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Fairies & Flowers & New Dollhouse Rooms (& Collage Sheets)!

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Update! A newer post about Nichola’s artwork is here.

Today, Design Team Member Nichola Battiana is bringing you a fabulous little tutorial on how to make flower stems with a product we’re all loving here at Alpha Stamps called Flower Soft. (You may remember some used as fluffy snow in Teri Calia’s Christmas Magic Shadowbox last week.) Here is a teaser from Nichola’s tutorial for you:

“Alpha Stamps is carrying a product called Flower Soft which is available in different colours (cross my fingers more will be listed shortly). I was asked to do a tutorial for creating the flowers with this fluffy stuff and I feel sort of guilty about it because it is INCREDIBLY easy to use.

“Gather some Stem Wire and a pour out a small pile of Flower Soft. A little goes a looonng way.

“Side note: Whenever I use little wired flowers, I trim them and am left with a short length of wire. These trimmings are perfect for creating these flowers because you really only need 1.5″ or so of wire. So save those scraps!”

How cute are the flowers? And with all of the colors that are available you can make all sorts of bouquets for every season. Whatever shall you keep these tiny little fluffy flowers in, you’re asking yourself… never fear! We have a Miniature Vase Set for you that will hold the teeniest of floral bouquets and has 7 different vases!

Now, what to put those vases in? How about creating an adorable little diorama like Nichola did with The Wandry Room or The Wortcunner’s Shed?

The Wandry Room uses the new Corner Room Box and is just like a boring laundry room… only for fairy wands and wings!

Inside! I am smitten. I can’t hardly believe I made it with my own stubby hands 🙂 There’s a lot going on in there. Including a bottled magic, soap, baking soda, wand and wing starch, bars of soap, buckets, and a wandry machine for getting tough wand stains.”

That Corner Room Box! Such a simple little corner of a room, but you’ll find so many uses for it! Laser cut from Masonite, so nice and sturdy. Add some shelves… maybe some counter furniture for a little store? And it can be assembled so that the corner is on the right side instead of the left.

The Wandry Room Supply List

We’re also smitten with Nichola’s The Wortcunner’s Shed, which uses the new Frame Front Room Box (cut from sturdy thick chipboard, so that windows can be cut into the piece wherever you please.

“A wortcunner is sort of an old fashioned word describing someone who works with herbs. The term would generally be applied to wise women, though some modern witches who use herbs magically use the term too.

“In every little room or house I create there is always something that I am most proud of. It may not be the fanciest or best part… but it’s something I love. In this piece it’s the little wood stove. The pipe reaches up through the ceiling and out to a mossy roof.

“And upon that roof of wild moss there is a trail of toadstools and purple flowers blooming. I suspect it’s a good place for a picnic.”

The Wortcunner’s Shed Supply List

It is quite fabulous and if just one of Nichola’s creations isn’t enough to make you think that Nichola never sleeps, she has created two new collage sheets! Miniature Fairy Godmother Magazines and Miniature Tooth Fairy Letter. Both are absolutely adorable!

And remember: all the collage sheets are on sale for 15% off (and the digital downloads are on sale for 40% off!), so those new collage sheets are on sale, too!

Visit Pixie Hill for the Flower Soft tutorial and to see more pictures of The Wandry Room and The Wortcunner’s Shed.

Posted by Leslie, October 22nd, 2015

58 responses to “Fairies & Flowers & New Dollhouse Rooms (& Collage Sheets)!”

  1. barbara macaskill says:

    If I was lucky enough to see that I won this I would make a cozy little Breakfast Nook for all the little ghouls and goblins to get their bellies loaded up so they can go and be the good little spooks they are meant to be!! Lots of dragonflies, crickets and worms along with good old fashioned slime juice to wash them all down! Watch out for the spiders that are making their way to the table for leftovers!
    I also love the Flower Soft product and have quite a collection of them! They really do go a LOOOOOOOOOOONG ways!!! LOVELOVELOVE Nichola’s flowers and corner rooms!! TFFS!

