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Ghostmore Manor!

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Update! A newer post about Laura’s artwork is here.

Before Miz Bella tells you about Laura Carson’s amazing Ghostmore Manor, there’s a new FREE gift! Laura Carson graciously allowed me to borrow some trims & small images from her new Ghostmore Manor Digital Set!!

This Ghostmore Manor Gift Sheet is FREE for all orders, regardless of order size (now through October 7th)! If you place an all-digital order, I’ll send you the Gift Sheet as a pdf file. See below for 4 variations of sets you can purchase to get Laura’s new images (with or without the custom chipboard houses)! AND, don’t forget: there’s a Haunted Village Intro Page that has all the current links, and will continue to be updated through September and October!

Design Team Member Laura Carson is wrapping up her annual Halloween Extravaganza with Ghostmore Manor. Laura saved the best for last and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the Manor! (See below for wide preview photos of the “outside” and the “inside” of the manor’s standing facades.)

“Every village has its haunted mansion, a place that is whispered about and strangers are warned not to go near. For Grimsley Village it’s Ghostmore Manor. Some say it’s cursed other say it’s full of dark magic. Even the dastardly Cadaver and Diggers Undertakers avoid Ghostmore.

“But don’t be afraid as I know the mistress of Ghostmore, Isabella who comes from a long line of witches, many of whom are pictured on the walls (that portait shown above is from the Saucy Witches Collage Sheet). There is no dark magic here, only light. Isabella isn’t the least bit bothered by the gossip in town and dismisses the townspeople as ‘nothing but a bunch skeletons and zombies’.”

That sounds JUST like the town I live in; skeletons and zombies clacking and gossiping away over their sweet tea and arsenic…

Laura has created a 3D Manor out of the Ghostmore Manor Kit that is phenomenal! (Note: the kit includes all SEVEN collage sheets from the new Ghostmore Manor Collage Sheet Set.) Look at the stairs going up to the front door that Laura created out of Blank Matchboxes; I love how they join up at the top. Also, how about that fancy Wrought Iron Fence and Gate? (See the wide photo below for the fence; the little close-up of the stairs at left is once you’ve entered the grounds so the fence is behind you.) And once you peek inside of the Manor, there is a whole world waiting for you to explore.

Here’s a link to all of Laura’s Ghostmore Manor Supplies and plan to spend some time drinking in all the details from the video tutorial on Laura’s blog post!

Posted by Leslie, October 1st, 2015

70 responses to “Ghostmore Manor!”

  1. Tanya says:

    This is so amazing! The staircase inspires me the most. Would have never thought of using match boxes like that!

  2. Wow! Just look at all the wonderful Gothic details. Love the way there is something around every corner. I would create an altered book with this kit if I am lucky enough to win. Happy Haunting!

  3. Wow! Just look at all the wonderful Gothic details. Love the way there is something around every corner. I would create an altered book with this kit if I am lucky enough to win. Happy Haunting!

  4. Jo says:

    Love all the doors and gables!!

  5. Pat says:

    Wow, another amazing halloween project from Laura. She is a master!! The grand staircase is fantastic. Hope I win this one. Happy

  6. Roxanne says:

    Oh My Gosh…are you kidding…I would like to try it all! All these great images and tiny embellishments and spooky interior and exterior. Love that outside the hanging lanterns even have a shadow! How detailed! Love Laura’s work…I’ve been following her for several years! 🙂

  7. Dorthe says:

    Wow they are amazing, such fantastic houses , and the idea`s Laura have, this is just so WONDERFUL , what a beautiful hounted home ,to enjoy for many years ahead !!

  8. Ann Cruzen says:

    I am inspired by al the 3-D tiny details which I love to photograph in macro, just to see if I can give the impression of “is it real or miniature scale”? I would like to try them out and then display on our mantel. And yes, I am tempted to enter the contest on Lauras blog.:)

  9. Virginia says:

    My favorite part are the gargoyles at the foot of the stairs.

  10. Carolyn Bowlby says:

    The dimension of all the pieces just blows me away. Love it.

  11. Bonita says:

    Wicked! I want to live in this house! My favorite has to be the secretary, so detailed.

  12. Traci says:

    AWESOME!!! I LOVE Laura’s Manor and I would love to have the Secretary it is fantastic love all the little pieces and cubbies. >^..^<

  13. Amy says:

    I am speechless!

  14. HeideC says:

    I love the fireplace mantel!

