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Easy Texture Tutorial and Part 2 of the Haunted Village!

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Before TWO new Halloween projects, here are a couple quick reminders:

FIRST, Laura Carson’s Haunted Village Halloween Event is live!! And not only that: today is PART 2! See more info below. Also, there’s a new Haunted Village Intro Page that has all the current links, and will continue to be updated through September.

Are you participating in the Haunted House Book Swap?? Sign up by Monday, September 21st — TOMORROW. Artwork postmarked by Monday, October 26th.

Note: it’s our busiest time of year and we’re working extra days and hours to get all your orders shipped. If you have an urgent request, please contact John in customer service. Thanks.

Design Team Member Shanna Shands brings you an easy technique for adding texture to your projects using the Haunted House Kit and Add-On Kit.

There is a new and HAUNTED Kit over at Alpha Stamps! I must say the possibilities with this are endless AND there is a Haunted House Swap going on too!

I started with some gesso because you never know what you want to paint; then I got this amazing idea to use some of the stencils to add texture. So I masked off the roof line and got to adding texture.

I used Heavy Gesso for this particular house with the Brick Wall Stencil and then Stone Wall Stencil for another.

Shanna also used the Happy Bat Tavern Set Download and the Strange People Collage Sheet, both which are from Laura Carson’s Halloween Haunted Village.

Shanna’s Haunted House Supply List

Check out Shanna’s blog to see how she colored in the brick and stone facades!


Speaking of Laura’s Halloween Haunted Village, guess what? It’s time for Part 2!!

The Halloween Haunted House Event continues with Part 2! It’s time to check out some of the other fine businesses in Grimsley Village.

First stop is the Black Cat Emporium where you’ll find unique, strange and sometimes ghoulish items. If you want to stay the night you can always get a room at the Buzzard Bed & Breakfast and should something unfortunate and final occur, Cadaver & Digger Undertakers will take care of everything.

Before you leave be sure to stop at the Village Square where you can say hello to the Mayor.

Laura never disappoints, and my favorite from Part 2 of the Halloween Haunted Village is the Cadaver & Digger Undertakers. As most of you know by now I have a great love for humor in the macabre and details. Laura captured it with Cadaver & Digger Undertakers; right down to the “Frigid” embalming fluid. (Which happens to really be the real name of an embalming fluid!)

I see Mr. Cadaver is directing one of his zombie minions. There are rumors in the town that Cadaver and Digger are digging up more than they are burying. I suspect they are the ones supplying Ghoul and Sons Chemists with the skeletons.

You don’t suppose that this is where the Retching Toad Eatery’s food comes from??? The place looks a bit torturous.

How cute is the zombie “minion” carting around a freshly dug up body? I wonder if I could get a zombie minion to come and clean the boys’ room for me? I’d do it myself, but I’m afraid I’d catch a horrible, very unflattering, unidentifiable virus and turn into a zombie myself.

Here’s a partial list of supplies for the Cadaver & Digger Undertakers:
– Cadaver & Digger Undertakers Collage Sheet
– Brick Wall Stencil (hm… kind of a theme today)
– More Spooky Windows Collage Sheet
– Miniature Snow Shovel
– Creepy Crawly Scrapbook Paper (with all that lovely sick green on the buildings below)
– Metal Birdcage with Tealight Holder (who is in that cage over on the left side of the wide photo below?)
– Colorful Brain Erasers
– Mini Chipboard Gothic Fence
and click here for all of the supplies with photos and links.

Drag yourself, falling body parts and all, over to Laura’s blog to see more Halloween Haunted Village pictures, and of course fabulous tutorials so you can make your own haunted village!

Posted by Leslie, September 20th, 2015

60 responses to “Easy Texture Tutorial and Part 2 of the Haunted Village!”

  1. jean marmo says:

    Always such amazing and clever ideas! I love the texture technique and would love to give it a try! The village collage sheet is awesome! Just such fun looking at both!

  2. Kathy says:

    ooh, spooky!!! would love to make this one!!!

  3. Jen R says:

    Yes, I think I might just give it a go!

  4. Barb J says:

    Each week the giveaway gets better!!! Love the house with the thatched like roof!!

  5. Ginette P. says:

    This could be helpful for my Belmont Park.

  6. Pam Weiler says:

    I agree with you, the Cadavers and Diggers is my favorite. I love adding texture to my art. It gives depth and interest.

