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ATC Pocket Page Kit & New Christmas Artwork

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NEW Retro Christmas ATC Pocket Page Kit

Pretty! This kit was pulled from a few (quite a few!) of the items Design Team Coordinator Miz Bella (Kim Ayers) chose for her Christmas ATC Pocket Page artwork! (See a photo below.)

(Psst! Check out the What On Earth Is A Pocket Letter? blog post by Design Team Member Rhonda Secrist Thomas for a quick intro… and an adorable Brownie’s Christmas Pocket Page.)

This kit contains lots of little papers, ribbons and bits of ephemera perfect for ATC-sized Christmas art (with a heavenly muted palette); here’s a short summary:
Juliet Full House Scrapbook Paper (New! 12″ x 12″ double-sided cardstock sheet… and laid out in a grid of rounded-corner cards perfect for a pocket page!)
Juliet 6×6 Paper Pad (New! 1/3 pad, so you’ll get one each of all 12 designs in the pad; see a close-up below)
– Christmas Tags Collage Sheet (with those cute retro images that Bella used in her artwork)
Winter Fun ATCs Collage Sheet (one of many collage sheets sized for ATCs)
ATC Pocket Pages (1 Sheet with 9 pockets) with 10 Blank Playing Cards (so you’ll have an extra)
– 1 yard each of 4 soft, rayon seam bindings: Metal Green, Red, Dark Tan and Soapstone Beige (colors chosen by Leslie to coordinate with the Juliet papers)
22mm Smiling Snowman Cabochon
Bronze Deer Charm
Bronze Christmas Stocking Charm
Giant Snowflake

There’s another Christmas-themed Pocket Page by Rhonda Secrist Thomas shown below at right, too!



Posted by Leslie, August 9th, 2015

70 responses to “ATC Pocket Page Kit & New Christmas Artwork”

  1. Ronda Liebert says:

    I haven’t started yet. Looks like this could jump start me.

  2. Holly says:

    I always _think_ I’m working on Christmas presents or birthday presents, etc., year-round, but end up keeping a lot of stuff for myself.

  3. Roxanne says:

    hahah….Its now past July! So yes, of course I’ve started the Christmas presents and decor ideas swimming in my head! Thanks Alpha for a chance to win. 🙂

  4. jean marmo says:

    Oohhh – love this! I have bought one thing for a stocking! That is all I have done so far. I have made one pocket letter and it was quite fun! I love this for a Christmas theme! PErfect papers and charms!

  5. phoebe diamond says:

    Winter gifts… maybe. I suppose that some of the art I’ve been making could become gifts. It hasn’t been intentional though. Now cards… Oh, I’ve been planning those for a while.

  6. winnie says:

    i love the colors of the seam binding! I have started shopping, just this last week in fact. I found a great glass garden totem for my sister-in-law! I have not participated in a swap yet!

  7. Carrie J says:

    Christmas?! I’ve got to get through Halloween first!

  8. Ina Good says:

    started a special xmas gift for my daughter she loves little boxes and angels she collects.I am doing an at the sea swap at present pocket page and did a previous floral one.I hope alpha stamps will have one after the sugar skulls swap…hint hint.

  9. Marcia says:

    I haven’t started Christmas gifts yet, but I am thinking about it very hard…. And I had never even heard of Pocket Pages until today! Very cool.

  10. Noreen says:

    I didn’t know what a pocket letter was until I read the post about what it is. It’s a great idea for staying in touch with faraway family and friends!

  11. Rise St Arno says:

    I start on my Christmas stuff in January, hoping it will take the last minute panic away…

  12. Carolyn Bowlby says:

    I’m always working on Christmas items, especially Christmas cards. Used to make lots of the ATC card and seeing this giveaway makes me wonder why I quit. Love it.

  13. barb says:

    I am sorry to say I haven’t done either yet. But after my current project, I will finish my advent calendar I started last year. Due to things beyond my control I couldn’t get it done on time but this year will be different!

  14. Emily N says:

    Wow… Christmas already!!! I shop all year for Christmas because I send presents to my step daughter and her family in Sweden. I try to mail by Nov 1.

  15. Arlene Groepper says:


  16. I haven’t started on Christmas, and have never participated in a swap. Also, I haven’t used the ATC cards I purchased, and I love the “Retro, Look.” So, I am excited to use them with this Christmas project.

