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Steampunk Atlantis by Laura Carson, FLASH SALE and New FREE Gift!

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Note: most of the links on this post no longer work, as we moved to a new Web site in 2018. However, you can see the supply list items from Laura’s project that are still available on the new site.

What a fun (and bargain filled) newsletter! New artwork by Laura Carson (with lots of tips on repurposing and recoloring items for the underwater city of Atlantis), plus FOUR sale sections (based on items in Laura’s artwork) AND a new FREE Gift Kit!

ALL Metal Filigree, Silk Ribbons, Fringes/Fibers, AND Solid-Color Ribbons are 50% off — NOW through Monday night, July 25th! That’s a BIG sale… over 200 products!

NEW Mermaid Tails FREE Gift Kit! These kits are FREE for ALL orders, now through SATURDAY NIGHT, July 23, 2016 (or until the kits are gone)! This kit includes a lovely little collage sheet by Laura (that’s available exclusively in this kit) with lots of little mermaid tails, plus filigree and fibers to start your own version of Laura’s Atlantis! Learn more.

Wow! Design Team Member Laura Carson has made a beautiful set of 3 large framed collages (see the wide photo below for small images of all 3). I love the colors, (of course) the creativity, and how Laura mixes found objects and metal pieces into the collages and into the bodies of sea creatures.

“I’ve depicted the remnants of the fabled city of Atlantis, lying at the bottom of the ocean, now the domain of mermaids and mermen. This underwater world has a steampunk twist as I imaged the merpeople would adopt the Atlanteans technology.

“A statue of Poseidon stands guard over the ruined city while mechanical fish and crustaceans swim through the water and walk on the ocean floor.”

See that image of Poseidon at right, along with one of the fish made from jewelry findings; all united by color and a patina of Gilder’s Paste.

“Swimming in front of
the columns is a steampunk fish.  The
body of the fish is a piece of brass filigree. I used filigree fans as fins, a skate key as the
tail, a rondelle (painted silver) and an olivine cat eye bead for the eye and watch parts for the nose and face.”

Laura created a new Mermen Collage Sheet, to accompany the four previous Mermaid Garden sheets, and now there is a large (110 images) digital set of all of these mermen and mermaids (plus some extra images not found in the collage sheets… like that image of Poseidon).

Many more photos and tips are on Laura’s blog post.

See everything Laura used to create ATLANTIS – Mermen & Mermaids with a Steampunk Twist in her Supply List. (And don’t forget to come back and enter today’s Giveaway — as many items from Laura’s Supply List are included!)



Hooray for Atlantis with a Steampunk Twist Giveaway!

This prize includes all of these goodies from Laura’s ATLANTIS – Mermen & Mermaids with a Steampunk Twist Supply List:
– Bronze Octopus Charm
– Bronze Skate Key
– Feathery Flourishes Set
– Large Bronze Fancy Filigree Set
– Liquid Pearls – Petal Pink
– Mermaid Garden #1 Collage Sheet
– Mermen Collage Sheet
– Seahorse and Seaweed Set – 4 pieces
– Steampunk Seahorse

Bonus: One of the Mermaid Tails FREE Gift Kit.

To enter the Atlantis with a Steampunk Twist Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment BELOW on this blog post TODAY OR TOMORROW (the deadline is 11:59 pm PST, FRIDAY, July 22, 2016)! And tell me: What is your favorite technique or tip from Laura’s blog post? And how would you apply it to one of the items in the Giveaway prize?

Don’t forget to leave your (hello! correct) email address, too, so I can contact the winner; your email address does not need to be made public. Note: I’m offering free shipping, too, but only within the USA. International shipping will still apply.

Please be patient! Spammers try to post crap here a lot so comments are moderated. So if you don’t see your post in the comments section, be patient and check back in a few hours before re-posting it, please!

After midnight, I’ll randomly pick the winner (via So check your mailbox on Sunday morning to see who won and for the next Giveaway and Newsletter!

Hey, who won Tiny Tiki Bar Giveaway? That would be Sandra L! Congratulations!

Posted by Leslie, July 21st, 2016

58 responses to “Steampunk Atlantis by Laura Carson, FLASH SALE and New FREE Gift!”

  1. Kim Lucak says:

    Love the underwater scene, especially the seahorses!!

  2. Carla says:

    Love the seahorse and mermaids!

  3. Kat Cashwell says:

    I love the steampunk seahorse and the use of the Gilders’ paste! I also love the color scheme!

  4. Ina M Good says:

    Loveit all the use of gilders paste also and liquid pearls

  5. Celia Costa says:

    I Love steampunk theme! The steampunk seahorse is amazing! Thank you for the chance.