  2. Amy says:

    so many things come to mind…… but for me, I think a tiny barn scene. There is nothing cozier than a winters barn. So long as a good horse rests peacefully with in.

  3. Holly says:

    I would love to try to make the shed project! Maybe put a Halloween spin on it.

  4. Leanna says:

    I would make a fairy living room and make it cozy and homey with miniatures and decorations. I love this giveaway!!!

  5. Gail Gill says:

    I would make a Day of the Dead Museum, complete with a vase of dead flowers in the corners, Day of the Dead paintings on the walls and a skeleton standing and admiring the artwork.

  6. Jen R says:

    Too many possibilities with the roombox but I have been wanting to do a small garden tea time scene and this fits the bill!

  7. Kari Gluski says:

    I have some vintage Blue Leksand Lundby 3/4 scale furniture that would furnish an adorable good witch’s cottage because of the traditional-looking painted folk designs on it. This would make a great display using it.

  8. Traci says:

    Love Nichola’s project-such great details. I would love to make one too-so cute!! >^..^<

  9. Beth says:

    A potting shed theme is very appealing to me, or maybe a Christmas-y theme, a fairy flowershop with supplies for Christmas wreaths and decorative boughs scattered about! 🙂

  10. Ina Good says:

    I would make a wizard laboratory so many things to add

  11. M. C. Sparks says:

    I LOVE the herb room! Never thought of that – need to do one

  12. Annette says:

    What a lovely Giveaway! I would create a miniature flower shop complete with potted plants, vases filled with every kind of bloom, mini topiaries and tiny bell jar terrariums.

  13. Karen says:

    I think I would try to create a very cute sewing nook for a fairy so that she could make her own fairy things. Little sewing accessories, sewing machine, and cute curtains in the window – lots to think about!

  14. Colleen says:

    Ooh, what a wonderful giveaway! Those items are begging to be made into an alchemist’s or witch’s workroom. Every alchemist or witch needs bottles and barrels full of supplies, a kettle to boil water in and some growing garlands to throw into the cauldron. That’s what I would turn it into!

  15. jean marmo says:

    Ohhh – my sister is addicted to Fairies! I would make this room with a garden theme like my sister’s house.

  16. Kim Lucak says:

    So cute!!! Love fairies 🙂

  17. Mary Helene says:

    Would love to make something for my grand daughter with this room box.

  18. Carolyn Bowlby says:

    Just send me to the corner. I’m guilty of loving this Giveaway.

  19. I would make a creepy nursery. . .something I haven’t made yet 🙂

  20. Lou Anne says:

    I absolutely love both rooms! If I won I might use one as a model and make it my own. I would need to add at least one cat! I’m feeling a lack of creativity but I know it would be sparked if I win so I might just surprise myself and come up with something new!

  21. Sandy P says:

    Love love love your choice for the giveaway. Miniatures are my life. 🙂 Always have been, always will be. Thx for offering this. Mini Hugs!

  22. KIM says:

    I would make an artist studio.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  23. Lana says:

    my heart be still…I love this one. I collect antique frozen Charlotte dolls, a complete scene would be made and since I solder, I’d place a piece of glass over the opening and make it into a small enclosed dollhouse…love your new stuff!

  24. Juniper Mainelis says:

    I would make a art studio…thanks for the chance to win!!!!

  25. April Dudko says:

    I’d make a room with a German family blowing and painting Christmas ornaments in the 1800’s.

  26. Nelda Johnson says:

    Love it! I would make an Alice tea party.

  27. Gabrielle H says:

    I would make a steampunk engineer’s workshop!

  28. OMG I would love to make a mini collage with these products Love them all

  29. Kristie says:

    I would make a secret garden scene using lots of flowers and an archway gate.

  30. Kim Zuc says:

    I love this box…..great for hanging….with the labels and bottles I would love to do a witches and ghouls potient pharmacy……run by the ghouliest Goblin……..or possibly the fall mouse Harvest canning festival…..they all get together and can, store and pickle for the winter…….
    I love the dollhouse scale…..I need some tiny pinecones…..working on a Christmas Tree skirt and need some to sew on!!!

