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While the Cat’s Away Day 4: Beach House Cards

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Hey, it’s Day 4 of the While the Cat’s Away Giveaways! And today’s theme is Beach House Cards.

This was a meandering process, but I think the kit turned out grand. I started with an odd set of papers (four 12″ x 12″ scrapbook papers) with a “playing cards during a summer beach vacation theme” then started adding cards, which led to… Alice in Wonderland!

Beside those papers (which are only available in this kit), a couple other new items are exclusive to this kit:
– That curved, red lacy heart paper (in the center of the photo). It’s a bit heavier than cardstock weight and laser-cut.
– A set of acrylic heart charms in 3 colors (see the small photo at right… which is a crop from a larger photo you can view on the kit page).

(Leave me a comment with your contest entry and let me know if you’d like me to carry those 2 items — separately from the kit.)

See the Beach House Cards Kit page for a detailed list of all the items and more photos.

Here’s how these While the Cat’s Away DAILY Sales and Giveaways work: I’ve gathered items around a theme and put together a Giveaway Kit that will be awarded to one lucky person.

To enter the Beach House Cards Kit Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment BELOW on this blog post TODAY (December 29, 2014) by midnight (PST).

Don’t forget to leave your (hello! correct) email address, too, so I can contact the winner; your email address does not need to be made public. Note: I’m offering free shipping, too, but only within the USA. International shipping will still apply.

Please be patient! Spammers try to post crap here a lot so comments are moderated. So if you don’t see your post in the comments section, be patient and check back in a few hours before re-posting it, please!

After midnight I’ll randomly pick the previous day’s winner. So make sure to check back tomorrow to see who won and to see what’s on offer for Day 5 of the Sales & Giveaways!

Hey, who won the Hometown Giveaway? That would be Kathie! Please check your email for my message about getting your mailing address.

More info on the Holiday Closure & Giveaway Rules (including how you can get entered twice in each day’s drawing).

And please remember: Our offices are now closed. The whole “While the Cat’s Away” theme is ’cause I’m the only one here! For more info about shipping (which will start when the staff are all back on 1/5/15) and the sale in general, please see the While the Cat’s Away…” Daily Giveaways: Year 7! overview page.

A final note: Even though our offices are closed, orders for DIGITAL Collage Sheets and Digital Images are still fulfilled in real time!

Posted by Leslie, December 29th, 2014

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  1. marge says:

    Day 4 already…dang….love these giveaways….

  2. Jeff says:

    As always beautiful stuff

  3. Connie L. says:

    I love the Alice theme!

  4. JackieP Neal says:

    oooh! lucky Kathy!!

    Okay, if I could not win the last one- I Really want to win this giveaway!! I’m a huge Alice fan!!

  5. Lu L. says:

    I love that you included a rubber stamp in this kit! Also like the tiny playing cards and the rabbit charm.

  6. Dawn says:

    Love Alice in Wonderland. The red laser cut hearts are very pretty. I think you should carry them.

  7. Katrina says:

    Ooooo…love the Alice theme! Will be so fun for Valentine’s Day projects!

  8. Darlene says:

    Wow. Luv these giveaways!!!

  9. kim says:

    This is an amazing set! I love Alice!! All the elements are so flexible to use in so many ways. Thanks so much for a chance to win!~kim

  10. Chris H. says:

    I like the fun of meandering thru art supplies. It is inspiring and you never know what you will find.

  11. Dennis Lawrence says:

    Down the rabbit hole we go! And, “Off with her head!” if you don’t add the two heart items to your collection–perfect for Valentine’s Day.

  12. Marilyn Fishwick says:

    This is just my kind of quirky mixture of stuff.As for selling those two items separately, I say yes. Valentine’s Day, Alice, heart’s desire…possibilities are endless for use.

  13. Laure Janus says:

    Alice in Wonderland? Love the theme, one of my favorites; my fingers are crossed!

  14. Kay W says:

    You could have a lot of fun with this kit.

  15. Renee Tripp says:

    I am so thankful I found your website. This is so much fun!!!

  16. Lou Anne says:

    This is such a fun giveaway to have during this time of year! Thank you for the chance to win.

  17. Kathy says:

    Awesome giveaway.

  18. barbara macaskill says:

    YES YES YES! Please carry these items separately from the kit too!
    LOVE the goodies in today’s giveaway! The cat can go away more often so we can do these fun giveaways!! LOL

  19. Gail Gill says:

    Another awesome giveaway! You guys rock!!

