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A Sweet Shabby Chic Room

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Update! A newer post about Teri’s artwork is here.

A NEW SALE: Inspired by the homey setting in Teri’s artwork (see below): ALL Household Charms are 40% off! Tons of useful little props: teapots, silverware, clocks, scissors! 60 items! The sale ends MONDAY night, March 27th at midnight PST (March 27, 2017). See below for a few highlights or go check ’em out now!

We have 2 beautiful projects for early Spring! Let’s start with Teri Calia’s The Memory Keeper’s Room!

I love what Teri has made, all starting with the new Petite Garden Shelves over on the right side (with the addition of Slender Cabriole Table Legs, and with all the shelves filled with treasures). The whole room grew around that shelf unit and the matching Park Bench.

This little shabby chic roombox is a tribute to all of you out there who collect vintage ephemera and photographs. I started collecting when I was a child because I spent a lot of time with my Great Grandmother, who was a collector. I still get a thrill when I find a particularly interesting old postcard or well worn love letter. The memories attached to these treasures may not be my own, but they still speak to me and inspire me to imagine a long past world so different from my own.

As you can see, the focus of this room is the tray filled with old letters, postcards and photographs. There is even a magnifying glass for closer inspection. Below the tray is an open faux book box, with more photos and ephemera, waiting patiently for perusal. A couple more faux book boxes on the shelf await their turn as well.

See below for close-ups of the tray of photos and postcards, and the new tiny size faux book box.

More info in Teri’s blog and/or see her supply list.

On to more artwork! Nichola Battilana’s luscious trio of Magical Masquerade ATCs!

See the wide photo below… I LOVE what Nichola did with the Midnight Masquerade papers and Art Deco images from the The Secret and Art Deco Party Collage Sheets! AND adding an extra layer of texture, using thick acrylic medium with texture sheets (see the center one in the photo for the texture added with the Quatrefoil Texture Sheet shown at left).

Plus the addition of loads of mulberry paper roses and iridescent stars make them rich and dreamy! Read more about the project, and see more photos (including additional ATCs) in Nichola’s blog post.


 Highlights from Today’s New Goodies – ALL on Sale!  

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Petite Garden Shelves
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1 inch Faux Book Box
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Matchbox Sized Faux Book Box
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Wooden 3-Step Shelves
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Dollhouse Windows with Shutters 1:12*
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Posted by Leslie, March 26th, 2017

52 responses to “A Sweet Shabby Chic Room”

  1. Deb Young says:

    Love this Memory Keepers room. Will definitely be making one like this soon.

  2. Orlie Severson says:

    I really love everything !!!!! I can’t get over all the beautiful things you all come up with. Makes me dream about the doll house I have always wanted to make. But it also helps me make my Real home look like I want. Thank you

  3. Nancy E says:

    I am in love with the Memory Keepers room. As a collector it just tugs at my heart strings!

  4. Kathy S says:

    I love it! So many ideas!

  5. Barb A says:

    The memory keeper’s room is great. Love the new shelf & bench. And the little book is awesome.

  6. Peg D says:

    Love it all! Those little garden shelves are sweet and I love the garden bench! The mirrors and the window with the little shade! It would be fun and quite simple to create this little room because there are not so many pieces you need to have. And as always I love Nichola’s work. ATCs are so much fun and everytime I see some I want to make some lol! Wonderful giveaway! I would love to win this! Thanks for the chance

  7. Vera Collier says:

    I would love to do a room vignette like this one. Great inspiration!

  8. Kim R says:

    OMG! Sooo cute! I cansee making many of these rooms.

  9. Jennifer Bumb says:

    I love the whole shabby chic room, but the Bench I cn envision as a couch decorated with mini pillows and the little bookshelf with hand made treasures adorning it. There are so many possibilities.

  10. Sue Ezzell says:

    I love this room. I am going to make this room. I love the shelves where i can put some of my little things. what I like most is the feeling this gives me of having my own real life space to relax. Thanks for doing the room and offering it to us.

  11. Katherine says:

    I am so inspired by the mini book boxes I can’t stand it! It’s been a very long time since I saw something this well-put-together – I love the whole room (!), but it’s those mini book boxes that steal my heart. I can’t think of a word big enough to describe these darling creations. WOW!

  12. OMG I want everything here! I love the chic room If I win I would make a shadow box with all these gorgeous items Thank you

  13. Barbara Peters says:

    Love the whole thing…but my favorite is the “roll up” window shade!

  14. Carla says:

    Love the settee!

  15. Nadine says:

    Love the white garden bench!

  16. Phoebe Diamond says:

    Antique fabrics are inspiring me these days.

  17. Gina Goodling says:

    My 5 year old grand daughter has just inherited her great grandmother’s miniature doll house. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to win all the tiny items to add to her house! The hours of enjoyment would be extended with all the new mini’s. Those cats would love roaming her doll house! Beautiful vision and inspiration!