  31. marykay chisum says:

    It’s time to start thinking Christmas! I’d make a cozy Christmas living room.

  32. fran says:

    I would love to use the items to make a Fall theme.

  33. Jackie Barth says:

    I love this giveaway, as an avid miniaturist. I would make a special,some kind of cozy, Christmas scene.

  34. Ginette P. says:

    Here come Santa…

  35. Barbara Johnson says:

    oh my….I want this one!!! an adorable fairy and wart room with a window or two, some of those flower soft flowers in vases, and as it came to me, I would make it!

  36. Joanne Root says:

    The frame front roombox would be perfect as a toy shop for the many mini toys that I’ve collected and made.

  37. Kristie N says:

    Perfect for miniaturist. I love Flower Soft !!! I would make a florist shop, which would include all of those adorable miniature bottles.

  38. Karen Mallory says:

    Love the box and giveaway. I would make a Christmas elf scene. Maybe them working away on toys for Santa!

  39. Anneke says:

    Oh how fabulous! I love the ‘Wandry Room”, so punny! I would ove to win this giveaway, thanks for the opportunity.

  40. Kimberly M says:

    I would love to build a witch’s workshop or a library.

  41. Lynn J says:

    I think I I would make some kind of a garden nook with it. Or maybe a Christmas nook. It all looks wonderful.

  42. MaggieM says:

    I’d love to make a Santa Elves toy workshop using the Frame Front Room box….but I also love the corner room, oh, decisions, decisions. I love those dollhouse windows, so I would definitely use them in my project…oh, and set up an elves tea cart with that darling pumpkin tea pot. Stop with all the marvelous products already!! LOL I wanna win…I wanna win…

  43. Emily Ann says:

    Cute stuff! I’d make a model of my dream craft room.

  44. Carol Slowik says:

    The Box would be the perfect starting point for an under water diorama I have been wanting to make my son and “daughter”. They both love scuba diving!

  45. Dena Cottrell says:

    I just love fairy gardens, houses and anything else to do with them. They are my favorite 3 dimensional craft to do, so I would definitely make a fairy room. It could be a fairy’s living space or their bedroom. I would just love to win this awesome giveaway prize!!

  46. Gail S says:

    I would like to try the mini flowers made with the flower soft. I would also like to make a garden room.

  47. Karen says:

    I see a nice Pumkin teapot I’m thinking it’s teatime so we’ll need to create a Tea Room

  48. love, Love the old vintage antique look, the wheels are turning, love these minatures, You so inspire me !
    Thank you
    melody holland

  49. Laural says:

    I would love to make a baby/ newborn fairy room.

  50. Nancy S says:

    I am absolutely obsessed with the creations made by Nichola. If I were doing the front box I would create a Victorian sitting room for my fairies. Thanks again for such wonderful, imaginative presentations. I just adore anything miniature and fairies. They just go together!

  51. Phoebe Diamond says:

    Hmmm, some ideas I have are… a diorama with a screen front and lots of lights inside. A cave filled with all things glitter and shiny, inhabited by a grim critter. Some habitat for the seven ravens from the Grimm brothers story. Too many ideas.

  52. Sylvia Skains says:

    I would love to make a good witches potion room. Love the tiny collage labels

  53. Roxanne says:

    Wow…love this piece! I would make a lil’ Holiday Christmas scene w/lil Christmas tree, fireplace, stocking and a few collage people, kids and of course presents and lil’ kitty sitting on the hearth. I can already picture it! Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  54. LeAnn says:

    Hmmm – so many things you could do with it. I might try making a library or apothecary.

  55. Kstherine says:

    I would love to make a little Holiday scene that I can redecorate with the season. That would be so fun to collect all kinds of different things all year round to add to my collection.

  56. Nadine says:

    It would be wonderful to win. I think I will make a little witches shop with lots of potions and witchy items and a Witchy shop owner to inspire her customers!

  57. Jennie says:

    Oooohh! I’d totally make a scene of the Burrow from Harry Potter, all set up for Christmas.

  58. Megan Warren says:

    An apothecary shop for all those lovely little bottles you sell