  15. Joanne Root says:

    I love the black web lace for Ghostmore Manor. I can see it as window coverings, giving the room a spooky yet sultry look. Maybe it’s the home of a rogueish vampire…

  16. Laura West says:

    I love all of it, my favorite that I would so very much love to make is the desk, it looks so much fun!

  17. Karen says:

    I’m not sure where to start – it’s all so wickedly wonderful. However, the secretary/desk really caught my eye. I’m sure one would find a secret compartment somewhere in it! What a fun collection of items and another great giveaway.

  18. KIM says:

    Everything is fantastic.
    I like gargoyles outside the house.
    They are to ward off evil sprits.
    Did they work?……I don’t think so.

  19. cathy smith says:

    I love, love, love this!!!! The stairs inspire me the most – and the front and back being done. I am really into this collection and how she has worked it. I have the perfect place to display my version in my house!!!! I hope I win. 🙂

  20. Jennie says:

    Oooh, the portrait at the top of the stairs has me inspired! I’m going to have to make Christmas ornaments of witches in frames, like the former Hogwart’s Headmistresses!

  21. April Dudko says:

    I love all of it! If I had to choose a part that inspired me it would have to be the staircase with it’s lovely portrait at the top and scary bust!

  22. Emily Ann says:

    I love all the little art works on the walls. Of course I’m going to enter her contest too!

  23. Jenni says:

    I have to say that the grand staircase with the gargoyles is my favorite part of this masterpiece. I would love to try a similar project. I don’t know if I’ll enter Laura’s contest. I’ll have to check out her blog for details.

  24. Lou anne Colodny says:

    I must have Laura Carson is brilliant

  25. Kim R says:

    WOWOW! Wicked scene! I love the fireplace scene!

  26. Mary Helene says:

    Just love the grand stairway. This Manor is just amazing.

  27. Lou Anne says:

    I really love the interior and that staircase is like a haunted set from Gone with the Wind.

  28. Jen R says:

    I would love to try it all. No one can master it like Laura tho!

  29. barbara macaskill says:

    Where do I begin? I want to try to recreate both staircases, the room with a fireplace, the secretary and well, EVERYTHING about this amazing place!! WOW! I am not planning to join in the event due to health problems but will watch from the side and be awed by the creations!
    This really is absolutely spectacular!!!

  30. Dawn says:

    I love this giveaway! I would try the stair technique. I also have to agree the secretary is a favorite. I am so amazed at all of the details. I am not entering the contest.

  31. teri steele says:

    I am going to try to complete some of Laura’s pieces in time. I love the manor she did by fat its my favorite. I am so excited about the stairs! I have been toying around with an idea for a Brooklyn street for almost a year and that will help me so much figure out how to do it. I am just thrilled abut that!! I love everything about the Manor,

  32. Leela Grace Perea says:

    Of course I would love to re-create the whole set if possible, I just love the vintage feel of it all. While I am completely gaga about the witch portrait, I love the secretary ! Especially the scrolls and inkwell.

  33. Holly says:

    Love the secretary! The windows are a really nice touch, too!

  34. Pat Covington says:

    What a wonderful manor. My favorite is the fence. It makes the entire piece look real!

  35. Mary C says:

    I love the whole thing! Love! I want to try the desk in particular

  36. Barb J says:

    The latest and greatest Ghostmore Manor… that takes the cake, but none of them are bad…. They are all fabulous !!! thats my choice to make!!

  37. Oh my – wonderful!! My favourite is the desk on the right of the staircase – looks fabby & I love cabinets!!

  38. chark says:

    I love the mirrors/portraits. seems like that is always the scariest part in a haunted house. Laura rocks in all ways!! and yes, I’m waiting for my goodies to arrive so i can enter her contest.

  39. Helen P says:

    I love the secretary desk and the dragon bench is so clever. I’d like a ME sized one of those, lol. I can’t enter Laura’s contest, but am so thankful for everyone who can. So many great ideas are inspired by Laura!

  40. carol says:

    Love the intricacy of indoor and out door. I especially love the desk and fire place

  41. Karen Mallory says:

    Fabulous giveaway. I love it all but especially the dragon bench and staircase. I am entering her contest. I made the carnival so I at least need a few haunted village businesses!

  42. Carol Rowland says:

    I’m in love with the whole house, but especially the grand staircase, the desk and the exterior.

  43. Denise Bryant says:

    Awesome project! Love that fab staircase and I would love to try that!

  44. Daylan says:

    Bewitching! Thank you for another opportunity!