  18. Denise Bryant says:

    Incredible details in this Memory Keeper’s Room scene! I just love the Park Bench and how it’s finished!

  19. Lorna E says:

    I love both of these! I’m inspired by both – the ATCs are gorgeous little projects with their mysterious masquerade theme and I love Teri’s room but that tray full of tiny ephemera is what really catches me.So I guess they bot inspire me to do something small but detailed that tell a story.

  20. Karen says:

    Love the little book boxes and the room is quite cute. It also would be fun to make it into a hobby/sewing room?

  21. Jean marmo says:

    Loving the ATC s. This reminds me so much of my sister ‘s house.

  22. Lou Anne says:

    I love the shabby chic room and the tiny little photographs are fabulous.

  23. Barb macaskill says:

    The shabby chic look, bench, tray and garden shelf kit have made me start thinking again about a scene I have wanted to create for quite a while now. Seeing these pieces and Teri’s room makes me want to get started on my project as fast as I can get my hands on these goodies.
    The project I am dreaming of has been waiting for these products to bring it together! Fingers crossed and thanks for the chance to win some of the awesome goodies I need to give birth to my idea 💃🏼🕺I would be happy dancing if I won!

  24. Kat Cashwell says:

    I really love the furniture and the lovely kitties!!!!!

  25. Traci says:

    Love the cute little stretched out kitty and the tiny book boxes-I am going to make a lot of book boxes with those. I also like the mini picture frames. Cute stuff today. >^..^<

  26. Abbee says:

    I love the memories idea, all of it..Would so love to sit in this room.

  27. Kelly says:

    I love mini rooms, and this is a great one. The tiny magnifying glass with photos is inspiring me to create a “murder mystery” room full of clues!

  28. Barb J says:

    These cute miniature rooms and frames and the tea pot are so cute!!

  29. Lynn says:

    Love, love, love shabby chic. Daydreaming room.

  30. Emily Nilson says:

    Love theiniature furniture!

  31. Jo says:

    This is so pretty and would be an awesome addition to my miniature house!

  32. Marti says:

    The Memory Keeper’s room is beautifully done. And, I love the mini faux book. I am a miniature book maker and have lots of thoughts about ways to use this product.

  33. Nancy Olsen says:

    Would combine the beauty of the ATC’s with the shabby chic items to create a fairy godmother’s spell creation room & library.

  34. Karen Mallory says:

    I love these miniature scenes! What inspires me most is the tiny letters in the wonderful little faux book.

  35. Susan M L says:

    Wow! Being both a collector of vintage postcards and photos, and a crazy miniaturist, I would love to win this giveaway. I adore the mini book box–so I will HAVE to order some of those! I am inspired to create a mini room similar to Teri’s room–a cozy, comfortable spot to sit and go through my different collections and lose track of time!

  36. MICHELE Moffett says:

    What a sweet room! U can’t wait to make one for me. What a great gift for a collector

  37. Diana bittaker says:

    Love everything about this room- I need one in my life!!

  38. Suzanne Goding says:

    I love all miniatures!! I can’t wait to play with the new shelves & little bench. Making tiny works of art is my favorite hobby. This little room & tray ideas are truly an inspiration.

    Thank you so very much.

  39. Mary Mac says:

    I love the potting shelf and of course the cat.

  40. Kathlene Ford-Walters says:

    The question is “What isn’t inspiring about the Memory Keeper’s Room?” It’s really incredible. The little pics and letters and the little faux book box. Oh my!

  41. Kim Lucak says:

    Love the gardening theme – the gardening bench and settee are adorable!!

  42. Cheryl Lee says:

    Like above, there is nothing in that Memory Keepers Room that does NOT inspire me! I LOVE the whole thing, especially the little book box! And the shelves. And the garden bench. And the…well you get the idea!! lol

  43. DianeD says:

    I love the tiny tray with the letters and magnifying glass. So much fun!

  44. Della says:

    Ohhh gosh I cannot decide it’s inspiration overload. Love the rusty stars!!

  45. LeAnn says:

    The tiny faux book boxes. I love how Teri used them in her memory keepers room.

  46. Jen R says:

    I love it all!

  47. Debbie Stine says:

    Oh, WOW, WOW, WOW! Clever use of the wall sheet for the floor. Awesome ideas always! Love this little venue.

  48. Marilyn Hughes says:

    Everything is gorgeous, the roombox and the ATCs. I guess both really inspire me in different ways.

  49. Michelle says:

    Lovely! I love Shabby Chic.

  50. Marykay chisum says:

    I live miniature anything!
    What’s more adorable?

  51. Libby Jones says:

    I adore this sweet room. My favorite item and the one that most inspired me is the little window shade! How refreshing! It will be perfect for my dollhouse!

  52. K Toews says:

    The tiny book box and the other books as well as the little photos and enfermeria are what inspires me.