  7. Lou Anne Colodny says:

    really love the spooky windows sets…ohhhhh

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Incredible creativity and talent!! love it all. thanks

  9. Angie G says:

    I can’t wait to make my own little haunted village and yes, I want to add some texture, I love the stones especially! I love it all.

  10. Sherri West says:

    I would definitely like to try the stone wall texture sheet. I’m also totally adoring the tiny brain erasers!

  11. barbara macaskill says:

    fantabulous!! Of course I am going to try adding textures to my own haunted village! I am going to try to make a concrete texture and possibly even a cobblestone walk texture too! I am loving Laura’s village and am in awe at her creativity! Looking forward to seeing what else is going to be added to it!! TFS!

  12. phoebe diamond says:

    I’s use the textural tool to create the three story houses that I got from Alpha Stamps. Planning to make holiday gifts for nieces and nephew. Planning being the important verb here.

  13. Gail S says:

    I love the brick texture and will use it on one of Laura’s haunted buildings for sure !

  14. Diana says:

    Love all the texture ideas. I would use them. The projects are fantastic. You always have such great inspiration.

  15. Karen says:

    I might give the texture techniques a try on fabric that has been prepared with gesso and sanded very smooth. Always looking for texture techniques for use on fabrics. Looks like a fun giveaway.

  16. Ina Good says:

    I would use the brick texture on haunted house book swap and would love to see a texture sheet woodgrain look and planks for another one.I love Halloween and all the goodies and collage sheets you have!!!

  17. Pat Covington says:

    Textured paper is my favorite! What a fun project.

  18. Emily Ann says:

    I love the haunted village. A texture for tree bark would be nice.

  19. Char-D says:

    I would try out Shanna’s texture technique and compare it with art paiste and other mediums using the brick stencil.


  21. Helen P says:

    I will be trying out the texture technique. I would love a barn wood or plank texture technique. Love this giveaway!

  22. Noreen says:

    I love all the texture ideas! And the roofs are both really cool. What an easy way to make a brick wall – I want to try that.

  23. MaggieM says:

    As soon as I receive my Alpha Stamps order, I plan to create a tri-fold set of the houses and will, of course, use the brick texture and cobble stone texture sheets. One of the houses will have the cobblestone texture on the bottom part of the house, then the brick texture up to the roof part. I’m so excited to get started! Alpha Stamps never disappoints! Boo-ha-ha

  24. Janet Turner says:

    I love the texture ideas. I’ve never done anything like that and I can’t wait to try it!

  25. Dawn says:

    I would love to try this technique on both walls and floors. i will definitely be checking out the tutorial.

  26. KIM says:

    The Haunted Traven is a hoot .
    A skeleton with a belly button?
    Never tried any texturing before.
    After reading Shanna’s blog, I might give it a try.

  27. M. C. Sparks says:

    Wanna try the texture technique. But really want that bat gargoyle candle holder! How cool is that!

  28. Lauren says:

    I love the brick and stone techniques and I’d love to give them a try on some of my dollhouse projects!

  29. April Dudko says:

    I’ll definitely being trying it. Loving all of Laura’s village and Shannon’s designs!

  30. teri steele says:

    I plan on using texture on my house swap. I recently made my own texture paste and just loved what I created with my different templates. I have brick and cobblestone 12inch dies from Tim Holtz and punched out the bricks and stones to use them as my template worked great. Oh and I just knew I would love the Caddavers & Diggers best!

  31. Regina Salvador says:

    I will definitely try out this texturing technique for walls and I’d like to try cobblestone streets as well!

  32. Jo says:

    love the stone wall texture – would definitely try that in a haunted house project!

  33. Jennie says:

    I’m definitely going to keep the technique in mind for an upcoming project!

  34. Karen Mallory says:

    Part two is fabulous! I am collecting the collage sheets and stuff for the houses as I write! LOL I would love to add texture. I did once to a tag and it turned our great. I think it would be fun to make a castle with stone texture and then add a vine texture over that!!

  35. Roberta S says:

    I really like the idea of adding texture with the chipboard bricks sheet, and I think it would be cool to have a chipboard spider web sheet to use as a stencil and also as an applied embellishment. Using gesso as a base is a great idea, too.
    As always, thank you for the chance to win this fab kit!!