  45. Janet Turner says:

    OOOOO! Spooky. I love this giveaway.

  46. MaggieM says:

    Although I love Laura’s Manor, I’ve decided to create a 3-house triplict (sp?) for her contest. I have purchased the collage sheet kits for Part 1 and Part 2, along with some spooky charms, etc. and the hinges to attach them together, but I’m going to pass o creating the manor. Great giveaway!

  47. Kathleen says:

    Oh, without a doubt, I love that desk and books. Anything that has to do with writing and books, I love. And the fact that it’s scary and spooky and “Halloweeny” – magnificent!

  48. joan says:

    Oh my gosh, just one thing, I cannot do, the staircase and secretary are winners in my book!

  49. Angie G says:

    What’s not inspiring about this little work of art? I love every part of it but really think the secretary is my favorite along with the outside of the building. Love the gates and paper with the lanterns including shadows…too cute!

  50. Noreen says:

    Wow! What a fantastic project! I love Ghostmore Manor! And the outside is my favorite – she did a terrific job with it. I did visit her site and left a comment.

  51. Emily says:

    The whole project is AMAZING, but I love the lanterns and staircase!

  52. Megan Warren says:

    This whole kit is amazing and I love everything about Ghostmore Manoor, the interior is my favorite, so many possibilities and so little time, some cobwebs in the corners, maybe a gargoyle or two….

  53. Orlie Severson says:

    It is just like a little town by it’s self. Who needs anything else. Love all the Ideas and time it takes to make.

  54. jean marmo says:

    Such creative ideas! I love this!!

  55. julie m says:

    the Ghostmore Manor Set Download is my favorite. the components are great for so many projects.

  56. Linda Marie says:

    OMG, love, love love!!!

  57. Birgit says:

    I think the secretary is just wonderful — I would love to make it. 🙂 As for Laura’s contest, I wish I had enough time to take part, but for now I am content to watch the process and what other people design. So inspiring!

    Happy creating,

  58. Ginette P. says:

    Nicest project ever on Alpha. I need to say that the secretary is simply amazing.

  59. Lois C. says:

    Love it all!

  60. Leanna says:

    Love love LOVE the desk! I love desks anyway and this one is wonderful!

  61. Sara says:

    I LOVE this – Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, as a grown up, and I would love to try to do this manor house, but change it up a little – maybe use some of my colored inks and do a color wash on the curtains and interior using more jewel tone colors, but hers is GORGEOUS!

  62. Leah Fein says:

    Oh I really like this project. I want to use those rich gold accents she has at the top. I like the combination of dark grey and black with touch of gold.

  63. Lana says:

    this took my breathe away….WOW….ok, here is the scary part…it actually looks like my home!!!! I have done casting, I’ve made tiny frozen Charlotte dolls, it is addicting!

  64. Sunny says:

    Like Amy said – I’m speechless. It’s fabulously ghostly. What inspires me most? The idea of an exterior AND interior. Either one is fantastic. But to think to do both sides? Yowie.

  65. Karen C. says:

    I WANT TO LIVE IN GHOSTMORE MANOR!! Every single tiny item is perfection and the whole creepy, spooky joint gets my imagination scampering! I want to have Laura Carson’s creative brain when I come back in my next life!! Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to win.

  66. Margaret says:

    That staircase blew me away!!!! I would love to try my hand at this. I love that secretary too! I can as easily see a “North Pole” guardian dragons and all with these pieces. A lot of inspiration here!

  67. Katherine S says:

    I love the stair case and all her wonderful little details like the scrolls on in the desk, the tiny jar and feather pen. Love the gargoyles guarding the staircase as well. I wish I would have found the contest sooner, I would love to participate. Maybe the next one.

  68. Lori D. says:

    I adore the interior and it inspires me to decorate my dollhouse in a haunted fashion. I love the collage sheets that were used as paintings! Thank you for the opportunity to win! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  69. Diana Bittaker says:

    The staircase is fabulous! Also Love the staircase and posts are too cool! I will try the staircase- and no I’m not taking part in the contests- I’m too busy getting ready for a craft show

  70. Diana J says:

    I love this ssssoooooo much! Haven’t gotten to watch Laura’s video yet but I would love to enter her contest. The part of her wonderful creation that inspires me most is the outside. I’m making a haunted cemetery scene inside a big glass terrarium and the grey, stone, creepy, gothic, victorian look is what I’m going for. I see lots of inspiration here!