  20. Kathy Bumb says:

    Love this collection. It is so different and beautiful.

  21. Gail Klein says:

    Another amazing giveaway!! You guys have the best taste ever!

  22. kathy says:

    This is so pretty!

  23. Jen C says:

    Ohhhhhh! This would make a very happy unbirthday to me!

  24. KathyK2S says:

    This would be fun to play with!

  25. shanna says:

    I like the mix of goodies in this one too, the little cards are so fun.

  26. Amanda Miller says:

    This is really nice.Always love some Alice In Wonderland!!

  27. Paulanne Sorensen says:

    Alice, what a zany start to the new year. I love this giveaway. Fun, fun, fun!

  28. Beth says:

    These kits are getting curiouser and curiouser! I love it!

  29. Sandy says:

    This is a great kit to start the New Year!

  30. Traci says:

    Great giveaway-love the beach house cards/

  31. Willow says:

    Another great kit! I love those heart charms and I must have a bunch of those teapot charms for tea party invitations I need to make next month.

  32. Lynn says:

    Wonderful kit!

  33. Joan says:

    What a fun kit

  34. Virginia Smith says:

    Wonerful kit! Love this idea!

  35. Christine says:

    This kit looks fantastic! Good luck to everyone, but I hope I win!

  36. Verna stapleton says:

    This is too fun watching what you will come up with next. More fun each day.

  37. Nan says:

    Love how this turned into an Alice themed kit…looks like a lot of fun!

  38. Marty P says:

    Such a fun Valentine themed kit!

  39. Sharon McDonagh says:

    Pick me! Pick me! Puh-leeeeEEEEEZE?

  40. Pam Senkler says:

    Newbie! Very excited to get my first kit. LOVE Alice in Wonderland! What a tail to tell! Thanks so much for putting the kits together, I may actually finish a project in a reasonable time frame!

  41. Jean Marmo says:

    This is so unique and is calling me! Would love to win! Thanks for the chance!!

  42. Diane D. says:

    So many possibilities with this Kit, but Alice in Wonderland is definitely what I would go with. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  43. Olivia HODOROWSKI says:

    I’ve been in love with Alice since grade school – would be so excited to be the winner.

  44. Mary ann smith says:

    These giveaways are awesome.

  45. Thalia Kottke says:

    Love Alice!

  46. Noreen says:

    What fun papers! I’m so glad the cat’s away! Thank for the chance to win.

  47. Julie Benge says:

    Definetley carry the heart charms. I would love to win. Thanks

  48. Lorna E. says:

    Mmm, games at the seaside. Very appealing with the cold wind we have howling right now.

  49. KIM says:

    Alice in Wonderland themed Valentines cards.Great idea.
    Someone is going to be a lucky winner.
    It just might just be me. Yippy!!!!

  50. Carmen says:

    Love all the charms…it’s great to see Alice again! Really nice giveaway, great goodies!

  51. Gabrielle says:

    I just found this website yesterday! I love it!

  52. Regina Salvador says:

    Very Valentine-y!

  53. Karen Mallory says:

    Oh I totally love Alice things!! Love this giveaway!!

  54. Erika N says:

    Looks like a fun fun give away. Count me in.

  55. Holly Day says:

    Very cute! Can think of lots of fun projects to make with this one!

  56. Mary Mac says:

    Yes, I think it would be great to sell the hearts separately. Alice always makes great Valentine projects.

  57. Shartl says:

    Wow what a fun kit! Playing cards leading to Alice in Wonderland makes perfect sense to me! Off to share on FB!

  58. Linda Blakesley says:

    Thank you for putting together another fun kit to inspire us.

  59. Sharron Rogers says:

    A perfect challenging kit for the give-away. Yes – sell the two items seperately…Thank you for the opportunity to win this great kit.

  60. SandiC says:

    A great colorful giveaway!

  61. Carol Rowland says:

    Looks like would be fund to play with.

  62. Kim says:

    Lots of great goodies with this one!

  63. angelic says:

    I love Alice in Wonderland, lots of goodies. Thanks for the chance to win.

  64. Jeri says:

    This is such a great giveaway!

  65. Cocoa says:

    What a great New Year gift this would be!

