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From Provence to Gargoyles!

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Note: most of the links on this post no longer work, as we moved to a new Web site in 2018. However, you can see the supply list items from Teri’s project that are still available on the new site.

You might remember in last Thursday’s Newsletter that Design Team Emeritus Teri Calia created an adorable Christmas Magic Shadowbox. Teri so fell in love with that shadowbox that she’s made a Halloween version! So now we present the Halloween Tea and Treats Shadowbox!

Made with the Mini Wood Printers Type Tray — I don’t even have to tell you how much in love I am with this shadowbox! What’s not to love about it?

See below for a close-up of the eensy weensie new Pumpkin Teapot. Teri even made the tiny green tendrils and leaves on the pumpkin (the leaves were just snipped from a leaf from the Mini Fern Garland).

Teri always includes such beautiful details in her artwork, like those tiny books (made from her own Tiny Little Books Collage Sheet). Or the up-ended Tiny Antique Silver 3D Crown as the base for a crystal ball (made from a 16mm Clear Glass Marble)? And if you love the Gargoyle Candle Holder as much as I do, guess what? You can make your very own with the (new) Gargoyle Candle Holder Kit.

Also, how about the contrast of the black shadowbox, the new Winged Metal Plaque (at the top… gorgeous!) and the Mini Fern Garland? Such a nice change from the standard black and orange Halloween palette!

See the Halloween Tea and Treats Shadowbox Supply List and more photos in the Gallery.

Design Team Member Tristan Robin Blakeman has created a gorgeous photo album entitled Coq dans la Campagne Francais (see the wide photo below), created with the equally beautiful Provence French Country Kit and Add-On Kit.

“When I found out the theme for the October Alpha Stamps kit was going to be Provence French Country, that included Tea and French Hens, I immediately knew I wanted to make a photo album. The kit was just filled with wonderful little treasures to make my album come alive!

“The lift up photo mat on page one has a meticulously reproduced Brass Flatware Setting. I think it makes a great embellishment for the advertisement for a country French inn! (and if you don’t like the gold, there is a fabulous Antique Silver Flatware Setting as well!)

“There is also a page that features a ‘waterfall’ photo display, which will hold up to 8 photos. The chickens at the top of that page are from the Roosters Collage Sheet and the Provence chickens on the side pocket on page four are from the French Country Bonjour Scrapbook Paper.”

I think that this would be the perfect album to put your Thanksgiving photos in, don’t you? Visit Tristan’s blog to see more pictures and a video walk-through of his festive Autumn photo album.

And if you’re pressed for time, Tristan also shows a quick and easy ATC in the same theme!



Hooray for the Gargoyles & Sunflowers Giveaway!

Hm… except for that Orange Pumpkin Teapot over in the far corner, this Giveaway isn’t that Halloween-y, but all those colors in the photo look like Halloween to me (ok… maybe the Gargoyle Candle Holder Kit looks like Halloween, too!)

Beside those 2 new items I just mentioned, this package includes
Enchanted Harvest Butterflies Scrapbook Paper (new!)
Enchanted Harvest Seed Packets Scrapbook Paper (new!)
Enchanted Harvest Sunflowers Scrapbook Paper (new!)
Sunflowers Collage Sheet
Seed Catalog ATCs Collage Sheet

AND I’m including one of the Fall Mix Gift Kits announced in last Thursday’s newsletter — and that FREE gift is still on offer! More info

To enter the Gargoyles & Sunflowers Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post TODAY or TOMORROW (the deadline is 11:59 pm PST, Monday Night, October 19, 2015.

AND TO ENTER THE DRAWING, please answer one of my questions: What would you make with the items in the Giveaway? Would you like to see more dollhouse scale mini kits? What little shrine or shadowbox scene would you use that pumpkin teapot in?

Don’t forget to leave your (hello! correct) email address, too, so I can contact the winner; your email address does not need to be made public. Note: I’m offering free shipping, too, but only within the USA. International shipping will still apply.

