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Circus Toys, New Circus Collage Sheets!

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Before I let Miz Bella tell you about all the fun, colorful artwork… there’s a new Clothespin Clips FREE Gift Kit! I’ve made a little Clothespin Clips Collage Sheet, with images sized for decorating the new Small Wooden Clothespins! From circus performers to characters from Alice in Wonderland, there’s a lot of silliness in a little space. The kit includes the new mini collage sheet, two of the Small Wooden Clothespins and two painted wooden buttons. These are so easy to put together and who knows where you’ll clip them… from a kid’s lunch bag to a photo on the fridge. This mini kit is FREE for all orders over $15! AND the cute little Clothespin Clips Gift Sheet, exclusive to this Gift Kit, is FREE for all orders, regardless of order size! If you place an all-digital order, I’ll send you the Clothespin Clips Gift Sheet as a pdf file.

What’s more fun than going to the circus? Clowning Around and playing with Circus Toys made by Design Team Members Shannon Cooper and Kristin Batsel!

Both Shannon and Kristin have made some very cool vintage-themed blocks that could provide hours of fun for tiny tots OR adults (whether they happen to be inebriated or not.) Both used the (New!) Funny Mixies Collage Sheet that was inspired by vintage childrens blocks (and split-page books) where you can rearrange the heads, torsos and legs to make funny combinations.

Also used in both creations are the adorable 1 Inch Wooden Blocks and the 3-1/2 Inch Square Box. Cover the box in some cute paper such as the Mother Goose Stars & Solids Pad that Shannon used (or Kristin’s collage sheet decor, I just can’t list it all out but you could check out Kristin’s supply list if you like how she decorated her box better!)

Keeping up with the block theme Shannon made an awesome Sideshow Tower with the Circus Folk and Sideshow Folk Collage Sheets. This time she used the slightly larger 1-1/2 Inch Wooden Cube Blocks and they spin around a 1/4 Inch Wooden Dowel. AND Shannon provides a tutorial! They’re so fabulous that either set would make great gifts for both children and adults.

Then! As if that wasn’t enough vintage toy fun, Shannon decided to play with the Vintage Circus Toys Collage Sheet. These images all came out of Leslie’s vintage magazines stash again! These are all mechanical toys (they all have arms, heads, etc. that move; and they all stand up so you can arrange them in a little scene). The artwork’s pretty cute, too, so you could cut out the figures and use them without using as moveable toys. Not only did Shannon put them together, but she also shot a quick little video of them in action and provides some tips for how to put them together.

And remember: all the collage sheet are on sale for 15% off, so those 2 new collage sheets I just mentioned are, too! (As well as those vintage sideshow collage sheets!)

See more pics and tips on Kristin’s and Shannon’s blogs.



Hooray for the Circus Toys (& Alice in Wonderland) Giveaway!

Wow… let’s just dive in! This Giveaway includes:
– Vintage Circus Toys Collage Sheet
– Funny Mixies Collage Sheet
– Reversible Clowns Collage Sheet
– 3-1/2 Inch Square Box
– 1 Inch Wooden Cube Block (nine!)
– Tiny Dot Dresden Borders – Red (Back in Stock)
– Round Wooden Ball – 1/2 Inch
– Black & White Striped 20mm Resin Beads (New!)
– Small Wooden Clothespins
– Mushroom & Caterpillar Charm (New!)
– 3D Bronze Alice in Wonderland Charm (New!)
– Antique Bronze 3D Rabbit Charms
– Clothespin Clips FREE Gift Kit!

To enter the Circus Toys (& Alice in Wonderland) Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment BELOW on this blog post TODAY OR TOMORROW (the deadline is 11:59 pm PST, FRIDAY, June 26, 2015)! AND tell me which of the silly images on the Clothespin Clips Gift Sheet you like best and how you’ll use your Clothespin Clips! That’s the FREE mini collage sheet in the Clothespin Clips FREE Gift Kit so go take a gander!

