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Miniature Baking for Christmas!

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Oh my! Nichola Battilana not only made that adorable Little Christmas Shrine for yesterday’s newsletter… but look at this! Nichola made A Floo Network Fireplace to whisk you away!

This is just outstanding! Nichola started with the ceramic tiles and the unfinished ceramic fireplace, then just went wild with a little Potter-themed scene.

I’ve made a number of pieces inspired by the Weasley’s (my favourite magical family) lately, so I wanted to do something a bit different with this piece. It occurred to me that it might be fun to create a something as if I lived in that magical world! And so, here is what I imagine my floo network fireplace might look like…

I’d have framed pictures of my magical relatives above the mantle. Stacks of books with magical titles, a Round Tin of tiny buttons, Cookies and a big bunch of Rose Buds too.

Of course I would read the Daily Profit regularly, and there’s a stack on the floor. (Hint: A google search will provide you with several printables.)

Even though it’s not in complete disarray, there are loads of details to be found. Little stories within the scene, like a mouse keeping watch over the biscuits. That tea cup on the mantle and haphazardly placed pair of sparking red shoes clearly show what a busy witch I would be. (BTW I would wear those shoes every single day.)

Read more magical prose (and see more photos) in Nichola’s blog post. And here’s her Supply List.

Moving on to this FABULOUS baking scene by Lora Mahaffey: A Little Holiday Table!

Lora started with an unassuming raw chipboard table… and turned it into this fanciful baking scene! I love all the details (Lora is a baker, you know). She also provides a tutorial on glazing the chipboard tiles and grouting them (using a Ranger Fine Tip Applicator; they help a lot with piping Liquid Pearls and other liquids in small bottles into tight spaces).

Thanksgiving is upon us and Christmas is on its way. And more specifically for me, all that gorgeous holiday baking.

I love to bake for friends and family all year, but there is something about chilly weather, Christmas trees, sparkly lights and the promise of snow that sends me into a baking tizzy.

The state of my kitchen could be described as a ‘cheerful mess’. No one seems to mind, especially when they get handed some gingerbread!

Here’s a snapshot of a cheerfully messy kitchen work table in dollhouse scale… slightly easier to clean up!

Aw… but who would want to clean up this miniature mess? Note: I LOVE that gingerbread house!

Read more (and see more photos — and that tutorial) in Lora’s blog post. Here’s her Supply List (including tons of new baking props shown below).

Posted by Leslie, November 26th, 2016

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