  36. Lana says:

    When I need inspiration, I always head over to Alpha Stamps…another great technique!!!! Love your giveaways. It always feels like shopping with a friend, Thank You Alpha Stamps!!!!!

  37. Ellen says:

    I love all things Halloween!! Love these houses and would love to try making some!

  38. Jeanne Kelly says:

    I will definitely try out Shanna’s technique. I would like to see a marbled technique if you have one…

  39. Diana Bittaker says:

    I will definitely be trying the wall technique! It was easier than I thought! Can’t wait to try- I need more textures for walls than floors

  40. Susan M L says:

    Such wonderful creativity! I haven’t used gesso for texturing, but I have used joint compound on more sturdy surfaces. I LOVE going to the hardware store–you never know what you may find!

  41. Christine V says:

    I love the new windows collage sheet and think that would be a great idea for textured gesso: window mullions! In Tudor & Jacobean & Victorian styles…And Diana’s comment above makes me think of how fun having wooden floors could be for interiors!

  42. Mary Mac says:

    Just love this technique and would fun to try on a haunted house.

  43. julie m says:

    love brick backgrounds so will definitely give it a try. learning more about textures is on my wish list in my craft area. hope to get time this winter.

  44. Christi says:

    I am so new to all this crafting things. I absolutely love your website. This haunted house is amazing. Since I am new I am not sure how this is done but I am gonna look into this and try something

  45. marykay chisum says:

    I have used the texture technique many times. Another really cool flooring technique is to head out to the hardware store. Snitch paint chips for the flooring colors you like and cut them into small squares. Then you lay the squares like laying floor tiles. So cute!!

  46. Kim R says:

    i LOVE using texture in my altered art. The brick + stone texture is rad! Would also love to see a wood texture

  47. Carolyn Bowlby says:

    My head is spinning with all the new ideas and spooky possibilities.

  48. JackieP Neal says:

    Waiting on my supplies to start working on my houses!! I absolutely will try Kim’s technique! love that roof!!

  49. Lisa Mills says:

    I love all the texture ideas. First I would like to try the stone wall & also a cobblestone walk way Possibly a wood texture for the coffins too! Wouldn’t that be fun! You bet your sweet looking bloomers it would!!

  50. Gretchen S says:

    I love looking at the guest artist posts and even though I am a traditonal dollhouse scale miniaturist,I have always found both
    Excellent idea and fantastic mini supplies in your shop.
    I would use the texturing supplies for the walls on a dollhouse.
    Brick and cobblestone are very nice and I did not know to use gesso
    That way. I would also like textures like bark and wood planking.
    A very tiny scale brick would be fun on a Putz village house.
    I work very slowly and some weeks all the ideas are head exploding!
    Hooray! I hadn’t considered a Halloween theme but basements and attics are part of a fun dollhouse so these new minis are great.

  51. Joan Allard says:

    I love the haunted village. I will definitely be adding texture to my projects.

  52. Roxanne says:

    Wow…really enjoyed Shanna’s creations and her easy instructions for the wall technique’s. Def. going to try them. Another variation for the brick would be to leave off some bricks here and there..adding to a spooky run down wall. Truly enjoyed these wonderful creations! Such fun! 🙂 TFS!

  53. Verna says:

    Shanna has created the best house!! I would try her technique!! Always good to have a great team to learn. From. Thanks for the giveaway chance.

  54. Denise says:

    Love all this spooky-ooky stuff – texture would be super fun to work with!

  55. Dennis R says:

    Your design team has such wonderful, creative ideas! They must really be burning the Midnight oil to make these projects.

  56. Traci says:

    Love todays projects-great ideas from a great design team. Thanks for all the great ideas. >^..^<

  57. Beth Williams says:

    Definitely want to try the stonewall technique-would also make a great stone walkway. Lots of places I could use it. Great job by all the designers-my Halloween happy place.

  58. Linda Marie says:

    I just love all the techniques. It adds so much to the projects!!

  59. Megan Warren says:

    Love the texture tutorial and just bought a new bottle of gesso, what a great idea. I know it’s not French themed, but some Salem Witch Trial Collage sheets sure would be fun for Halloween, which is every day in my home.

  60. Sylvia L. says:

    I definitely want to try the brick wall in my haunted doll house. Maybe the stone for a path as well. Cobblestone and barn wood textures would be nice.