Don’t forget to leave your (hello! correct) email address, too, so I can contact the winner; your email address does not need to be made public. Note: I’m offering free shipping, too, but only within the USA. International shipping will still apply.

Please be patient! Spammers try to post crap here a lot so comments are moderated. So if you don’t see your post in the comments section, be patient and check back in a few hours before re-posting it, please!

After midnight, I’ll randomly pick the winner (via So check your mailbox on Sunday morning to see who won and for the next Giveaway and Newsletter!

Hey, who won the Mermaid Garden Giveaway? That would be Ronda Liebert! (And she commented: “I love this mix. I would like to make a minibook called “Under the Sea”.“) Please check your email for my message about getting your mailing address.

Posted by Leslie, June 25th, 2015

53 responses to “Circus Toys, New Circus Collage Sheets!”

  1. Barb says:

    This giveaway is adorable. I would use the guy with the monacle and the ballet artist together as a pair and the devil and the harem girl together.. I would put them on the top of some of my stache as an added decoration!

  2. barbara macaskill says:

    I am torn between Mushroom Man and the cat! I would use the clothespin clips on my bulletin board!! So cute! TFS!

  3. Kathleen Jones says:

    I like the man with the monocle and would use the clips on gift bags. Those blocks bring back childhood memories.

  4. Luanne says:

    The clothes pin clips would be cute for sitting name tags at our baby shower!

  5. Nancy Lorenz says:

    Love the little owl!! So darn cute! I think I’d like to make some clothes pins for hangers for my granddaughters to hang their skirts and pants to hangers with!!! I think they would love so cute clips for their hangers!!

  6. Joan says:

    I like the mushroom. I would use them to help me organize tiny bits of paper.

  7. Jean Marmo says:

    Loving that mushroom. MIght help me get over not liking to eat them! So cute!

  8. angelic says:

    I like the animal clothespins. They are cute and I would use them in my scrapbook album that I have of my two dogs and cat.

  9. Carolyn Bowlby says:

    Oh, that crazy cat. Love it.

  10. Roxanne says:

    I love owls…I would use the whimsical owl and cats and fill a paper mache tree with them ..this would be the base of the scene…of course I’d find some embellishments from Alpha stamps to go in with them… 🙂

  11. Traci says:

    Love the circus theme. I like all the clothespins they would be so cute clipped to a string with pics hanging from them. >^..^<

  12. Sharron Barry says:

    I like the frog in his uniform. I have a wire strung up in my workspace that I hang pieces to dry on. I would use a little army of frog pins to keep an eye on the work.

  13. Emily N says:

    Love the Alice in Wonderland figures!

  14. Jen R says:

    I am loving those little man faces. I plan on making magnets and spoolies.

  15. ratgirl says:

    My favorite clothespin character is the March Hare. I’ve always been partial to his character and I’m very happy to see him represented on the collage sheet.

    I’d use the pins to clip up some large cutouts from “Alice…” as a banner in my front window. I used to have a bat banner I made, but after a year or two it started to fade, so I need something new. I’d love to make another with an Alice theme!

  16. Sarah Lynch says:

    These projects blow me away every time…so creative! I love the spooky clown on the image sheet, and the red devil. I was thinking of making a “bulletin board” type of project and I could use the clothes pins to hold my mail art and favorite ATC’S. They really are so cute!

  17. Lou Anne Colodny says:

    I must say I love anything circus….but love the characters….

  18. ginette says:

    Love the monkey with a mandolin.

  19. Janet Turner says:

    Great giveaway, so many fun products!

  20. Diane D. says:

    These are so cute. Definitely love the little Devil. A Circus Spooky House would work well with that character. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  21. Verna says:

    I like the frog. I’m doing a frog book for a friend and he would look great on a cloths pin for a book marker. Thanks again for a chance at fun!

  22. Lou Anne H. says:

    I love the cat! I would use it with my cat adoptions to clip applications together.

  23. Mary Helene says:

    Just love this theme. The charms are my favorite.

  24. Lori D. says:

    I would have to say the mischievous devil is a favorite of mine. I would make up all the clothes pins and actually use them to hang up clothes!