  17. Lorna Dufrane says:

    Never tried a pocket , would love to try it,

  18. Mary Mac says:

    I just love the retro look of the beautiful collage paper.

  19. Becky Dalton says:

    Love these!! I have started my Christmas shopping. I do it year round! And I have participated in pocket letter swaps. It is so fun and addicting! I love it!

  20. Sandi Larsen says:

    Working on music boxes for Christmas presents. After seeing this cute kit, may send pocket letters instead of Christmas cards to some of my friends.

  21. I just have to mention that I think all of the pocket pages are uber fab! So fun – it almost puts me in the mood (to open presents, not buy them 😛 )

  22. Kathy Bumb says:

    I have not started yet on Christmas, but I am gathering papers and notions to begin. This giveaway would be so great for Christmas projects.

  23. Pam W says:

    Yes, I have started on Christmas presents. The first time ever this early! I have five nieces I want to make chiffon pettislips for. Because I didn’t want to wait until December, I thought I would have Christmas in July for them. Ha! I had no idea how long they would take. I sew a lot, but these pettislips are time consuming (more that 40 yards of fabric) I will be lucky to have them finished by Christmas:)

    No, I have never participated in pocket letter swaps or any swap, it sounds like it would be fun.

  24. Sandylynn says:

    I started shopping in March. Tues.Morn. had tiny Kitchen Aid food processors that were too good to pass up so everyone on the list is getting one including us.

  25. Jeri Aaron says:

    I have begun my Christmas shopping by making a LIST – now I have to check it twice!

    Pocket Pages – I;ve seen a few of these but have not created one yet. I want to create a story with my pocket page.

  26. Char-D says:

    I have gathered the supplies together, but I haven’t started making my Christmas presents.
    I have never participated in a pocket letter swap.

  27. barbara macaskill says:

    I have done a few pocket letter swaps and think they are lots of fun!
    Although I have made quite a few Christmas gifts I haven’t bought any yet.

  28. Lou Anne H. says:

    I haven’t started anything for Christmas yet. I’ve never participated in a pocket swap but it looks like fun!

  29. Kris Martinez says:

    One gift bought(sorry, can’t tell) and several ideas are running around in my head. Love the pocket pages! Christmas, here we come!

  30. Karen says:

    I sew most of my Christmas gifts and so I have indeed started! I love all the wonderful things in this giveaway and it looks like something I NEED to have!

  31. Jen R says:

    Not started on Christmas yet.. Still too many Halloween projects to play with. I have done pocket letters. So much fun!

  32. Martgaret says:

    So much wonderful-ness all in one place!

  33. Ritva says:

    Such a great giveaway; Not started Christmas gifts/cards yet, however, sent and received my first Pocket letter last week!

  34. Sandy says:

    This kit will certainly put one in the mood. Haven’t thought of Christmas yet till this very moment!

  35. Jennie Carr says:

    I have not bought any presents yet and have not heard of pocket pages before today!! Love all the great inspiration you provide!!

  36. Linda says:

    Yes, I’ve started my Christmas gifts. With 3 new grandbabies this year, I thought an “Explosion Box” filled with mats for photos would be a perfect gift to my daughters. “Pocket Letter Swap”? this is new to me. Would love to participate in one.

  37. LoriSW says:

    Love the pocket letter idea! I have never seen these, a swap would be fun. No Christmas gifts or cards started here yet, are you kidding? Haven’t even done any Halloween yet. tee hee hee Thanks for a great give away!

  38. Christy Minnis says:

    I’ve never heard of pocket letters, though it looks interesting. I would love the kit to use with the ATC group I belong to. As for Christmas presents, I’m still trying to work out an Advent calendar!

  39. Lori D. says:

    I’m loving this giveaway! I love the idea of pocket letters. I haven’t participated in a swap, but I watch YouTube videos on them. I have started my Christmas shopping. Ihave company coming from Scotland and have a lot to do. Can’t wait til the last minute. Thanks for the opportunity to win this amazing gift!

  40. we exchange Halloween items for Christmas, and yes I have started to buy a few things!
    no swaps yet.

  41. Luanne N. says:

    The ATC’s are great for cards! time to start!