  6. Cherie says:

    I especially love how she created the Steampunk fish!

  7. I know I would go nutty-fa-nutty with the acorn bead cap. Weeeeeeee

  8. Jean marmo says:

    LOve the underwater!! LOve the sea horses. I used to collect those when I was little.

  9. Maria says:

    1. Using stencils to paint seaweed. 2.Pair it with the seahorse. Thank you.

  10. Peggy Hatcher says:

    I love steampunk. I love mermaids and mermen. Together they are even more fabulous!

  11. Sue Young says:

    Laura+ Steampunk= SWOON!
    I love how she made the fish!!!!! So clever!

  12. Nancy S says:

    Love the steampunk depiction of Atlantis. I thing my favorite item is the way she created the fish with odds and ends. How delightful!

  13. Pat Shaw says:

    Wow, another wonderous creation from Laura.
    I love the cleaver way she made the fish from jewelry findings and all the steampunk gears she used for the seahorse. Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. Susan Devillier says:

    Love mermaids! Beautiful work!

  15. barb macaskill says:

    Hard to say which is my favorite technique! I love how she used the filigree and metal pieces to make fish, the Seahorse out of Steampunk gears, making the shells out of clay and painting them with liquid pearls to add that beautiful shimmer and shine! Yes, that is the one! Liquid Pearls used to paint the chipboard pieces would be lovely! Definitely going to have to try that out!! Thanks for the inspiration and the chance to win some awesome goodies!! Have a great day!

  16. Carolyn Bowlby says:

    Steampunk, Mermaids, Mermen, combined. It doesn’t get any better than this.

  17. Traci says:

    Love steampunk and Laura has so many great ideas I can’t even think of what I would use but I love the steampunk fish and seahorse-pretty cool. >^..^<

  18. Maggie M says:

    Laura’s use of metal filigree and beads to create her fab fish are my favorite technique. She is so talented!

  19. Phoebe Diamond says:

    Love the way that she used the brass filigree to make fish and other critters! Reminds me of doing something similar with dresden.

  20. Kim Rayko says:

    Omg! So cool! I loved Lauras steampunk lobster. Her ideas for decorating the corals and seaweed gave me tons of ideas!
    Thanks for the inspiration Laura!

  21. Denise Bryant says:

    Very cool project! I love using double stick foam tape to create dimension like Laura did! I’d make a shadowbox so I’d use lots of foam tape!

  22. KIM says:

    Laura’s collages are fanatic!
    Has me thinking different ways to use filigree.

  23. Claudia B McAfee says:

    Since this is my 2nd day with “alphastamps” everything is my favorite. Laura is amazing at seeing how to repurpose something simple to make a design. I would like to try a large vase to display seaweed.

  24. Michelle says:

    I love the way she added to the image on the seahorse to make it steampunk! And adding the patina to the steampunk fish. I love the way she put findings together to create an awesome end result!

  25. Monica Gabehart says:

    Yes! Merman, excellent. Love all the steampunk touches – one of my favorite themes.

  26. Jen R says:

    Laura has the most clever ideas. I really love the steampunk seahorse. I can see using her techniques to steampunk other creatures.. Maybe some birds or bugs!

  27. Jennie says:

    Oh my goodness, the lobster! I love the creation of the filigree lobster!

  28. Laura says:

    Love the use of the theme, the steampunk fish is so creative and well done! Amazing ideas as always!

  29. Nancy Sherman says:

    Steampunk and Fantasy Sea Life what a combo!!!!Beautiful work!

  30. Holly says:

    Love the fish–can’t wait to try this out myself!

  31. Patricia Worth says:

    I adore this giveaway and the blending of “Under the Sea/Atlantis and Steampunk! My favorite blog entry was on July 29, 2015 – titled “Two Alchemy themed altered books”. The blog guided me in creating a “Book of Shadows”! I adore using egg shells to give a dimensional look to the outside of my book!

  32. Emily Ann Dale says:

    I like to use Glossy Accents to give dimension and a bubble-like look to my collages.

  33. Mary Mac says:

    I love using paper clay to make the seashells.

  34. Helen says:

    I love the Gilder’s paste technique, and that is what I would do to the filigree pieces. I would love to recreate the fish and the steampunk seahorse!

  35. Karen Mallory says:

    Laura’s piece is so fantastic! I love how she made the seaweed with the chipboard, paint, mica, glass shard, and beads!

  36. joanna carson says:

    I just love what Laura has done with this project! I like how she used the domed cat eye to enhance the artwork. I would use it to create the illusion of objects trapped in bubbles. My favorite was the fish made with filigree, brassy bits, gears and charms1

  37. I love these I love Steampunk! The underwater scene is awesome!!

  38. michelle says:

    The steampunk creatures are awesome! They are my favorites but the whole thing is gorgeous!