Please be patient! Spammers try to post crap here a lot so comments are moderated. So if you don’t see your post in the comments section, be patient and check back in a few hours before re-posting it, please!

After midnight, I’ll randomly pick the winner (via So make sure to check back to see who won! And check your mailbox on Thursday morning for the next Giveaway and Newsletter!

Hey, who won the Christmas Wonderland Giveaway? That would be Starqueen!

And she replied to my question “What breed of dog or cat would you like to see a dollhouse miniature of? What does your fur baby look like?”

Beautiful Christmas shadow box with gorgeous goodies! I love my black kitties, but I would love to see a Golden Doodle (or any Doodle) in miniature.

Posted by Leslie, October 18th, 2015

43 responses to “From Provence to Gargoyles!”

  1. Dianed says:

    Love, love anything French! This giveaway is wonderful. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  2. Emily Ann says:

    Another great giveaway! I would use the teapot as a model and make a collection of miniature teapots out of polymer clay and display them like a collection.

  3. Marty P says:

    What a fun giveaway! I would make a delightful Halloween fairy tea party with the teapot sitting on a mushroom table.

  4. Jo says:

    i would love more mini dollhouse kits!

  5. jean marmo says:

    LOVE the Sunflowers and Gargoyles. Our first house had a stone gargoyle over the front door. It was very cool! I would use some photos of our house with this!!

  6. KIM says:

    Don’t do miniatures.
    But the tea pot is too cute.
    The papers would be great for my card making.
    Thanks, Alpha Stamps for the chance to win.

  7. I love it all. I think the pumpkin teapot would actually look cute with an Alice in Wonderland meets Fall scene.

  8. Jen R says:

    I would love to see more minis but that is because I am a dollhouse person. Love the idea of the teapot, gargoyle and flatware in a sort of Halloweenish Mad Hatter tea party vignette.

  9. Birgit says:

    Sure thing I would make a Halloween shadowbox! 🙂 I love everything in dollhouse scale — so adorable!

    Happy crafting,

  10. Phoebe Diamond says:

    Pumpkin teapot would be a great addition to a skeleton tea party.

  11. I would make a mini collage and put the teapot in that

  12. Chris Bowman says:

    Great job on the shadowbox teri

  13. Diane Meacher says:

    I love that little pumpkin teapot. Being a tea granny I would make a scene with 2 witches in the garden at night, broomsticks by their side sitting at a garden table having tea before their flight. My grandkids would see it first thing when they open the front door. Love it.

  14. Linda Marie says:

    I would make a dark fall themed shadow box. And yes I would love to see mini items. Quarter inch scale would be awesome!!

  15. Karen says:

    I think the pumpkin teapot is adorable. I think I would make a very small acorn head doll in fall colors and let her “have” the pumpkin teapot. All would – of course – be inspired by the wonderful collage sheets!

  16. Traci says:

    I love both the shadow box and pumpkin tea pot they are on my list to buy. Great design team projects today-love Halloween. >^..^<

  17. Dawn says:

    I would love to make a Thanksgiving themed shadow box with this giveaway. Love the pumpkin teapot!

  18. Janet Turner says:

    I love this giveaway Such an eclectic mix.

  19. Kathleen says:

    I would love to see more miniatures! And what would I use that little tiny, perfect pumpkin teapot for? Well, I make dolls, and I can see myself laying out a “spot of tea” for a witch’s Girls Night Out! The tablecloth would be purple and poison green, and the tiny centerpiece would be nightshade and belladonna leaves (none in the tea, thank you!) There would be a game of Ouija, of course, and I would break out my miniature Tarot cards, along with the miniature crystal ball. Then there would be a sleep-over….hmmm -coffins, or canopy beds? Guests would get to choose their….poison, as the saying goes!

  20. Kim Lucak says:

    Love the pumpkin teapot and anything French and sunflowers!! I think a Harvest tea party would be lovely 🙂

  21. Susan M L says:

    Teri does such fabulous mini scenes with great detail! I would like to see more dollhouse scale minis to use in shadowboxes–Christmas themes would be super! I would use the Gargoyle in a Halloween shadowbox, the papers in my garden journals, and the teapot would go in a hutch in a dollhouse.