  66. Marla says:

    oh yes- throw my hat in the ring- looks like if I play my cards right…sooner or later…

  67. Brenda Lubrant says:

    You really have a great talent of putting paper craft kits together. I really love today’s giveaway.

  68. DebR says:

    Great kit, love how you combined Alice In Wonderland and the beach :O) And I love both the heart charms and the laser cut curved hearts, very pretty and would be great for Valentine’s Day projects. Thanks as always Alpha Stamps.

  69. Ginny Over says:

    A great kit!

  70. Nicole Austin says:

    nice kit! 🙂

  71. Emily N. says:

    It looks like a real fun kit!

  72. Congrats to your winner! And the red lacy would be nice to be able to order separately. I would love the things today…I live in Florida and use beach themed items a lot. Thanks!

  73. Carole Carlson says:

    I like your thought process!

  74. Blair Lowery says:

    Nice collection.

  75. Teresa Currie says:

    Love your Beachhouse Cards Kit Giveaway, especially the collage sheets and charms!!

  76. Love this giveaway. I would love to be able to over extra’s of the hearts and lacy hearts. Please carry them.

  77. SW says:

    I just picked up an Alice book today to tear apart and make something new. This would be a great addition to my project.

  78. taradid says:

    I can completely understand how you can start out going to the beach and end up in Wonderland! Curious how that works 🙂

  79. Patricia Worth says:

    I absolutely adore Alice in Wonderland – my creativity comes alive while playing with the gang!

  80. Nancy Stone says:

    Love Alice and your give-a-ways.

  81. Patricia Worth says:

    Yes I believe you should carry the red lacy paper and the acrylic hearts as individual items outside of the kit. I love this giveaway:))

  82. Kristie says:

    Love the Alice themes and all the hearts!

  83. Rabbit says:

    4th day already! Wow the cat won’t know what hit it when it gets back! Beach houses? I love making card houses!

  84. Mary Pendergrass says:

    Oh, yes, please do carry the curved valentine heart paper thingy. I can already see lots of ways to use it.

  85. Carolyn Bowlby says:

    Get me out of this cold winter and off to the beach.

  86. Jackie says:

    Just in time for Valentine’s day crafting!Oh my!

  87. Daylan says:

    Curiouser and curiouser! Thank you for another opportunity — great for Valentine’s Day!

  88. Denise Bryant says:

    Awesome kit! I love Alice in Wonderland!

  89. Gilda says:

    Fun giveaway. Love Alice and friends.

  90. Ann says:

    This is such an cool theme. Those white rabbit charms are adorable

  91. Kim says:

    Love the heart pendants

  92. Another awesome give a way!

  93. Jill Ongley says:

    I’m crazy about anything with an alice in wonderland theme.

  94. Eve Watters says:

    Love those tiny playing cards! I had so much fun using them in an Alice-themed tiny house last year. It sold an hour after it went into the shop!

  95. Lori D. says:

    Great giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity to win. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  96. Christine V says:

    I really do need to be lucky this once! The bike card is a must have to make my wonderful husband something fun…I’ll be exploring the materials list just in case I need to purchase it!

  97. orianna says:

    a card kit would be great

  98. Christine V says:

    Hi Leslie! I answered your questions, please check it out! Thanks for all the extra fun during break time for everyone but you…

  99. Jo says:

    What a fun theme! You never know what you’ll find in a drawer at a vacation cottage!

  100. Diana says:

    Yes! Alice! And def carry the extras separately!

  101. Lori Gesing says:

    Oh I love just the thought of a beach house, what a good theme!

  102. Barbara says:

    Alice in wonderland on the beach – I am a big fan of cards so it really works for me.lots of different ideas of projects – beach houses made of cards, etc

  103. Linda Chidster says:

    T H A N K S for the FUNtabulous Giveaways!!!

  104. Laura Turner says:

    What a fun set! Thank you for the giveaways! (Your badge is on my blog.) 🙂

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    Love the cards!

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    Oh how I love Alice. Thank you for all of these wonderful giveaways!

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    Fun, fun, fun. Thank you for the chance to play.

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    alice never gets tiresome!! yes please carry the extras, esp around Valentine’s Day. Love it all and thanks!

  109. Karen says:

    What a great kit I love Alice

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    Wouldn’t it be cool if I won since my name is Alice? Thanks for giving me a chance to get something this fun!

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    this may sounds shocking but WOW i love this even more than the previous giveaway sets! you do put great kites together! xo

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