  39. Pat Sayre McCoy says:

    What an imagination. And what talent! I love the seahorse and the three collages together are breath-taking. It would be awesome to create some other sea creatures with the various filigree items.

  40. Megan Warren says:

    I love the colors and all the little trinkets. These are great and I would love to put my own spin on the collages.

  41. Lou Anne says:

    I was really impressed with the steampunk bits she added to the fish, seahorse,and lobster. All are very creative. I loved the mica flakes on the seaweed and the bottom of the columns too.

  42. Peggy says:

    I love the filigree fish! What a neat idea and love the shells painted with perfect pearls. Hard to pick just one thing. That seahorse is something wonderful!

  43. Lou Conaway says:

    I think I’ve tried most of the colorants used except Liquid Pearls. Haven’t those been around for quite a while?. When I saw what they did to dry Paper Clay, I wanted bottles of color, now! I love her technique of using the outer chipboard for a stencil. I can see the small seahorse stenciled and shaded with my new discovery, Liquid Pearls. Can’t wait!

  44. Gretchen says:

    I would like to decorate a seahorse with all the little bits of
    Jewelry I have. I would put it in a small frame decorated
    By a paper clay sea shell border. Something like the old 1970’s
    Craft project of making a Christmas tree out of costume jewelry
    Mounted in a frame. The found object look of these sea creatures
    Are wonderful!

  45. Daylan says:

    Some of it I would use for a steampunk Alice in Wonderland book display, and then some of it I would use for a mermaid book display. Thank you for another opportunity!

  46. Alma Casiano says:

    WOW WOW WOW !!!!! This is really special ! I’ve used the liquid pearls with success on a number of projects and love that she use that in many of the under water items , the steam punk eliments are fabulous ! really love this whole set

  47. Laura callies says:

    I really like using the bits and pieces to make the sea creatures as well as the glass beads on the coral. I would also use stencils to add to the depth of the background. I think all three techniques make for one freat outcome!

  48. Marilyn says:

    Any time that steampunk is used, I am intrigued. To use gears and propellers in the seahorse is great.

  49. Thalia Kottke says:

    I love the Steampunk sea critters and the Gilder’s Paste patina on them is so lovely. Also, love the fiber in sea colors and the coral chipboard pieces.

  50. Christie says:

    I currently don’t have a blog to show what I have been playing with. Cocktails can be fun in taste but I can’t drink. I missed the Tiny Tiki Bar Giveaway, and wasn’t able to give the ladies a couple of ideas. You can use small beads as door, and drawer knobs. You can’t do this with smaller beads that have a smaller hole but you can use larger beads with a larger hole to make hanging light fixtures with miniature led lights.

    Your artist’s are always so creative, talented, amazing, and awesome. I love the constant inspiration, and would go broke making every project. I have seen professional artist’s soldering metal pieces together, and definitely loved the ones she made. I would have liked to see more patina on them. I have to agree on really liking the many kinds of glitzy seaweed, and would incorporate that into a project or projects.

    What I would really like to see combined, and what would be really cool from these last sea projects is to make a large diving helmet that could be turned into a fishbowl.

  51. Turning the filagree into fish was something I NEVER saw coming–outstanding! If nothing else, this reminds me to look at every element differently; using a key for the tale of a fish: brilliant. For this project, the beauty is all in the details.

    (Note: I think the items she made herself are better than the collage sheets. They show real imagination and I love the depth and surprise.)

  52. Elizabeth H. says:

    I would like to make some steampunk sea life. She made a wonderful set of collages.

  53. Ginette says:

    I love the insert of metal pieces in collage

  54. Carol Slowik says:

    This is absolutely what I have been looking for! I would create an underwater scene and add my son and “daughter’s” image to it! They are diver’s and this would be an awesome gift to them!!! Thank you for the chance to win!

  55. Verna says:

    Laura always leaves me speachless, but wow!! I love these!! I really like her technique of using metal pieces for the sea creatures. The crab claws, the christmas hanger on the sea horse, etc. thank you for this lovely post and give away.

  56. angelic says:

    Love the steampunk fish and seahorse! Thanks for the great ideas on how to use the metal pieces to create sea creatures.

  57. Marilyn Hughes says:

    Great projects! I like her use of Glossy Accents and I would use it on some of the chipboard pieces (after painting).

  58. Michelle PEDIGO TOOPS says:

    I would love to use embossing powders and glass glitter on the feathery flourishes and glass glitter on the sea horse.