good in a dollhouse as a glass screen in the bed room!

  23. Gloria L. says:

    I have been thinking of trying to use slides in a project . The accordion book is perfect !

  24. Kat Cashwell says:

    I love the display cases! I can’t wait to the see other shops!! Those hats are gorgeous!

  25. Yvonne St Aron says:

    Love the accordion book. Makes me sad that I gave my kids microscopes to charity!

  26. Andrea Pretlow says:

    I don’t know how yet, but the Butterfly hinged book is asking to go into my Bohemian Travel Trailer Dollhouse

  27. Jeanne W Kelly says:

    Oh my gosh – that accordion screen is so beautiful! I would like to make s similar “screen” like this, but using alcohol inks and stamps, and placebit in my kitchen window like she did / great project!!

  28. Denise Humenik says:

    Love,Love, Love It!! A glass-hinged mermaid book…I can see it now! 🙂

  29. Rebecca R. says:

    I would make a little fairy bakery display! So awesome! Thank You!

  30. Michelle G says:

    Wow! I love the shelves! Love the purses and hats….cant wait to see more on them!

  31. Karen Wood says:

    I would love to make the accordion book for myself and maybe a tiny cabinet for my fairy house with the slide mailer. Thank you! I love seeing these things.

  32. Claire says:

    I would like vet to try to make one!

  33. Traci says:

    I am always impressed with Laura’s creativity she is so awesome I LOVE her creations. The hinge book is pretty I would love to give it a try. >^..^<

  34. Kim R says:

    I definitely want to tey my hand at the hinged book.what an awesome idea!

  35. I think a screen for my dollhouse would be pretty. I think an Asian scene would look great.

  36. Laural says:

    Hinged Book, Please! Laura never disappoints

  37. K Toews says:

    I would go for a display case with cool stuff on the shelves.

  38. Jennifer Krantz says:

    How pretty is this little book! I would make a little stained glass book to put in my kitchen window, maybe then I would enjoy doing the dishes

  39. Barb macaskill says:

    I need to sit down and catch my breath! The gorgeous cabinets and stained glass accordion book have me breathless and my heart is racing!
    I absolutely love making miniature scenes and boxes so these are right up my alley!
    If I won the stained glass accordion prize I would definitely make one with my favorite colors! I am keeping my fingers crossed 🤞 in hopes of seeing my name on Sunday! Thank you for the chance to win this amazing giveaway!

  40. Vera Collier says:

    I would love to try my hand at the hinged book. I am thinking a Halloween theme.

  41. Karen Mallory says:

    I love Laura’s shelves and cabinets. Can’t wait to see her whole street! I love the little book and would make it in a heartbeat!

  42. Judy Goodwin says:

    I love the hinged book and might even try a hinged glass book.

  43. Mary Mac says:

    Would love to see this as a miniature bakery.

  44. Jen R says:

    I would love to make a Halloween theme item with the glass slide, I also love the accordion book. The new shop items are awesome!

  45. Ginger benedict says:

    Laura, you’re a genius! I think your work and creative ideas are the best ever. You just cost me money-again!🍰

  46. Laura callies says:

    The glass slide book is something i must try. I have the some of the double slide mailers left, but i need to get to it with a project.

  47. Debbie S. says:

    Congrats to Nancy and Mary!! I agree with my dollhouse friends, shelves for stores and a screen. I would love to make all. Such talent and very generous give away.

  48. Sylvia L says:

    I would like to try the accordion booklet with some dried flowers I’ve saved. I have some slides that I bought ages ago & never used-this is inspiring me to dig them out & start creating.

  49. Jo says:

    I love the glass slides – there’s so many ways to use them- I especially like the way you could use them to make stained glass windows for a miniature house!

  50. Carol h says:

    These glass slides r so cute and since we r all about Christmas at our house, I would probably hinge 12 of them together and use “ the.12 days of Christmas as my theme! It would be so cute in our bookcases backlit with tea lights and a little fresh greenery tucked in around it. Will definitely b thinking about this project!

  51. Amy says:

    i love the accordion booklet for a windowsill.

  52. Mary McCarthy says:

    I love this! Brilliant!, can’t wait to make this!,

  53. Linda K says:

    I am definitely going to make the slide accordion book. I love all of Laura’s display cases.

  54. Diane says:

    Paris is my favorite city. I would make bakery like Ladera with all its macaroons!

  55. Laura Norman says:

    I would love to try making the slide accordion book, maybe several as I have a few ideas for themes.

    Those display cases are fantastic. I think some slightly altered versions would be great for museum type displays or an assortment of oddities.

  56. Laura Norman says:

    I would love to try making the slide accordion book, maybe several as I have a few ideas for themes.

    Those display cases are fantastic. I think some slightly altered versions would be great for museum type displays or an assortment of oddities.

  57. Laura Norman says:

    I would love to try making the slide accordion book, maybe several as I have a few ideas for themes.

    Those display cases are fantastic. I think some slightly altered versions would be great for museum type displays or an assortment of oddities.

  58. Kim Lucak says:

    Laura’s glass shelves and cabinets are so fun! Love the folding book – oh the possibilities 🙂

  59. Stephanie Gargiulo says:

    I’d love to use this in my dollhouse as stained glass ❤️

  60. Kimberly says:

    An accordion book would be cool to make. 😊

  61. Kay W says:

    Can’t decide — I love them both!

  62. Thalia Kottke says:

    The glass slides “book” would be such a lovely room divider in a mini room.