  22. Mary Mac says:

    Would love to make a shadow box with the fun fall theme collage papers and pumpkin

  23. Love the new stuff. The gargoyles would be a great addition to my flying gargoyle themed claymation!

  24. M. C. Sparks says:

    More kits on steampunk, autumn and Halloween!

  25. Sokat says:

    Fairy shrines are good for me. Mushroom seats and pumpkin tea pots make a great woodland scene

  26. Lana says:

    i’d love to see more dollhouse items in the Victorian theme. I collect tiny frozen Charlotte dolls, so i’d use the teapot with one of my dolls.

  27. Karen Mallory says:

    I love that little teapot. So cute!! I would love to see more minis. I love creating shadow boxes and little scenes like Laura makes. For all seasons!

  28. Kristie says:

    Love the miniatures. I would make a Fall themed shadow box with a vintage look. The pumpkin teapot is perfect for a Fall teaparty.

  29. Jenni says:

    I would make a dream garden journal with the harvest and sunflower papers. I know I could use those gargoyle candle holders in a witch’s house. Yes! I would most definitely like to see more dollhouse scale mini kits. I’m thinking that the pumpkin teapot would go perfectly with the graphic 45 Halloween in Wonderland paper that I have been saving for a special project.

  30. Leah Fein says:

    Hi there!
    What little shrine or shadowbox scene would you use that pumpkin teapot in?

    That little tea pot is perfect for my Velveteen Rabbit talking to the Skin Horse diorama. I want to create their conversation so I can install it in my office where I counsel abused children.

  31. Marilyn H says:

    YES! I would LOVE to see more miniature kits. I’ve been a miniaturist for over 10 years and have been thrilled to see the little things pop up in your store. I don’t get to create miniatures like I want to, but hopefully I can clear out a spot in my studio over Christmas break and get back to making mini things. Mixed media took over my life for a while, but I need the peaceful feeling creating miniature scenes gives me.

  32. Barbara Raney Ferrell says:

    I would love to see more miniatures of any kind. I would use the tea pot in a kitchen scene in a diorama.or shadow box.or I could buy the rest of the things to make the shadow box from today’s blog. It could be used in so many things. I love the things you all make thanks for sharing your beautiful art.

  33. Carolyn Bowlby says:

    I collect teapots, so that little mini pumpkin teapot made the whole thing perfect.

  34. Nan says:

    Would love to see more dollhouse scale kits! Thinking the pumpkin teapot would look so good in an Alice In Wonderland Autumn tea party.

  35. Brenda lubrant says:

    I love collages, especially with a French their. I like to use them on canvas and journals.

  36. Gretchen says:

    More miniatures please!
    Accessories, paper goods and furniture.
    Small scale textiles , ribbon and trim are lovely.
    Thank you for the wide variety of media and
    Creative uses.

  37. Missy says:

    Love,love,love all of today’s features! I would make a Day of the Dead scene with the pumpkin tea pot on the altar!! Festive celebration of those we love who are no longer with us!

  38. marykay chisum says:

    Gargoyles and sunflowers! What’s not to love. The shadow box is very very cool!

  39. Debra Gibson says:

    Oh! I would love to win this package!! I would make a pretty shadowbox! Please pick me !!

  40. LeAnn says:

    I would use the pumpkin teapot in a garden scene with 2 skeletons having tea.

  41. marcia greer says:

    The teapot just might go with some other teapot stamps I’ve got; mini kits are popular with me, for sure; gargoyles are very big here and I’d love to incorporate that guy into SOMETHING!

  42. Ginette P. says:

    The tea pot would look great in my gypsy RV.

  43. Lori D. says:

    I love this giveaway! I would make a witches Halloween tea party scene and build it around that adorable tea pot! Thank you for the opportunity to win. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!