  42. Jo says:

    So cute! Love the retro cards!

  43. HawaiianLibrarian says:

    Christmas gifts! In the sweltering tropical heat I can’t even dream of Christmas, so no, procastinator that I am, I have not started shopping or thinking about handmade gifts, though you have nudged my conscience. I participated in my first PLS w/ our monthly tea swappers in July with a summer/summer colors theme; I am very excited about PLSs and would like to swap more from Hawaii to the mainland.

  44. KIM says:

    I’m a bargain shopper.
    I always have a few Christmas gifts hidden away .
    Good idea, unless you forget you’ve bought them or where you put them.

  45. Ginette P. says:

    Never heard of a pocket letter…

  46. Lana says:

    It’s never to early to start planning for Christmas.

  47. Karen Mallory says:

    I have been working on Christmas gifts and cards for a couple of weeks. Alternating between Halloween and Christmas. I have a lot of wood pieces I am decorating and altering. I haven’t done a pocket letter swap but know what they are.

  48. Michelle Toops says:

    Heck no I haven’t even thought about Christmas yet! LOL But I’d love to start Christmas crafting.

  49. I haven’t started Christmas yet ! I was just reading all the info on pocket letters, though, and I think I’ve found a new addiction 🙂

  50. susan higgins says:

    I usually buy to many things so I save things to start my Christmas gift giving for the next year

  51. Sylvia L. says:

    I have not started making anything, but have some projects in mind & am checking craft sites for ideas & inspiration.

  52. orianna says:

    nope , I haven’t started Christmas gifts. I’m still preparing for birthdays !

  53. Gail S. says:

    I have never participated in a Pocket Letter Swap. Not sure what one is – I need to check this out !

  54. Sokat says:

    Yikes, no to both questions. Now I feel like I have to get busy. Oh, well. Too hot to get motivated

  55. Kim Lucak says:

    Christmas – love it!!!! Never too early to get a headstart, but we keep the love of Jesus year round 🙂

  56. Tammy says:

    I currently swap on & have done about 30 pocket swaps .I am totally addicted to them. So fun to make & recieve

  57. Diana Bittaker says:

    I guess it’s time to start thinking about my Christmas creations!

  58. angelic says:

    I have not started working on my Christmas project, but plan to make steampunk Christmas ornaments.

  59. Terry McM says:

    Oh yes, I have started on Christmas presents. Already have most of my husband’s. Last one for him is a book I am creating for him: “I LOVE YOU BECAUSE. . .” So many things I am thankful for him!! He needs to hear them! I LOVE vintage Christmas — would LOVE to win this giveaway!!

  60. ratgirl says:

    Nope, I’ve never made a pocket letter before, but it sounds like a cool idea and I know I’ve got friends who would love to receive them. 🙂

  61. Christmas?? I made ONE card so far – and I would love to participate in a Pocket Letter Swap – sounds like so. Much. Fun.

  62. Kay W says:

    I tend to be a last- minute person but I’m trying to change my ways. Participating in a letter swap just might e the ticket.

  63. Jackie Neal says:

    No on the presents, but I have made a pocket page- only never swapped it!

  64. Mary Jane Ciurla says:

    Yes, I have started on gifts because I am making several of them so far. I have finally come up with my design for my Christmas cards and have my sample done. Now is the time for me to get my cutting, stamping and decorating done.

  65. Julie F. says:

    The answer to both questions is No, I do not even make Christmas gifts anymore, no one appreciates home-made, so I don’t bother, and never made a pocket page.

  66. Ann says:

    Oops… hit send button too soon!! Sooo, yes I was making a card and then aha! I realized my image would be the perfect focal for a shadow box for my sister for Christmas!! Love the Retro Christmas kit and giveaway! THANKS, Alpha Stamps, you’re the best!! : )

  67. Maureena says:

    I’ve started making cross stitch ornaments and some holders for gift cards, have never done a swap. I do, however think I may have found a new addiction, pocket pages.

  68. Verna says:

    Oh yes, mini winter books for my family with pics from last christmas. Doesn’t mean I’ll be finished on time tho! Hahaha. Thanks for the giveaway.

  69. Dawn says:

    i have never heard of pocket pages. I would love to win this giveaway and create some.

  70. Diana says:

    I love pocket pages thanks for the giveaway