  25. Sandra says:

    The circus master is whimsical …..I see a 3D circus chipboard album with the clothes pins as pull tabs for photo mats.

  26. What a great give away. I love the puzzle blocks !!!

  27. Noreen says:

    I love the frog pin! I love Kristin’s circus blocks, and Shannon’s tower is terrific! Wonderful, fun ideas.

  28. I love the circus items great giveaway

  29. Debbie Rollier says:

    I love the circus and Alice in Wonderland. I would love to win this awesome gift.

  30. Rosemary Woodruff says:

    I love the mad hatter of course… of my faves…..Am I insane?……of course….all the best people are!……lol….was Alice’s retort… it… it!….also….I am partial to the froggy gentleman….not sure why?

  31. Karen Mallory says:

    Great giveaway!! I love all things Alice and the decorated clothes pins would make great holders for a fun banner!

  32. Rosemary Woodruff says:

    actually he says… I mad?….duh…..Mad Hatter?

  33. Jan Ostridge says:

    The ringmaster is my favorite. The clothes pins will be used on tags that are pull- outs in a circus book.

  34. Patti Flasch says:

    I love the people; such great faces! My nephew’s birthday is coming up, and I would love to make a banner of his birthday cards, using the clothespins to attach them to twine.

  35. Susan says:

    I am crazy for that silly frog! But the whole darn bunch of clothespin characters looks like fun. I may just use the decorated pins to hang my wash out on the clothesline – wouldn’t the neighbors smile at that!

  36. I love the ringmaster. I would use them him/them for separating my dies or stamps.

  37. Holly Day says:

    I love the zebra with the hat! But all of the clothespins would make a great set of banners!

  38. Doreen aka LuniLadi says:

    Oh, I just love these projects!!! Brings back ALOT of memories because I remember having one of those books where you could change all the parts on the characters!

    I love the frog footmen the best but I think ALL of them could be used as memo holders! Just need a little clay base covering a weight….great to keep little reminders by my computer!

  39. Marilyn H says:

    I like the kitty. He’s cute.

    No idea what I would use them for. It would be fun to figure out!

  40. Sokat says:

    I like the ringmaster. I would use them as clips for reminders with each of my family selecting their own character .

  41. Maria says:

    Mad hatter is for me. Not yet sure how I would use them. Maybe collage?

  42. Tammy says:

    I like the mushroom one My daughter loves everything & anything that is a mushroom.
    Thank you

  43. KIM says:

    Cat anything is always going to be my favorite.
    On gifts I use decorated clothes pin to hold cards on to the ribbon.
    Sometimes I add magnets to the back.
    Never a misplaced card and little something extra to recipient.

  44. Carol Slowik says:

    Love the Ringmaster and Smoking Clown. Not sure how I would use them yet. Too many projects … so little time.

  45. Lana says:

    Oh, I’d love to see this in my mailbox!

  46. Lisa Mills says:

    I like the Mad Hatter the best. He’d fit right in around here cause “were’ all mad ” around here. hehehe

  47. Carla Velting says:

    Love this cross over kit!

    The Mad Hatter would be my favourite.
    I’d have him on his clothes pin at my work – to remind me to have fun and that – not only are we all mad – but that all the best people are 🙂

    Thanks 🙂

  48. Jo says:

    Love the Alice charms -how about a wonderland circus?

  49. Jackie Neal says:

    I’m really loving the Zebra-I’m thinking a fantasy zoo with zany animal characters!

  50. Tammy says:

    I love all the clips. I think I would make a small box with curtains to use them to put on a puppet show for my nieces and nephews.

  51. Kathleen says:

    Well, I love the Cat Anime buttons, and I love the Alice in Wonderland. I would make up a little clothesline, and then make little clothes, either out of fabric or beautiful papers, rosettes, etc and hang them on the clothesline with the little clips…

  52. Ritva says:

    I like the owl, I’ll use it as a placemarker in my scrapbook

  53. Sunny says:

    Love it. The block idea is so creative. How do you keep coming up with these ideas!!????